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  1. "Hey, why do people keep changing the title of the thread!Woot! [:-))] "

    Forgive me-call it what you will.

    As a Mac user I have no interest in Linux that appears to be the new topic?
  2. Hi, I've been insulin-dependant diabetic for almost 50 years, have hypertension, need to watch my cholesterol & am fit & fat! There is a family history of coronary heart disease-my dad & his brothers all died at 60 or soon after.

    My waistline has come down to 36 from 40/42 & I need to wear a belt to keep me trousers up! I was recently very disappointed to find I couldn't fasten 34 waist trousers BUT I will get there!

    I eat low-glucose index food, have sweeteners in my drinks, limit my caffeine intake, only have sweets or cake on Christmas Day (huge insulin injections) & mostly eat white meat or fish.

    I gently jog/walk several times every day & limit my wine intake. My GP says hypertension is a bigger threat to my life than my well-controlled diabetes. I also meditate & use diaphragmatic/yoga/belly breathing to reduce my blood-pressure.

    Years ago I read 'Which Way to Avoid Heart Disease' & do not worry was on the list!!! Our 'life philosophy' is 'enjoy yourself' whilst you still can' & I think this helps..?

    All the best,


  3. You may well be right. Do you think the 'societies' & friendliness varies with the area?. Certainly the motor-homing/camping fraternity seem very friendly-we do wave at one another on route-that can be exhausting!!!

    We've never really fancied Spain, perhaps because my French is passable & Spanish rubbish.

    I've been a Forum member for quite a time although not a regular visitor due to moving to France being on the 'back-burner' until I completed my Doctorate in 2010. Have found & do find it to be a good source of information & experience.

    I have a niece who has lived in Spain for years & a nephew who spends 6 winter months on a campsite near Marbella in his huge motorhome. We hope to see more of them when we move.

    Do you have any area recommendations at all?
  4. Hi Rabbie, sounds like an exciting time for you to have 'finally' found the right house. Part of the reason for using our low-cost endowment (performance-null-pointe!) to buy a Hymer was that we could buy a cheaper property that needed sortin'. We can live comfortably in the Hymer whilst the refreshing takes place.

    Seems to be the case that properties that need some work potentially offer much better value for money. I am wary about the 'money-pit' possibility & moving from our comfy house to one that takes ages to sort out.

    What area have you chosen, if you don't mind me asking?

  5. Unfortunately, we didn't get an offer for our house in South Lincolnshire so cannot move yet. Was really worried that after the offer we'd not have very long for completion & have to quickly find a house-imagining zipping off in Hettie the Hymer to find a house quickly!!!

    Common sense (& wife & daughter) have now prevailed & our game plan after sale is take on a long-term let so we have time to browse. Check out different areas during inclement weather & what's available locally.

    As an open question if you could move again where would be your choice & why?

    As we walked our dog across the fields next door there was a cold wind but some sunshine-we loved it after the grey days & rain-my wife commented 'We could be in France!'.

    We hope to become far more sociable than we have been in England & hope that walking, motor-homing, having a dog & language-learning will lead to this (although I am allergic to line-dancing & achey-breaky heart!).
  6. Thanks Wendy & Sue. I guess we'll need to adapt to weather extremes. Some years ago we stayed on a site near St.Emilion where you had to wear Speedos in the pool. I was last Speedo-shape 50 years ago but when it got to 38-40 I took the plunge! So hot...My home area is Derbyshire so used to snow.

    Made me smile when you mentioned everywhere being shut. Years ago I was a welfare officer & had to go to Chapel St.Leonards & discovered in winter all the restaurants, cafes & chippies were shut-very much a holiday place.

    Our intention is be within reasonable travelling distance of a town in order to join the randonneurs, French classes & other societies that catch our fancy. We hope to become part of the local community.

    We were in Albi a couple of weeks ago with the TV production company for a new 'Escape to...' series & loved it. If I told you more I would have to kill you!!!! Saw 4 properties that made good TV, but were unsuitable. The first was down a narrow road with overhanging trees-I was thinking 'Crikey we'd never get Hettie (the Hymer) down here so that was no good. We tend to be home birds & decent internet access & TV signal are musts.

    We know this is a quantum leap for us with pro's & con's. The pro's include the freedom to walk & swim as much as we like-I will lose weight & this will lower my BP & maintain the good control of my insulin-dependant diabetes.

    As a psychotherapist my glass tends to be half-full (do have me moments tho'!) but we've also thought about the glass breaking-illness, loss of mobility & death!

    All the best,

  7. Hi,

    Thanks Sue & Pierre for the links. I'm 66, & we have reasonable pensions so do not need to work.

    We've been coming to France for holidays for over 40 years, the last 5 or so, since motor-homing we've spent 6 weeks every June & 3 or 4 weeks in September/October as well.

    We have visited a lot of areas in France & have some properties lined up for when we sell-maybe this weekend?!

    Just as a thought, & I've not visited for ages, the Forum does seem a lot quieter than it was?

  8. Hi we are intending to retire to the South West after selling our home in UK that we hope will be soon!?

    We are looking for a 2/3 bed stone property with a pool or cheap enough for us to install one for up to €250000. We have a Hymer motorhome so poky lane with overhanging trees are out, as are isolated places.

    I'm looking for area or town recommendations from residents-we know & like Albi & Le Pays du Dropt for example. Any advice or information would be much appreciated, thanks.

  9. Quite coincidental really-the following details made me wonder...? http://www.houseladder.co.uk/Property_News/2008/11/Cant_sell_your_house_1292.aspx

    Our former neighbour arranged a 'part-exchange' with our current neighbour in UK to reduce stamp-duty. I guess it would be a lot more complicated to do this between UK & France. It could be quite fun to do a sort of 'holiday exchange' with potential swop or part-exchange if agreement could be reached! The 'fun' would be free holiday and the chance to check out the house and the area & maybe even include car(s), tv & the hifi in the deal! Sounds a like a great idea to me Or maybe a daft idea?

    Perhaps there is or should be a website to facilitate this?

  10. Hi,

    just to echo Peter D's thanks to everyone for your help. BaF (can't call you Boiling!), thanks for the info about potential English-speaking clients or the lack of them! Wherever we settle broadband is a necessity so that I can continue to provide video, telephone or email therapy to anyone anywhere so geographical location will not be limiting. Plus we have some ideas about 5-day 'Growing Old Disgracefully' Workshops with an old mate for anyone in the UK who needs help with that! Should be fun.

    Thanks so much to everyone-this forum is great.

    All the best,


  11. Thanks Pierre & '5-Element'.

    I'm a UKCP Registered psychotherapist & here in UK would find it well nigh impossible to work in psychiatry 'cos I don't have a qualification recognised in the medical profession-nurse, occ. therapist, psychologist etc.. The status quo suits a number of people despite the research evidence to the contrary! However, I have done considerable research into which if any of the numerous European bodies does one have to be registered with-the answer is none! So despite BACP's advice your friend could work in France. I contacted a French psychotherapist in December 2006 & here's his answer that may prove helpful (I've removed his name & that of a further contact he gave me for reasons of confidentiality), but here's the gist

    "At present psychotherapy is not a regulated profession in France. A law was passed four years ago, but was refused by the Conseil constitutionel, and can therefore not be enacted. Even if the title were to be "protected" and reserved for DESS psychologists and psychiatrists, it's most unlikely that there would be much eagerness about enforcing it. In reality a french psychotherapist is in the same fiscal category as, say, a yoga teacher i.e. self-employed, with fairly high social charges and retirement/health provisions. You also have to pay VAT unless you are a medical doctor or a DESS psychologist. You might be interested in getting a brochure which the french psychotherapist union, Syndicat National des Praticiens en Psychothérapie, SNPPsy, edits about getting installed as a therapist."

    Sounds like medical referral are unlikely to happen, but I'll continue to use my websites and les Pages Jaunes as I do here!

    Thanks again for all the informatio.


  12. Thanks, P-D, that's very helpful.

    Sounds like there's some potential for growth in our field & maybe to challenge the status quo (from my doctoral thesis relationship & not pills made the difference!). The 'auto-entrepreneur' system sounds like it would be great for me. My reason for wishing to continue my practice in France and pay cotisations is because I would never get health insurance with my diabetes & will need regular prescriptions. I could not be resident unless I work & pay into the system, which I'm happy to do. I am 60 & my wife is 57 & both of us are fortunate enough to have private pensions that are enough to live comfortably on. I also enoy what I do!

    Thanks again,


  13. Thanks for your quick reply. I do know of that site. However, they specifically exclude your contacting those listed about client numbers, distance would-be clients will travel etc.. I have done a lot of research into how to practice legally so I'm OK with that side of things.

    My query about 'attitudes' towards counselling & psychotherapy of English-speakers stems from the fact that most people are guided by their doctors. In UK there is something of a swing away from medication towards psychological therapies which may not be the case in France-hence the question.



  14. This is perhaps a bit obscure, but any info would be very welcome.

    We are hoping to move somewhere between Angouleme and Limoges, as soon as we sell our house. I need to work as a self-employed counsellor/psychotherapist in order to pay into the system because I am insulin-dependant diabetic-I am 4 years away from retirement age.

    My question concerns the attitude in France towards counselling/psychotherapy-whether it is seen as the treatment of choice for anxiety and depression or whether medication is preferred-in other words is there potential? Our choice of home is based on loving the area & choosing to be within travelling distance of a good-sized city for potential clients. I don't need to work financially but need to have some work so as to be seen to be 'legitimately' paying my dues, and so be able to live in France as our permanent home.

    As I said, a bit obscure, but if anyone could shed some light on the potential this would be very much appreciated.



    PS I would be looking for English-speaking clients.

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