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  1. I'd say think very very carefully. As someone rightly said hindsight is a wonderful thing. I love living here and hope that I never have to return to the UK but with hindsight I think I may have decided to stay put in the UK. What you know you can deal with but the unknown............. Mrs KG
  2. Judith 'So the UK is split down the middle on this issue, who'd want to be there when the s***t hits the fan.' But was it really split down the middle? it seems only half of the UK population voted because the other half either; weren't allowed to vote? what percentage of the UK would that be? and those that didn't bother to vote that could have what percentage was that. It seems to me that half the population of the UK have disappeared somewhere. Do you see what I'm trying to say? Not sure that I know where I'm coming from either - the whole scenario has done me in! Mrs KG
  3. Yes, yesterday normal fee of 3 euros for transfer to Euro account and today £2.50 fee to UK account. Mrs KG
  4. Wow, thanks both for the info. (Unfortunately, I am in France so will have to pay up) I have been using familysearch which has supplied me with some information but I hadn't allowed for the fact that surnames I thought wouldn't be that popular actually are very popular and when combined with Jonathan's father being Robert whose father was Robert and his father also a Robert I've given myself brain fog and then confused dates of marriage with one or other of the Roberts! I do absolutely agree with you that it is addictive and I've spent hours without realising it only when the OH delivers a cup of tea and says shouldn't you take a break and I've only been at it on and off for a couple of weeks. Thanks again, Mrs KG
  5. I don't know a great deal about my ancestors so thought I'd give the genealogy thing a go and having done a bit of searching I can't go any further without paying a subscription to get access to BMD certificates and Census/War records etc. Not sure which site to subscribe to so any recommendations/info would be much appreciated before I part with my cash. Mrs KG
  6. There were a lot of problems with CF earlier in the year concerning Earthport. For anyone who may not know, CF are now giving you the opportunity to change from Earthport to Barclays if you so wish. My last few transactions via Earthport have taken hours to reach CF and several days to reach my french bank so I decided to try the Barclays system. I am very pleased to say that I did the transfer at 8:15am and at 8:50 CF confirmed arrival - now that's what I call a result. Hopefully the transfer onwards will be just as fast.
  7. Sorry I've gotten a bit melancholic but......this brought tears to my eyes. Lest we should forget - Britain was, is and will always be Great whichever way it goes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=87Xkr8z3lEo Mrs KG
  8. Awesome. It reminded me of when I sang in the choir at Christ's Hospital School many years ago. Also of one evening around November 2001 when I went to a packed choral evening at Chichester Cathedral. The top of every pillar had lit tea lights. As the evening drew to a close the choristers walked very slowly down the aisle to a beautiful piece of music (Barber Agnus Dei) holding their lit candles, each one extinguishing their candle, their voice lowered to just an echo as they disappeared into the darkness behind the alter, until the only light in the cathedral was that of the flickering tea lights atop the pillars. It was surreal, everyone was mesmerised. It was an experience I shall never forget. Mrs KG
  9. Have you emailed via your personal on-line account? Reason I ask is that when send an email I get a reply to say they will be in contact and give me a reference number. Last week I had to pay the dechetterie bill which I usually pay by cheque at our local Tresorerie however we can no longer do so and have to send payment to Rennes. Stupidly I signed and dated the TIP and instead of enclosing a RIB I enclosed the cheque. The following day realising my mistake I thought they are going to now take the payment twice. So I logged into my account and sent a grovelling apologetic email as to what I'd done and could they prevent double payment. The response arrived within a couple of hours and couldn't have been more helpful. Also I prefer emailing to an appointment as I'm one of those who find it difficult to say NO when I've been helped out and have in the past come out with savings accounts and insurance! Mrs KG Edit: apologies Eurotrash just noticed you have already referred to the contact facility
  10. I found this very interesting what do you think? http://www.independent.co.uk/voices/brexit-eurosceptic-eu-referendum-qatar-globalisation-vote-remain-a7085221.html Mrs KG
  11. Well I don't know or do I? I've listened to all the debates from both sides on the TV and read various articles and well, I don't know or do I? All I hear from both sides is "If...., I believe...., I think...., that's not correct...., that is correct...." etc etc. I do think that you can fight the devil you know by just saying 'NO' others do so. The TV programme 'Very British Problems' has identified that we are terrified of saying 'NO' as we do not want to be seen as being rude, the code of conduct that somehow becomes a part of us without us knowing how it got there - so is it any wonder I don't know - or do I? For the sake of sanity over the next few days I will repeat to myself......... “Each morning when I open my eyes I say to myself: I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today. I can choose which it shall be. Yesterday is dead, tomorrow hasn't arrived yet. I have just one day, today, and I'm going to be happy in it.” ― Groucho Marx Mrs KG
  12. Hi Sue, Just thought that I'd let you know that our papers arrived today and were posted on the 2nd as they said with the correct address so I have to eat humble pie! Hope yours arrive shortly. Mrs KG
  13. Thanks, I contacted Teignbridge to ask if they'd been posted only to receive a very apologetic reply that having confirmed they had received the forms (a confirmation email to say the scanned forms were acceptable some weeks ago) they could not find them and that we would need to resend by 12 noon to be in the 2 June batch to be sent out. I duly did this and got a scanned letter reply by email (addressed correctly) that stated the address in the body of the letter that the forms are being sent to - guess what, yep, incorrect address - I doubt we will be able to cast our vote at this rate - and I thought it was only france that made such c*** ups! Mrs KG
  14. and for the first time I visited a Districentre a few weeks ago and was amazed at the amount of 'stuff' ie bins, cushions, coconut mats, nick-nacks etc etc etc that had the Union flag on them. It was like wandering along Carnaby St in the 70s although better quality then I think. That said there is quite a lot of it in Hyper U as well. Mrs KG
  15. Judith, when did you receive your forms? We've not had ours yet so maybe I need to chase. Thanks Mrs KG
  16. Our 2047 arrived Saturday 10th, 2042K arrived Monday this week. Mrs KG
  17. Thanks for the replies - don't know why I let the tax forms give me the jitters. Mrs KG
  18. I thought I'd understood the instructions for the form but having read the posts here I'm now confused as to which box on the 2047 UK bank/building society gross interest should be inserted. I thought that it should go on page 2 ie 2. Revenus de valeurs et cap mob imposable en france because it is revenu from the UK taxable in France which I thought that is what the title meant so I've entered it (in pencil pending info on the forum!) in box 222 Montant net encaisse then put the total in 228 and then again in 230 (2TR) ignoring box 223 to 227 as I haven't paid tax on it in the UK. Page 3 25 Revenu des valeurs mobilieres francaises et revenus assimiles I thought that this title means that it's for interest received from French banks. I would be very grateful if someone could explain (in simple terms for a simple gal) and tell me where to stick it (politely please). thanks Mrs KG
  19. Doodle


    Thanks Hereford I agree with you but I do worry that it's an account that I haven't declared previously and therefore as I can't put pence on the form should it be shown as an account on the 3916. I want to keep the tax man happy. Mrs KG
  20. I’m in need of some help please. Years ago I had shares in a company I worked for. I cashed them all in or so I thought and then in 2007 I received a script dividend advice stating that I had 16 ordinary shares, total cash value of the 2007 interim dividend 40 pence, cash residue to be carried forward to next script dividend £1.18. I contacted Lloyds registrars and said as far as I was aware all my shares had been cashed in. It appears that one certificate had not. In order to get a new certificate issued it was going to cost if I remember correctly about £65. I decided not to bother as it wasn’t worth it and basically filed the paperwork away and forgot about it. Last May I got a cheque for 8 pence and in November last year a cheque for 14 pence and I now have 23 ordinary shares. What I have omitted to do as I had totally forgotten about them is to declare these shares and my pence on the french tax form. So my question is where and how do I list these - do I show them on my 3916 form and for 22 pence do I really have to bother? I hope this makes sense, thanks Mrs KG
  21. No, but he did have a huge amount of hair - LOL. I know apple is not immune from experience but I've used both Microsoft and Apple at work/home and I prefer Apple. He was the local repairer/orange dealer and the nearest in Bagnoles de l'orne and I needed a repair or replacement quickly. In 2010 my mac pc was just 3 years old so faced with the decision of 350 or 799 I went for the cheaper option. Last year however he was very ill and had to close the store a great shame as he was well known and liked in Bagnoles and so with that it was a 1/2 day trip to Jersey, eyes tested/new glasses ordered, picked up my new pc from IQ that I'd reserved a few days beforehand on the way back to the ferry and even had time for M&S/Waitrose & H&B shopping which was great as their penny sale was on - oh dear I feel I've rambled on a bit!
  22. Hello cajal, I asked a similar question back in 2013 on this forum. Whether this still stands I don't know but I'm sure someone will be along with any up to date info shortly. Mrs KG There is some clarification in this article http://www.challenges.fr/economie/20131007.CHA5281/titulaires-d-un-compte-paypal-vous-etes-surement-fraudeurs.html It seems the person prosecuted was a trader and used the paypal account for receiving payments for goods - which should have been declared. The article indicates that the declaration does not apply to individuals who pay for goods using paypal, or even use it to receive payment for items they sell, e.g. occasional things on eBay.
  23. Thanks to all for the info. In view of having suffered from a pc bug in 2010 with cost 350 euros for a new hard drive and then a virus last year that led to my decision of buying a new pc I think I will steer clear of Flashplayer and any bugs and just listen via the telephone but thanks again for your imput. Mrs KG
  24. Hello All, I had to replace my old pc due to a virus and have got myself an imac - osx el capitan last november. In the last couple of weeks, everytime I want to read an Orange message I get a message to say flashplayer is needed. Can someone tell me what I need to do please as I have no idea. Thank you. Mrs KG
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