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  1. A recent medical issue here in the North of France has highlighted a problem that I'd never thought about before.

    What do you do if you need to see a doctor, or ask a doctor to do a house visit out of normal hours, ie. a saturday afternoon?   My daughter was recently ill and as I couldn't get hold of my own doctor I contacted the number 15 to ask advise about what to do.  I was told to go to a "maison medicale" which was attached to the hospital A & E dept.

    There was an extremely long wait, and the actual doctor we saw was not very good.  I got the general feeling he really didn't want to be there!

    So, what do you all do in SW France (although I am sure it depends purely on area) in a medical emergency?

    I am particularly interested in and around the Gourdon area as that is where we will be near.

  2. Jon,

    just wondering if you've moved yet?   how is it going?   looking forward to an update when you are ready

  3. When we moved to France we brought with us a dog and 3 cats!   We had in the past in Hampshire (where we last lived) had 5 cats either knocked down and killed instantly, or run over and injured so bad they had to be put to sleep.

    I am very pleased to say that the 3 cats we brought with us are doing very well, and hopefully will continue to live a long and happy life with us - even when we move to Sarlat!  I have no doubts that had we stayed in England, I am sure that I might be telling a different story now.

    Good luck with your move, you will stay in touch with good friends wherever you are.

  4. I visit family in London a couple of times a year and I absolutely hate it!   The noise, the mess, the litter, the people are all rude and very rarely smiling - France has its drawbacks sometimes but when I keep reminding myself of what London is like now, it doesn't seem so bad.        My mother and sister worry constantly about being broken into, they lock and double lock their doors - what a way to live eh, constantly looking over your shoulder?

    I was born in London but haven't lived there for nearly 30 years, although all my family have stayed there.

  5. Thanks for all the replies, it's certainly given me something to look into.   Our first stop will be the school that our daughter will go to, as getting her settled first is the priority.


  6. Thanks for the reply Bob, your blog looks really good.   Have sent you a PM.
  7. Soon moving to a very small hamlet in Dept 24 but closer to the Lot.   Near to Gourdon.   Have a menagerie of animals as well as a daughter!

    Happy to be contacted by anyone who lives nearby and wants to get in touch

  8. Hi all

    Just want some information re the region please, like :

    places to go

    things to see

    clubs/associations for adults and teenagers

    what is the winter weather like

    Does anyone know of any forums purely for the local area or Lot border?  I haven't managed to find anything yet despite lots of googling.

    Many thanks, all help appreciated


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