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  1. Just trying to calculate the costs of converting an out building as a seperate parcel to the house and wondered if anybody has done this and what it would cost for a seperate supply to be connected for electricity / water.
  2. First l must thank chris for such a detailed answer to my post, the previous owner to my property was a member of ASPAS and the land was classified as a reserve but it didnt or hasnt stopped people entering / hunting on the land, ( the previous owners were French )  and it was just over 5 years ago it was set up as a reserve. For easyness can i not just shoot the dogs for worring my livestock like you can in England.

  3. Hi, l am very interested with the previous posts as l am in the same situation, l have goats moving around 25 acres and it is impossible to watch them 24/7, l live in 87 does anybody know what the actual dates the shooting season starts and finishes,  l have had a couple of near incidents involving the local chasse and their dogs worring my goats, what is the legal route to take if l cant stop their dogs entering my land and causing the goats distress ( not to mention the wife, when shes at home by herself ) or is it a case of locking them up in the barn for the hunting season. ( No not the wife.)
  4. l can also recommend the kennels at St Germain les Belles  it is less than 5 mins from junction 42, open all year, personnally walked and looked after by the owners tel
  5. Hi we have lived here in the Limousin for the last three years, my husband has worked in england as a self employed carpenter/ joiner, he has travelled to england to work coming back home every couple of weeks for a week off, but now the company he has been working for has now a shortage of work for him in england, at the moment he his registering for his sirrat no ( has he has not needed one before ) and is looking for carpentry / joinery work around the Limoges region, we live 20 mins south of Limoges but he is prepaired to travel depending on the type of work. He mainly did roofing work in england  ( new roofs and repairs) but does all types of work with 37 years of experiance and he has been self employed since 1980. bruge
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