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  1. Thanks I see i 'll be busy for a few hours now ..lol
  2. Thanks Tony but I have spoken to them since October, I think they must be operating on a case by case basis, certainly the information I gat varies according to who I talk to. Could you post a link for the thread you mentioned please.
  3. Does anyone know what the 'cart d'invalidité' entitles one too as I have been getting around in a wheelchair for the last 25 years and it could be useful for me even though I will be self employed.
  4. Acccording to the staff in Blackpool who I have been talking to over the last few months and who assess and administrate DLA, the mobility part of DLA will continue to be payed if it the higher component and the claimant was receving this allowance BEFORE 1992. Also an E121 will be available to such people. 'Mobility Allowance' was the benefit previous to DLA and came into being in 1992. I will find out if this is the case when I move March.
  5. I just put a deposit down on my euros and bought some money to live off too. If  I'd bought on December 3rd I would be about ¬£4k better off but you have to be philosophical about these things and think well I'm begining a new adventure and hopefully getting a whole new quality of life. Also I'm making so much money on selling my current property that it would be churlish to moan too much.
  6. I have twice nearly booked my money only to hold off and see the rate rise back up so I'll weather the storm for the Xmas period and as you say check the rates hourly in the New Year again.
  7. Thanks for all the replies, I have opened an account with Money corp and I'll be keeping an eye on the pound/euro rate till I move in late Feb/March.
  8. Salut - I'm new posting here but have been reading topics for a while. I've recently started the house buying procedure in France and I'm now thinking about buying tens of thousands of euros in advance as there is a run on the pound currently. The company I am thinking of using is 'Moneycorp', does anyone have experience of them? Clearly using a money broker is less expensive than using a bank for large amounts but are thee any unforseen risks?
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