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  1. OK got it and thanks again for your help Sue.
  2. Thanks for the info Sue - I will mention it as I'd rather not incur a fine for a PPP I'd not even thought about. So if it increases during the financial year about £100 last year (so far this year decreasing) should I be showing last year's increase as interest on my yearly tax dec, my thinking being that when I finally take some/all of the pot I will list it in the pension box on the tax form and pay tax on it at that time. I hope I"m making sense? Mrs KG
  3. Yes I know it's that time again but I've been thinking ahead to this year's tax declaration, I would like to know if I should be including on my form 3916 the following:- A Personal Pension Plan. It is a very small amount invested that I have never contributed to (but which has grown a little and decreased a little through the years) through contracting out as an employee giving up my right to additional state pension ie Serps. I've been letting it sit there because it is such a small amount and thought it might cover a sudden April shower rather than a rainy day! One other question, do the tax forms get sent out in the post whether or not you are declaring on-line or do I have to ask for them/go and get them? I don't want to do the declaration on-line so am willing to pay the 15 euros or whatever it is because I find it easier to read forms and information in a hard copy format than on a screen. As usual very grateful for your replies. Mrs KG
  4. Yabadabadoo so pleased as finally ANTS came marching through today so paid up and then immediately got my provisional CG. It's taken just over 9 weeks so anyone else waiting take heart as it will happen - eventually. Mrs KG
  5. Hi all, just a reminder to beware.............I know you are all savvie but it may just remind someone who like me is waiting for a parcel via colissimo to ignore an email from the following: email arrived today from [email protected] to say Madame/Monsieur my parcel ref .... was at the bureau de poste and ready to be delivered to my address but I must ring 08 90 24 14 00 once then ring a second time, note down the code then ring a third time giving the code and my address - all very questionable! As it happens I am waiting for a parcel due this week via colissimo however I had placed the order via a different email address and I knew this email was odd as the colissimo email address wouldn't be @gmail.com and no-way was I ringing the number shown. However as I was off to the post office I took a copy of the email. The lady checked it out and said it is a scam, never ring the number as it is a very expensive number to call. Mrs KG
  6. Hi Sue, Yes, I am going to hang a on a while but it's impossible to tell whether the application is/has been looked at or if I'm being fobbed off for the moment as they are soooooo busy. The first email I sent to ANTS 9th Feb to ask if the application was going through was answered with 'we will reply within 72 hours.' They didn't reply so 19th Feb using the same email I asked if they'd forgotten to reply. Not having had a reply to that email I've been checking the site daily to find yesterday the response dated 16 Feb 'En attente etc. So from that I presume that my emailed has been answered on the ANTS site and backdated to the 16th - if you get my drift! Mrs KG
  7. Hi Mint, Yes I could reapply but I don't want to at this moment. It would probably create even more problems to their system! I have sent what bit of information rec'd from them - ref nos etc to my insurer, if I reapply I'll be given a new number, be at the back of the queue and have wasted nearly 2 months - which might be the case anyway. At least the insurer is very understanding and has extended my insurance until March - he probably knows something that I don't! Mrs KG
  8. Thanks Mint. It's bizarre but when I look at each document that I've sent - (each is listed seperately) the documents themselves are not showing on the system but my originals look to be OK. On the ANTS site it just says against each item listed 'Nous vous informons que votre autre demande immatriculation n°..... est passée à l'état "Analyse par le service instructeur'. So I have no means of checking what is missing if there is it would be on the original ANTS registration form I guess which I can't look at on the site. You cannot contact them by phone. I know from my insurer that their IT system is in a mess and they are trying to sort it but they also have a shortage of staff and are taking on temporary staff to help out so who knows where this is going!
  9. Thanks for the info Sue, As far as I know I have scanned everything ANTS asked for ie Avis d'impot 2017, Cert of Conf, UK Invoice, Cerfa 13730, Cert d'acquistion, DVLA reg doc, EDF bill. It doesn't say what it is they want if there is something else they want and I can't think of anything to send. I have emailed twice in the last couple of weeks to see what was happening and the reply was to keep checking the site. I've just sent another email asking if they want more documentation and if so to let me know what is that they want! Do you think I will get a reply? It really is a nightmare and is enough to drive anyone to drink (well more than usual that is!) Mrs KG
  10. I applied for a CG for my new car on the ANTS site at the beginning of January and have heard nothing until today when checking on the site I find this '16/02/2018 En attente d’information Télédéclarant'. I've been checking the site daily and this info has only appeared today. I believe it means that they are waiting for more information but not sure what exactly the 'Teledeclarant' means. If someone could enlighten me I would be very grateful. Mrs KG
  11. Doodle


    Thanks to all, I will try to get Kardegic to top up my medicine cabinet for future use. I went to the pharmacy yesterday and the chappy thinks I have an infection/abcess and didn't want to give me aspirin so I ended up buying everything he suggested ie olodont bain de bouche, natural huile essential pills and ibruprofen - all seems to have done the trick as yesterday I woke looking like a hamster that was hiding too many hazelnuts in one cheek! Swelling right down today. Merry Christmas one and all, Mrs KG
  12. Doodle


    Hi and thanks for that I shall now nip off and get some. Mrs KG
  13. Doodle


    Hi all, I usually take Disprin or Disprin Direct. Is there an equivalent that I can get from the local pharmacy? I've got toothache and am nearing the end of my supply! Thanks in advance, Mrs KG
  14. Just wanted to say that the information provided was so so useful. In the end I went from Bagnoles de l'orne as it's half the distance than to Laval. The bus picked me up at 6:10 am took me to Briouze where I got on the train to Gare Monparnasse and the only difficulty there which wasn't really is that they have hoadings up as they're doing some work and the signs for the eurostar disappeared so if you're not careful you can end up going to the upper floor instead of down. I just asked a very nice guard who just happened to be english and who pointed me in the right direction so all in all a very pleasant trip. Thanks once again and a very Merry Christmas to you all. Mrs KK
  15. I second that BinB. We've been with MMA for around 6 years moving from CA/Pacifica. I don't know if they are the cheapest we pay around 1600 per year for the two of us (both over 60) but costs were substantially less than Pacifica. I've had two serious operations and everything was covered including a private ward which I didn't ask for and my all meals for 10 days. The first op would have cost in excess of 10K the second I don't know as it's not shown up on Amelie perhaps because it was an emergency but all the medicines/tests etc are shown and were covered. I certainly cant fault them. Mrs KG
  16. FYI received today - sorry can't make it live. Mrs KG https://www.french-property.com/news/french_health/puma_cotisations_2017/
  17. Hi BJSLIV, Yes, VAT around 3,700 euros - ouch. I would have had to pay the VAT in the UK so it's been counted for in my budget. Thought I'd buy now before Brexit not knowing where that is going to take us and I could get an excellent deal. Mrs KG
  18. Thanks for the great info Mint. It seems I will have to pay around 277 euros - that's less than I was expecting. Mrs KG
  19. Hi Mint, Not sure what I'm in for here re costs. T he CO₂ emissions are 105G/KM CO₂ so it's a reasonably friendly car! However whatever I have to pay here over here is I'm sure not going to arrive at anywhere near what I've saved and that's without trading in our 12 year old Renault diesel which will do for the dechetterie business! Mrs KG
  20. Hi BinB In answer to your questions the HMRC Form VAT411 04 17 and my consent for Registration document has been submitted to the DVLA - no UK tax to pay. I'm buying the car via the international arm of the supplier through the UK who have sorted all the paperwork for me I just had to fill in the necessary details and return. Mrs KG
  21. Hi all, I know that a carte grise has to be applied for on-line now via ants.gouv.fr. I’ve been going through the service-public.fr and other sites to find how I go about getting a carte grise for a brand new car bought in the UK which will have a UK reg plate (CofC will be given on collection). I can only find info for bringing in a second hand car. The insurance I already have in hand via my local MMA and I know I have to go to the tax office to pay the VAT and have 30 days to get everything sorted (all paperwork for HMRC has already been supplied). I do not need to change headlights etc on the car as it is built for the european market and is left hand drive - (bought in the UK due to being much cheaper than buying the equivalent in France and was given a discount before anyone asks why would you!). Unfortunately I can’t get the info on how to go about the immatriculation. I know you kind hearted souls on the forum (yes I’m creeping!) love rummaging around for answers so please can someone help me out on this one. Mrs KG
  22. Sue, this link may make it a bit clearer - I think - well it did for me. We've not had a letter yet but I like to know in advance what we might be in for! Sorry can't make the link live. https://www.lesfurets.com/mutuelle-sante/guide/un-retraite-peut-il-beneficier-de-la-protection-universelle-maladie-puma Mrs KG
  23. Thanks to all for the very helpful replies. Spent yesterday fiddling with it and have got the blind up half way so at least I can see. Couldn't find a broken pin so I will go shopping for a new part! Mrs KG
  24. Hi all, Went to put the shutter up on the patio window this morning and the winder came off in my hand. Could someone please advise me of a website I can look at to see how and if I can fix it myself. The blind box is in the interior. Thanks in advance Mrs KG - someone who is literally in the dark!
  25. My glasses are for distance only and to be honest I'm not bothered about the fit cos I only use them in the car and to watch TV so agreed mine are simple and the prescription came from the hospital after I'd finished all the gubbins for a detached retina and having heard about the cost of glasses here I decided on trying out glasses2you. The OH nipped over to the Jersey for his eye test at Spec Savers as he couldn't get an appointment here for almost a year and as we are within a 2 hr drive from Cherbourg it was an easy option and they insisted that he didn't have to pay for the test as he is over 60 even though he said he lived permanently in France. However, of the two pairs of specs he bought one arm keeps dropping off - not sure what you call the bit that keeps the glasses attached to your ear but I think you'll guess what I mean! They weren't the BOGOF option so really expected them to last longer than a year. I guess if you need to wear glasses all the time then you probably do want a good fit. Also, some years ago after struggling with too strong a lense I was told by the optician to have my eye test in the morning & not the afternoon as the eyes are tired (I worked on a computer all day) and therefore the prescription will be stronger. Don't know where you live Blodwyn but it seems to me you really need to get a test booked asap here or go to the CIs/UK if that's a possibility. Don't neglect your eye health.
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