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  1. The OH received his 2 weeks ago. I rang NW last week asking when mine would arrive and the reply I got was that the OH had registered on line but I hadn't. I can't remember whether I did or not but I guess he is correct as usually I will use the OH's card when buying over the internet !
  2. [quote user="LesLauriers"]On a blank piece of paper write the name and address of the bank / building society etc, then the name / names of account holders and account numbers. If you read your form 2042 it states "joignez la declaration no 3916 ou la liste des comptes sur papier libre"[/quote] Can you confirm that the form we are talking about here is 3916 as I'm looking at my form 2042 and it refers to a form 3116 or am i confused once again ! thanks in advance, Christina
  3. If it's any help, I went to the tax office in Mayenne last thursday hoping to pick up the forms (my first time also) and was told treize May was the earliest - a bit of a b****r that as we're on hols from next week till the 24th and I was hoping to get it sorted before I went ! Chris
  4. We arrived on a permanent basis beginning of June 07 on an E106 that runs out Jan 09. We informed the maire, the tax office, got our carte vitales and so hopefully have all the necessary proof that our residency commenced June 07. January 08 we should be accepted into the system. As we will be 53 & 54 this year we will have to pay into the french system until we are 65 plus the top up insurance. However, we still think we are better off in france than in the UK everything taken into consideration and we would both rather be here on a tightish pension than have to continue working in the UK as would be the case as no way could we live on our pension in the UK !
  5. Thanks, having read your response I've now twigged on to what I did tell the OH which was at the time we would have to pay for 100% private health insurance for 5 years and then would be able to enter the CMU. I think I lost the plot for a while the brain being befuddled at the moment with tax forms ! Time for a cuppa and a bit of chocolate I think !
  6. Hi, Some months ago when we were unsure of whether or not early retirees would be able to join the CMU, I think I read a post saying that once in the system you have to pay into it for the next 5 years only after that payments cease and you just carry on with the top up insurance. I can't find the post, could someone confirm as I repeated this to my OH at the time and may well be in hot water if I've got it wrong ! Thanks in advance....Chris
  7. Thanks benjamin, The Connexion is an english monthly newspaper for brits in france (www.connexionfrance.com) available from local newspaper shops and supermarkets. The chappy who answers money and financial queries is Hugh MacDonald so perhaps I'd better send him an email. Thanks again, Christina
  8. Help encore ! Just when I thought I knew what I was doing, a friend gives me a copy of April's Connextion with a step by step guide to filling out the main forms. I am now confused (unless I am not reading it correctly) as under the section headed "UK interest (bank and building society, PEP and ISA, National Savings and premium Bond winnings)", the advice is, "add together all of the NET interest and winnings for both spouses , from all sources, by country of origin" Can someone confirm that NET interest is correct - I thought everything was declared gross. If net is correct could someone explain to this dim wit why. Thanks in advance, Christina
  9. thanks, I am now 100% sure of what I am about to sign away to the tax man ! and a big thank you to all of you who dedicate your time to helping all of us. Christina
  10. thank you sooooooo much. Christina
  11. Hi Sunday Driver, I have a guernsey account. This is my first tax year in france . I will receive my first interest payment from my guernsey account in June. My question is, do I have to inform the french tax office of this account even though I have not received interest on it or do I declare it next year? Sorry but this is the first time ever I have filled in a tax form so am a bit unsure about what I'm doing. By the way thanks for the reply to amber it has helped me enormously. Christina
  12. Oops sorry, when you bring up the site the title bar states 3716 but the form does state 3916 - didn't go that far as I panicked at the first stage of download ! thanks, Chris
  13. Hi Weegie, help ! the form 3916 you refer to for UK bank accounts, where can I find it? I have looked through the forms on the hmrc site but can't seem to find it. ta in advance....chris
  14. We are here with you and we keep checking the site for updates but our E106 does not run out until Jan 2009. We have had a letter for each of us to have a free intestine cancer check up but we are in two minds whether to have it done in case there is a problem and then we can't get 100% health cover. Ridiculous scenario to put your health at risk I know but what is the alternative. We had anticipated that we would have to pay into the system but I believe the figure will double going 100% private and that we will need to find around 3,000 + euros per year for 3 + years when our E106 runs out until we can get into the system and that will be coming out of our renovation savings - that goodness we were able to put some money aside before we arrived permanently in May this year. The house may have to stay a wreck !!
  15. Hi Ron, I am so very confused about the health issue that I have resorted to reading posts this far back ! I have assumed that as myself and my husband who are in our early fifties, early retired, small private pension, not working in france and came here on a permanent basis in May of this year will have to take out private health insurance when our E106 runs out in January 2009. When we arrived we went immediately to our local CPAM office and within a couple of weeks received our security social numbers and our carte vitales. What I now question from reading these posts is are we part in the system as we have the carte vitales or do we have to give the carte vitale back when our E106 runs out in 2009 and take out 100% private health for 3.5 years and then start the process again of applying for the CV to enter the system fully? Thanks in advance.......totally confused !!
  16. We moved here permanently in June this year from just outside Exeter but we had only lived there for 4 years. We are early retirees ie 52 and 53 and the changes do effect us. Is this any help ?
  17. Wouldn't it be cheaper to pay full NI contributions until we could get back into the system than the cost of private cover that's if it was an option made available? Also, have a look at frenchentree.com regarding my last point. Sorry but I am a bit behind on this health lark as my E106 lasts till Jan 2009 and I adopted a wait and see attitude - now I am having a slight panic ! By the time my E106 lapses I will have been here permanently just on 2 years so I'm hoping I will only have to pay for private cover for 3 years and then be able to hop back into the system ! Chris
  18. I have spent several hours now reading the posts on this forum and am now mind bogged so forgive me if this has been raised elsewhere..... Has anyone asked DWP if we could pay to extend our E106 etc forms until retirement date rather than having to take out private insurance. I have read that although we will be thrown out of CPAM after being resident for 5 years we can go back in.........can anyone confirm? What happened to Enteinte Cordiale !! Chris
  19. Doodle


    No offence taken just like the banter !! Guess I better not join the MG club though !! KG
  20. Doodle


    here comes the flack !! I love my MG TF160 !! It replaced by 24 year old TR7 which I also loved !! Having looked at all the other convertables available within my price range including MXs which I viewed as basic crap I decided the MG was for me...... And incidentally, I am an early retired bank manager and MALE so stick your comments about tarts and hairdressers where the sun does shine and will hopefully scorch your barnet !! Nigs
  21. Doodle


    and I am sure no-one is interested in my MG as it's only 4 years old ! I had no problem re-registering the MG i.e. certificate of conformity but believe it or not my 2 year old Renault Modus caused me great problems even though I pointed out to the very nice lady at the prefecture that the car is french the c of c is in the book, written in french, signed by some french chappy (I learn later that the car is actually built in Spain!) - in the end by the look on her face it seemed she threw imaginary hands in the air and said 'les anglaises', she took the paperwork and I patiently waited for the call which only took a couple of weeks. Incidentally, I am told by a french friend that white rear plates are less easy to pick out by the speed cameras - perhaps it's down to the back to front business !! Nigs
  22. thanks for response, have read all the amusing posts and am very pleased to know that I am not breaking any laws !! Nigs
  23. I re-registered my car at the prefecture in Laval (53) went into the shop next door that makes up plates while you wait and came out with a set of white plates. My french friends say I must have a yellow plate on the back of the car which I thought was the EU law but I now see several cars around with white rear plates (french cars). What is the rule on this, is it ok for white plates whilst driving in france? Look forward to replies! Nigs
  24. Hi, Can someone explain to me what buttering actually is and how to do it. We have a interior chimney made up of small pieces of stone which are quite dark and the cement inbetween is grim looking. Someone suggested buttering the whole lot. is this a good idea or does someone out there have a better one? thanks in advance..........Nigs
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