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  1. Thank you Paul and Virginia for replying to my post.

    I have tried to reply via the email shortcut on your emails but I received a mail delivery failure report!

    I replied with the following -


    Thanks for the reply.

    My wife and I are looking to move out to the Dordogne as soon as our house sells.

    We have a twelve year old daughter so need to find out suitable schools etc.

    I am a self employed electrician and looking to do the same in France so would like to know if there is a need for this profession.

    Also we would like to now what the area is like to live in. We have visited the Dordogne and Lot et Garonne to search for homes but a brief visit does not let you know what it's like to live there.

    Hope you can help,

    Kind Regards,

    Mike & Mandy Dughan
  2. Is there anyone currently living in the dordogne who wouldn't mind being contacted by phone to discuss the pros and cons of the area?

    Many thanks, Mike
  3. Thank you for that. Unfortunately my wife needs to take it for the rest of her life and indeed, her life depends on it so surely it must meet the criteria!

    There various forms of thyroid problems, some worse than others. I think it would have to be decided on individual health needs.
  4. Thank you both, that's put my wife's mind to rest.
  5. My wife currently receives free thyroxine prescriptions in the UK. We are looking to come and live in France within the next few months. Does anyone know wether or not a similar service is available?
  6. Thanks everyone for your replies, especially Sid, your comprehensive reply was enlightening. We have a 2002 Bessacarr Cameo and from your explanation it seems that we may only have to change the internal power sockets.  We think it will be worth the effort to bring over.

    Thanks again,

    Mike & Mandy. 

  7. Can anyone out there advise me on bringing over a UK spec caravan to France.  We are looking to move in the New Year and would like to bring over our caravan and register it in France.

    We have heard that because the door is on the 'wrong side' the caravan won't pass scrutiny...is this so?

    As anyone brought over their caravan and registered it?


  8. I have done just that 'nearly retired' and it as proved fruitful.

    Wish I was nearly retired, would be a lot easier!

  9. Does this mean that you have to pay 11% on interest earned from savings?
  10. Well, sorry that I have caused such a stir!

    I will be coming out to France and will go down the self-employed road.

    I am taking private French lessons as is my family.

    Thank you for all the responses but I'm not much better off than in the start.  However, I would like to speak with an actual electrician who has been working out there and just fire some questions if that would be ok.

    If there is anyone out there who fits the description who wouldn't mind me actually speaking with them then please let me know.

    Kind Regards to all, Mike. 

  11. Thanks Nick for replying.

    I'm bemused though! Your comment in brackets 'I doubt if you will get a job', what do you mean by that?

    Kind Regards, Mike.

  12. I am planning to move, lock stock and barrel to France with my family. Our first thoughts were to run gites but that idea is fastly diminishing. I am a qualified electrician with 26 years experience and would like to hear from any electrician currently working and living in France. I would like to know what loops i would need to jump through to become qualified the French way and what it's like working with other Frence trades people.
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