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  1. Spot on Mike and well put.

    The same applies in some way I suppose to Sky subscriptions arranged on any refurbished/second hand digiboxes through a UK address. Not sure if Sky can control this aspect though unless they insist that new subscriptions on any Sky digibox has to be connected to a telephone line.

    Why do Sky exert this sort of pressure and control? I can only assume that apart from wanting a big slice of the subscription market cake, they also have their own contractual obligations to their own program providers and cannot be seen to either endorse, encourage or allow viewing from outside the UK market. 

  2. There certainly are changes but I must admit to a bit of head scratching on how existing suppliers of Sky boxes in France (or elsewhere for that matter) are going to be able to legitimately supply new boxes as I assume all boxes supplied to ASA's will  be tracked (as well as they can be) and that Sky will now expect to see a subscription from that same box. By virtue of Sky's own restrictions there cannot be any bona fide Sky agents in France - or can there?



  3. It seems that Sky has now stopped the sale of non subsidised digiboxes and that only UK based ASA's (Authorised Sky Agents) can now be issued with them.

    As I understand it what this means in effect is that all new digiboxes are subject to a minimum one year contract and must be connected to a UK telephone line so therefore new digiboxes cannot now be had in France. It does not stop anyone from getting Sky televsion over here of course as there a literally thousands of good quality second hand boxes floating around as people upgrade to either HD or Sky plus.




  4. I don't think it matters that much how good (or bad) your spelling is as long as it is understood. Being constrained by common agreement on how words are spelt prevents a language from evolving and developing its character to fit the age we live in.

    I was fortunate enough to have no trouble at school with any form of English language education and it puzzles me as much now as it did then at to why it was so important. Now maths, I was and still am terrible at it. I cannot add or subtract for toffee and have often wondered if it has it's owen version of dyslexia.

    I did hear by the way that there were only three types of people in this world - those that could add up, and those that could not!

  5. .....tells his wife Carol that the doctor said he'd only got 24 hours to live.

    Wiping away the tears, he asked her to make love with him. Of course she agreed, and they made mad passionate love. Six hours later, Barry went to her again and said, "Honey, now I have only 18 hours left to live - maybe we could make love again?"

    Carol agreed and again they made love.

    Later, Barry was getting into bed when he realised he now had only eight hours of life left. He touched Carols shoulder and said "Honey, please? Just one time beofre I die" She agreed, the afterwards she rolled over and fell asleep. Barry however, heard the clock tickng in his head, and he tossed and turned until he was down to only four more hours.

    He tapped his wife on the shoulder to wake her up. "Honey, I only have four hours left! Could we?"

    His wife sat up abruptly, turned to him and said "Listen Barry, I have to get up in the morning and you don't!"


  6. Just had a look and the UK one comes in at £39 so not to bad..... I suppose. It tells me to check that my memory card has enough space but not sure how to do this. Maybe I will be 'told' when download starts?

    I had actually looked on the Tom Tom site but could not find the map download section so again, thanks for the link.

  7. We have used the Tom Tom 500 for a while now and found it superb. Only problem is it stille fitted with its original French map 'chip' (that blue plastic bit that slots in the front) and we now need a UK /or all europe one. Does anybody know where to get one or even better, any of you guys out there have one to sell? 

    Seems daft to buy a new one even if they have come down in price since we bought it as it works so well.

    True story ... a friend ours borrowed it to head north for Boulogne and ended up going west towards Bordeaux. They should have tapped in Boulogne Sur Mer in of course. Thankfully common sense kicked in and they got home OK.

  8. Sounds fair enough Deby which is why I phrased it as I did...  not being sure what the reaction would be. I thinks it's fair to offer an opinion even it's a bad one as at the end of the day that's just what it is, an opinion. 

    One of the (many) reasons I came to France was to get away from all the PC **** and those big brother cameras. Jeepers creepers, even Lolly Pop lady's have em now!.  

  9. I've located a suitable LHD vehicle at what seems a fair price from a company in the UK called LHD Essex.

     Has anybody had any dealings with them as I do not know them. They are not all 'Del Boy's' I know....but just checking :-)

  10. Well....

    I've managed to locate a suitable LHD vehicle in the UK at what seems a fair price, trouble is, I do not know the dealer or his reputation. Not to 'name and shame anyone' but would it be OK do you think to ask on this forum about this particular dealer to see if anybody has had dealing with them?

  11. ..... not everybody wants a second hand digibox though, but as you say - there are decent French boxes around cheaper that the non-subsidised ones although the instructions can have your scratching your head. There does seem to be a reluctance to have instructions in English on lots of items over here and no, I'm not complaining :-)
  12. Not sure how this is going to affect things but the news is that as well as Pace and Thomson ceasing production of them, Sky are no longer going to allow the direct sale of digiboxes. You will now only be able to get them direct from ASA's (Authorised Sky Agents) which effectively means you will now need to subscribe to Sky in order to get one. Unless anybody knows different.

    The better news is the we should see Channels Four and Five going out unecrypted in a few months thus removing the need to have a Sky box and a viewing card to get them.

    Cheers guys.

  13. Our faithful LHD Berlingo - bought a few year back in Belgium, has finally given up after 360,000k. No complaints, she was a good runner and little trouble. The thing is we are now looking for a second hand LHD and sort of wondered if they might be cheaper in the UK.

    We've done the usual web searches and many have vehicles on them that are either sold or do not seem to exist. One has had a nice little LHD on their site for weeks after even though it's been 'sold'. Talk about time wasting!

    Any ideas folks?

  14. Try living near Bourges and look for a flight to the UK. Two hours at least to CDG with nightmare traffic, nightmare terminals, expensive parking, expensive coffee and what must be the worst McDonalds in the world..... I know, bad taste in food so don't nag me on it :-)

    Other options for us are both three hours drive away - Limoges or Tours. Arghhh.


  15. We are thinking of buying a new computer 'on line' - but we need to get it delivered to us here in France. So far most of the major suppliers such as Currys, Comet amd PC world only seem to do UK mainland delivery.... which is fair enough. 

    Any ideas guys? Maybe there is a supplier of UK computers in France?

    The reason of ordering from the UK by the way - apart from the cost of a return trip to collect it, is to ensure that it has its software in English and that it has a qwerty keyboard.

  16. This one is causing a lot of head scratching.

    Has anybody had trouble connecting a British (lap top in our case) computer with an 'on board' wifi connection to an Orange Livebox? So far it is proving impossible to get each of the devices to 'talk' to one another - we've even tried using a plug in wifi bought in our local Orange shop.

    The French help lines are now suggesting that because the Windows XP program we are using is an English/American language version, this may be the cause of the problem and that the solution might be to reload a French language versionof XP. I do not really want to go to the expense of this and it does seem a bit strange.

    Cheers guys.


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