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  1. Thank you NormanH, I'll have a look at it tomorrow. The friend who's helping us is the retired secretaire général from our sous préfecture, so he knows who to phone to have an explanation. FairyNuff
  2. I haven't posted on here for a while, having had nothing much to add to the various discussions, and no real problems. [:D] But we have just received from our prefecture a letter refusing us French nationality quoting article 21-16 of the code cilvil which says "nul ne peut être naturalisé s'il n'a en France sa résidence au moment de la signature du décret de naturalisation" (no-one may be naturalised if his home is not in France at the time of signing of the decree). Suffice to say our one and only residence is in France. The second and third paragraphs then say basically that because most of our money is still in GB and not in France we don't meet the criteria to financially guarantee our lives (we don't as yet receive a pension, but I'll have my superannuation next year). However, having checked the conditions, there is no mention of having to have your resources in France so we're stumped. A French friend is helping us formulate a dossier to appeal, but I wondered if anyone else has come across this, and how did you proceed? Many thanks FairyNuff
  3. [quote user="Gardian"][quote user="FairyNuff"] A question for the experts [/quote] Maybe not an expert, but I think this is the way they see it. The French reckon that they'll beat the Scots in Paris and that Ireland will beat the Italians in Rome. Frankly I'd say that neither is a foregone conclusion: it only needs the Scots to win and France will be done for![:D] [/quote]   Exactly!! Go on you (dark) blues! FairyNuff
  4. A question for the experts - why are French commentators saying that the French XV have now (before the final games) avoided the wooden spoon in drawing with Ireland? We would say that they've avoided a whitewash. Surely the wooden spoon goes to the bottom team? Or am I being a "girl"?   FairyNuff
  5. We've recently done this. On the advice of RAM/RSI we went to URSSAF to terminate our business (a microBNC), took us about 15 minutes, who have then sent the information to everyone else we paid oodles of cash to! Also according to RAM they will cover us for another year for healthcare, to give us time to sort out things with CPAM. We recently successfully updated our CV's at the pharmacy to be on the safe side.   Good luck FairyNuff
  6. Similarly to Sid's idea, we're part of Familles Rurales, which runs various activities in the village - relaxation, english conversation, gym, drawing, club de jeudi..............you do have to be a member of FR (22€ per household per year, fixed nationally) and after that it's 11€ per person per activity per year (fixed by the village association to cover cost of materials etc). We are registered at the mairie, as are all the village associations like the football club, comité des fêtes etc, so it sounds like your mairie is being obstructive. FR also has other things available like an advisory service in the departmental offices. Good luck with your activity whichever way you decide to go. FairyNuff  [:D]
  7. Thanks for all the input, I'll have another hunt in the supermarket. FairyNuff
  8. Thank you for the replies. I had 6 egg whites to use up and didn't fancy meringues (or egg white omelette). I had looked quite hard around LeClerc but couldn't find any, so I was wondering if it was just me being over 50 or if anyone had seen any in France. FairyNuff
  9. I've just struggled to lift almond macaroons off baking parchment because I couldn't find rice paper in my usual supermarket. Has anybody seen rice paper in France? Thanks FairyNuff
  10. [quote user="breizh"]Police issued documents are no longer valid for international air transportation. Current ID card or Passeport only, for French citizens. No drivers licences, no military ID card, no Livre de Famille. As it stands at the moment, she simply can't go. Thems the international rules. Nothing Ryanair can do. [/quote] Sorry, I worded it badly - what I should have said is - can she still travel with her old card, and an attestation that they've actually LOST her dossier!? FairyNuff PS Thanks for the responses so far.
  11. We have organised a trip to Scotland for some village residents, not everything has gone smoothly however! The biggest problem is that one of the ladies applied for a new ID card at the start of March and has not yet received the new one. The mairie haven't been an awful lot of help, they sent the application to the sub-prefecture, who then sent it to the prefecture, who now apparently have sent it to Paris. I had thought that they were issued by the sub-prefecture, indeed those that I have seen were issued there, but now, apparently they're all sent out from Paris. My question is this - what happens if it doesn't arrive before we leave on Wednesday? can this lady travel with an attestation? She doesn't have a passport. Thanks FairyNuff PS It's RyanAir!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Just to say thanks to everyone for their input, bonne soirée, FairyNuff
  13. Another one : I hope I haven't bitten off more than I can chew. I've been puzzling over this one, an approximate translation sounds just wrong! Thanks Fairynuff
  14. We had a self-built house. You're right to have the frame erected by the company, after all it's the frame that bears all the weight of the roof etc. You'll be amazed how quickly it goes up! The electrician and plumber can then work inside as the outer skin is built. Do make sure your measurements are precise (placement of gaines, drains pipes etc) The interior decoration will take longer than you think, but it's relatively easy with no furniture and no flooring down to worry about drips! Do take more photos than you think necessary, otherwise you don't remember things, and it's a useful documentary of how things were done. Apologies if you've done it before, you'll have no need of the advice Good luck FairyNuff
  15. I worked in pathology labs for 30 years in various parts of the UK, and it's true that we had a problem with very obese people who had died in hospital or needed a PM, especially in older premises. However the use of the very emotive phrase "left to rot" is, in my experience, far from the truth. Any remains which were not undergoing autopsy were decently covered or properly wrapped in sheets, whether in the mortuary fridge or not. Evidently this problem is becoming more common, and hospitals are being equipped to deal with it, from stronger wheelchairs, bigger beds, etc........... I do have sympathy for the family, not being able to have the funeral they wanted. FairyNuff
  16. We're having some delivered on Tuesday at 1€055/litre. we couldn't believe it. Two months ago it was at 95.7 cents. I hope the weather warms up a bit, I'm heartily sick of the cold! FairyNuff
  17. We use Minutes Directs, 0811 53 53 53 for FT to UK land lines. This number is also for world wide calling. They also have a number for calling mobiles 0892 63 63 63, although I've never used that one. The fixed line calls are at local rate. FairyNuff
  18. I'm sorry, I posted on another (French) laptop and the system didn't seem to take my text. I was replying to the little discussion about tablet - it's not a bit like toffee, more like a granular fudge, and maybe even sweeter. Also the only "sauce" I've seen poured over haggis at a Burns supper is the Scotch "sauce" itself. FairyNuff
  19. [quote user="idun"]As I said, it was a long time ago. So it sounds like a very soft toffee if not a fudge, would I have realised? [/quote]
  20. [quote user="euro"] some examples :- belgians who wanted to watch the tour de france live on tv - our freeview doesnt get ITV so not possible.They said there were no TV channels ! [/quote] I have to admit to being confused about this - isn't your holiday let in France, don't you get French TV? The TdeF is live every afternoon on France2 and France3. You can hardly avoid it! FairyNuff
  21. I agree, it's sometimes quite a puzzle. The one that really winds us up is Michael Shoomarrer! When you ask why, no-one can explain it. FairyNuff PS Daniel Defoe's hero I think?
  22. We received invitations in the post from our caisse maladie (RAM/RSI) in big envelopes. They contained questionnaires about life style eg smoker, drinker, if so how much? and family medical history. We're then supposed to make an appointment with our GP for an examination and then the lab for blood tests etc. I have to admit we still haven't made the appointments! It's all free, ie no need to pay for the blood tests etc or appointment. I don't know if you can just go to your French GP and demand one out of the blue though. FairyNuff
  23. I worked for the NHS up to July 2007, at that time I seem to remember that you could opt to take the lump sum as an increase in your monthly pension payment, thus negating the size of your annual income for that financial year. I'm afraid I don't have direct experience as I'm still too young to receive my superannuation. FairyNuff
  24. [quote user="Frecossais"]None of us (or not many now) has ever faced the kind of choices people had to make in the war. Hopefully we never will. Nevertheless it is for me a fascinating subject. [/quote] I completely agree with you. None of us who weren't there can imagine the dilemma faced by people placed in such situations - do you resist and risk your life and those of your family and neighbours, or do you keep your head down and survive. I am grateful to those (like my father) who fought oppression, I live in a peaceful and 'liberal' country thanks to them. FairyNuff
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