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  1. So much for customer confidentiality Tegwini....

    But what puzzles is why Trizzy goes around the houses to express such a bias. Much of what many of us enjoy today stems directly from the cradle of socialism. The fact that the unchangable face of human nature clouds our ideals should not be cause to target one particuar segment of society. The rich, fortunate and  self serving are just as mean and selfish... believe me.



  2. I had thought of a contract but it did seem a bit formal so something else to think about and probably do now. There are lots of threads on this forum so that will be a big help.

    As regards to being in the country over six months, he's actually been here for a couple of years and is now retired. The reason for the rental request is that his house here in France has to be sold for personal reasons and he needs a long let before 'downsizing' to smaller place. Give the market at the moment this could take some months and a long let with us would ease the pressure on him quite a bit.

  3. Our new French daughter in law has just lost her Grandfather and we are thinking of sending a sympathy card to her parents. Not one of those you buy from a shop but one in which we can write a message.

    Question. Is this appropriate as we do not know them that well, and what sort of messege in French would be 'correct'? Our own French is limited and we not not want to get it wrong either way.

    Thanks guys

  4. A good friend of ours has asked to rent our gite from us for a year - but we are worried about entering into a landlord/tenant relationship with him - a bit like mixing business with pleasure I suppose.

    Has anybody had a good or bad experience of such an arrangement?

  5. I seem to remember that in the UK technically it is the responsibility of the local authority to dispose of bodies so in theory you could put your OH in a black bin liner, dump it outside, and just wait for collection day. It is also possible to bury your OH in the garden as long as you own the freehold and as long as you inform the water authority (something to do with the water table I think) and I suppose you'd have to tell any potential house buyer.

    Living in France and not being bothered either way I've told my OH to do whatever she wants - bury or burn whatever is cheapest and easiest. Added to which, she hopes there's a heaven, I hope there's not - otherwise I'll get nagged until eternity



  6. I did this a few years ago with some film the wife had from when she was a child. It was easy enough because a) I had a projector and b) I had easy access to a video camera.

    It was just a case of seeting up a small screen at right angles to a mirror. The projected image was reflected on the the mirror and 'filmed' be the video camera linked to a TV monitor. Really simple and with very good quality results - so much so that these have now been copied direct on to DVD.



  7. We have also found that sub post offices (if that's the right word) often get it wrong. We felt sure our own local office/bar/garage/baker guy guessed half the time the cost of sending items overseas - it always seemed a bit on the high side, so now we go into the main town to post parcels and packages. Trying to recycle those Colissimo boxes by using them again does not work either. We packaged an item up in a used box, stuck on a new lable, and it was refused. Oh well.

  8. Your comments well put sweet 17 and warm thanks for your encouragement. As you suggest, moaners and groaners seem to be everywhere at times. We love France and would hate to have move back to the UK from our little hamlet here in the countryside where the weather is warm (well, sometimes anyway) and the lifestyle no less than superb.

    Off now to chase the chicks out of the veg garden..... again.

    Cheers guys.

  9. Point taken Sweet 17, but I don't think anybody on this thread is moaning about the cost of things and making no suggestions. For example, I mentioned that we had a little Gite (and as it happens a slightly larger veg garden but as said, they do bring their own problems)

    The main focus would seem to be looking towards retirement with enough to live on after a lifetime of work. Running a Gite, having a veg garden or even doing odd jobs should be a matter choice and not obligation.

    Just a thought.

  10. Thanks both.

    The area to be covered was 3.5m x 7m so quite a spread and decking alone was working out at round Euro 800.... unless I got my sums wrong which is more than possible.

    As to using timber other than decking well yes Thunderhorse, I know the choice is mine it's just that decking is grooved and meant to be non-slip perhaps. I reckon I'll look at ordinary wood and see about treating it somehow.


  11. Costing up patio decking for my next project only to find it's really expensive. Is such decking really necessary and can I not use something else such as treated wooden timber? I've a sneaky feeling that I paying a lot for what I can only describe as ' designer lable timber'
  12. Out of interest, did anybody pick up on a BBC news item this morning that people over 60 now outnumber children for the first time, with Help the Aged saying that the older population would require social care reform and the end of "arbitary" retirement ages. More telling was a statement by a Mervyn Kohler from the same source.... "The days of assuming older people are dependants must now come to an end".

    Looks like those of us who do not have a generous pension will have to keep working - and put our fluffy slippers in the bin!




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