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    Over 50 ?

    Hi Bugsy. I think you hit the nail right on the head. I remember the history teacher, throwing a board rubber / cleaner at one of our guys, it was about 4-5 inches long and 2-2 1/2 inches wide, kid ducked, thought no more about it, he may have done if had hit him. ColinE
  2. Hi CJ I asked about televisions on here a while ago, and was told the problem was LED did not go very big in screen size, but at the time I asked, I was told that this was not longer true, we are still in the UK, we bought a Sansung 37inch led telly and its fine, no problems as of yet. ColinE
  3. [quote user="P2"]Sorry, not really about France but obviously affecting people in France and elsewhere. My wife was sufferring terribly from gallstones and 3 years ago she had the bladder removed via keyhole surgery. It has removed the pain but found that if she eat after 18:00 or drank even a small amount of alcohol later than this then she would be up in the night in pain and vomitting. The hospital carried out certain tests and said everything was OK and discharged her. However, problems still exist. Her GP has given her a drug (Sorry, do not have the name with me) and told her to take 30mg. She then seemed fine. However, he has told her to reduce it to 15mg as apparently, you should not continue taking 30mg. However, she is worse when just taking the 15mg and sometimes takes 30mg. Last night was another disturbed night of her not feeling well and vomitting. My question is, if you have had your gall bladder removed do you lead a normal life now are do you experience problems as above. Thanks in advance - your replies will help as I fully intend contacting the GP and telling him that the situation is ridiculous unless this is one of the consequences having been led to believe that she would be fine after the op. Paul [/quote] Hi I had mine out in 1983, in and out in 4 days in the UK, not really had any great problems, but raw onions crease me, so always miss them out. ColinE
  4. [quote user="JP"]Many thanks for the doc - interesting stuff.  In terms of surveys, I gather that they are not all that common in France ?  What about things like making sure that the boiler is not about to pack in or the roof needs replacing in 12 months ... etc etc etc ?  How does one cover that sort of stuff ?[/quote] Hi JP My estate agent in the UK said I should get a UK Lawyer, I had a quote, she wanted £3000 just to do the French end, spoke to a friend in France who said they are not needed, to get an english speaking Notaire its part of their job. Colin
  5. Hi Had the same problem, went to a cafe one day had no problem, went back there a couple of days later, we tried 7 cards between the 4 of us before one was accepted. Following day went to another place close by, first card went straight through, I am sure its the machines they are using, we went back to the first place later in the week, card went striaght through, when we mentioned the incident early in the week, we were told yes they had change the machine. Another time in a super market, I filled the car with petrol, paid with a card no problem, went in and did some shopping, you guess it would not except our card the same one I had just used for the petrol, the girl did not know what to do, a second girl on the next till saw what was happening, came over, and tried the card on three tills and found one that took it. Regards  Colin  
  6. Hi We are still in the UK, we had a simular problem. all the glasses were coming out milky, hought the machime had had it, read the instruction manual, it said about filling the salt container Which I did, problem solved, when we did have a problem with the machine, a sevice guy from the manufacture told my misses to just use the cheap tablet, that they were good enough.   Regards  Colin
  7. Hi Clair. Thank you.   Colin
  8. Hi SD. They sound quite good, can you give me a link to them to try to get some quotes, pending our move to France. Thank you.   Colin
  9. Hi Yes know what you mean, we are still in the UK, trying to sell our house, due to the world turn down we have dropped the price of ours £20,000, the last estate agent we had, telephone each week with an update, (waste of time) as it was no change, then added to this was you need to drop the price further this continued for some six weeks, me sticking to the price, the last conversation I had with them was, you will not sell it at that price for the next two or three years, so be it I said. I know they have to make money, but as I said to them, you seem to forget that I hav to buy onother house, the way you are going on, I will be giving it to you. Then last week some three months after I kicked them out, one of the guys phoned to say they were now selling houses again, could they come round and give me a valuation, I told him there was no point as my price still stands, from his attitude I could hear he was still wanting me to drop the price further. So its the same here.   ColinE  
  10. Hi All I recenly asked for advice on which to get Plasma or LCD, most replys seem to say LCD. We have started looking here in the UK for a set maybe 32 or 37 in.  LCD, as we are still hoping to make the move to France, when/if every thing gets sorted out in the world, so we have been asking about a dual input, (if thats the right term) that will run in the UK and in France, yes I know there are two differant systems. Can any body suggest a make of Television that would do the job, have not had much interest from my inquiries over the internet. Thanks  Colin
  11. Hi Isobel. Have travelled many time to the Bergerac area, in old MGs, so as not to push them, we alway stop at Hotel Centrel at Chauney, always get a first class meal, owned by  LADY alway very pleasent, if its hot they have a super swimming pool accross the road, must have stayed there 8 times over the years, its a Logis 2 star. Their number is 0549592504  fax 0549534188,  [email protected]   Regards  Colin
  12. Hi Thanks people for your answers, I will look into it, we are in France, Vannes, on an MG rally on the 24th April, just for a long weekend, hope you can provide some good weather for us. Colin
  13. Hi People Need some advice please, what should we go for, and LCD  or a Plasma, why I ask s my daughter has just bought a 42 inch Plasma, we were invited to dinner yesterday, while waiting for it we were watching the football on the screen. The goals looked very small almost as though the picture needed openning up, top to bottom, did not want to cause a fuss but just mentioned it and got a funny look. It had only been delivered the day before so maybe they had not had a chance to play with it. It just did not seem right, its a Samsang.   Colin
  14. Hi Ben Have you not thought about using SKYPE, my brother an I speak every couple of days he is in Australia,us in the UK, cost, nothing if who you are calling has SKYPE. Worth thinking about. Colin E
  15. ColinE


    Hi Laurier. Yes, have not had a problem, I believe they have to do it, normally when I have bought glasses in the UK they give you a perscription but do ot include the PD measurment, when I asked the local optician for this they charged me £10, when my wife had her check I told her to ask for this, the guy made a comment but did not charge her, I have not used them again. The other thing they are now doing is to photograph the back of your eyes, they only used to do this for diabetics, that I am, but I believe they are now doing it for everyone, I have seen the pictures on screen, they can blow them up to football size, easier to find problems, as with my wife, they told her she had a growth in one eye, we went to Southampton eye hospital, it turned out to be a hole in the retina, they operated, filled the back of her eye with gas, after a short while this has closed the hole, all done under a local, I told the guy who done it, first he would have to catch me, then tie me down to do that to me,!!!!!. Colin  
  16. ColinE


    Hi Belle None of this is a problem, I am 70, and have just ordered my second pair of spes from the internet, all you need is a perscription and on it a PD distance, my first pair of varifocals I have had for over a year, with no problems, the pair I have just ordered should be here shortley were £85 del, they have a special till the end of this month, www.spex4less.com. Give them a go, well worth it. Colin  
  17. Hi People. Any links to MAAF Insurance, seems worth a contact.   Thanks  Colin
  18. Hi Frenchie. Sorry you are not feeling well, I have just gone through a simular cold/flu. An old family recipe is, cut an onion into lage pieces, sprinkle with sugar, cover and leave for a couple of hours, then spoon the juice off and drink, then re sugar it again,I remember when I was a kid, I used to love it. hope you get better soon.   Colin
  19. Hi People. I am still in the UK, but I cannot believe the prices you are having to pay for your classic car insurance, I am hoping to bring my three MGs over with me, if I ever get the chance to move to France. Here are the prices I am paying.  1954 MG TF £78, 1964 MG Roadster £120, 1972 MGBGT £58, these are all on limited milage, Ernie said he is paying 342e for his GT, I am paying £345 for my 99  XJ8 Jaguar 3.2. It is frightening at the insurance costs in France.  Colin
  20. Hi All Another cr8p idea from the people sitting on their ar*e in an office with nothing better to do. Colin
  21. Hi Dick Its supposed to cook a 5kg Turkey in 2 hours, (www.itv.thismorning.com/food)   Colin
  22. Hi Dick Thanks for your help, the cut and paste worked, at least she is happy she now has the recipe, all it was was a differant way to cook a turkey, I do not know why, my wife has cooked one each year for the last 42 years, maybe she thought we needed a change. Happy Christmas.   Colin & Doreen
  23. Hi Dick The CD works ok in my desk top, its just the lap top it does not seem to operate, its a brand new disc.    The acobate is also an upto date virsion was download last week. The text was black. I will try the cut and paste, thanks for trying Regards  Colin
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