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  1. Hi I had exactly the same booking enquiry. Unfortunately for the sender, i'm from West Yorkshire and knew straight away that the address was dodgy. But, what exactly does the sender possibly hope to gain from this? No-one, nowadays, is going to fall for the overpayment/re-emboursement scam, Just thought though; a word of warning - I got what I was sure was a dodgy booking enquiry - from someone with an Irish surname and a Chinese email address - turns out to be an Australian family, teaching in China and they booked our gîte for a fortnight in July and paid in full by IBAN transfer 4 weeks ago! I very nearly deleted it without replying
  2. The latest information appears to be that you're ok with AE until 36 months or 12 trimestrial periods have passed with no revenue! This has amazing ramifications for English coming over to France. Add on the time when you're covered by the E121- and the 5 year residency requirement for being allowed to enter the French system is covered....? How long before this is picked up on is anybodies guess!
  3. You appear to be mixing up 'micro entreprise' and 'auto entrepreneur' but I assume you mean AE because if you set up with ME you will be paying a minimum of €3000 in social charges for your first year, regardless of your income and this will increase every year even if your income doesn't. With AE, gîtes and chambre d'hôtes currently pay 12% of their TURNOVER in social charges. At the moment, there is no minimum level of revenue in order to qualify for health cover but this is likely to change in the future. If you register as AE and have NO revenue, you will be automatically be switched onto the ME and will be liable for the associated social charges the next year. To avoid this, you should close down your AE - but then you would need private health cover!
  4. Hi Clair I DID apologise; When I reread your original post, I realised straight away that I had read it incorrectly and re-posted accordingly. Sorry again! With regards to AIother forum - the usual response to a question like this, would be for a moderator to give a link to sites that advertise on the website. and delete any posts that recommended one that didn't
  5. Well! This IS the Complete France forum and you ARE a moderator on it..... I'm too cynical and too used to the way other forums operate and I misread your post as recommending a CF advertising website rather than the similar thread - Sorry!!
  6. Anyone think Clair may be biased? Try www.ownersdirect.co.uk For UK market
  7. Also, not wishing to be 'funny'; Actually Quillan, to be pedantic, 's' or no 's' depends on how many of the hosts there are - one host, no 's'; more than one, an 's'! The thing above the 'O' is called a circonflexe. Also, technically has two 'l's'
  8. Thanks very much - I was just trying to check the dialing code, so thanks for the links to use in the future
  9. Hi Received a booking enquiry for 5 weeks in Nov so alarm bells start ringing - BUT, in perfect French with a .fr email address, and for a man and his wife (no secretaries, bridegrooms or other scam alerts). The only thing that set me wondering is the phone number provided. It starts 00 225 45 ******. Thoughts please!
  10. I did as Cat suggested and got a link to these posts on this site but not to TA. i'm interested in looking at reviews for recommendations so don't have the names of particular properties
  11. hi how do you get to read your review on TA? I'm registered but can't seem to find where to read reviews.
  12. Trouble is, it was long and detailed - if they pm me an up to date email address, i can just forward it instead of retyping the lot
  13. I sent an email with a lengthy reply and it got bounced back
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