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  1. Our French is very basic at present so we are looking for a french / english translator to help us with general translation work, ie setting up electricity, telephone and gas accounts etc and also to help with general conversation with builders and trades people. We are based approximately 25 mins south of Montlucon in the 03 dept on the border with Creuse and Puy de Dome.  Anyone out there that can help?  
  2. We are in the process of completing our purchase of a house and barns which we want to convert.  So we need an English speaking architect in the 03 dept.  We will be based approximately 25mins south of Montlucon.  If anyone knows of an architect or can recommend someone in the area that would  be great.  We are also looking for recommendations for any roofers, plumbers, electricians etc. in the area.  
  3. We are looking to use either geotherm and or solar heating, has anyone had any experience with these methods.  We will be based in 03 Allier dept.  Any information would be greatfully received.
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