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  1. Hi all,

    I don't know that this is the correct area to post this on but wanted to make you all aware. Yesterday I received an email from Lloyds TSB and today one from Santander both exactly the same message as follows:

    Your Account Summary - August 2013



    Dear Valued Customer,

    "We have recently noticed that someone has mad " 3" suspicious attempts

    to log into your online account from this (IP) address " 241. 238.141.88 "

    Therefore our security commitment forces us to block your account temporarily until you verify your identity on our systems."

    There is then a link to click onto - don't do it.

    Not only do I not have any UK bank accounts but the IP address is unknown to me.

    Should this be reported to the banks concerned?

    No doubt tomorrow I shall receive another email from a different bank with the same message.


  2. Thanks Benjamin, I've taken the handle off and compared the workings with one of the other windows and I still can't see the problem. I think it may be time to change the window as I don't know how long this particular one has been installed other than more than 10 years ago since I've owned the house. My neighbour tells me that a previous owner did some replacement windows around 20 years ago so I wonder if it's just suffering from old age !
  3. Thanks for the info. I can close the window but can't lock it as I can't get the handle to budge from the horizontal position down to the closed position. I've taken off the screws etc and checked the workings but can't see what's not connecting. Looks like I'll be getting a company in to look at it.

    Thanks anyway.
  4. Thanks once again parsnips - couldn't do without the help on this forum it is much appreciated although I don't contribute much to it.

    This morning I printed off the document and read it - so much easier than trying to read on the screen and I now understand. I think I've got caught up in having to have a box labelled 8TL !

    At least if the tax office come back at me now I know where to correct my error - hopefully they'll just correct the form.

    Now to spend the next two weeks working out what to do with friends especially if the sun doesn't do its stuff!

  5. Thanks once again Parsnips and Norman,

    I have read through the linked document, plus re-read the '2047 Notice Pour Remplir La Declaration....a l'etranger etc and '2047-NK Notice Pour Vous Aider A Remplir Votre Declaration.........' and I am now totally brain fogged.

    The linked doc says: les montants imposables a la CSG doivent etre declares case 8TL pour etre soumis a la CRDS. Ces revenus sont declares par ailleurs au cadre VIII de la declaration no. 2047 (apologies for the lack of accents!)

    Unless I am misreading this totally, I have written on both forms under Section VIII '8TL and written the total of my pension' because there is no 8TL box printed on my 2047K or my 2042K form which I believe is a simplified version.

    I haven't filled in the amount in the 8TV, 8TW or 8TX as I haven't managed to find out which of theses boxes is applicable to me!

    As said I am now totally franglaised so I'm now probably on the wrong wavelength and talking a load of ****.

    Think it must be sun over the yardarm time!!!
  6. Thanks Lou and Parsnips,

    Visitors are descending this weekend and I wanted the forms done and dusted so I hand delivered the forms to the tax office yesterday without the 2042 CK forms!

    Yes, I am early retired and paying into the health system - no S forms yet for a while.

    I filled out the 2047K and the 2042K and under section 8 on both forms I have added 8TL and the pension amount which is what I've been doing each year.

    Hopefully this amounts to the same thing as filling in the 2042CK and they can cross reference the two forms or have I misunderstood what you are saying?

    Thanks, Chris
  7. Hi all,

    I have received via the post the usual tax forms to fill in but this year I have received two other forms ie 2042 CK.

    Not sure why I've been sent them. I don't run a business of any kind paid or unpaid which is what I think the forms are referring to.

    Can someone enlighten me please as to what they are for.

    Thanks in advance, Chris
  8. December 2010 my mother in law came to stay for christmas. She booked the flight over but was going back to the UK with my brother in law in his car via the ferry ouistreham to portsmouth.

    My B-I-L had booked his over and return crossing previously and was supposed to add his mother to the ticket. He didn't. He didn't tell her until they got home in the UK that she wasn't booked on the ferry nor did he tell us as we would have been mortified (she was 79).

    Anyhow he apparently he went straight through the check in area and onto the ferry. Seems it can be done if you are brave enough!

  9. Just an update and a little info for anyone who may not know of Lettre Suivie Documents.

    I finally got off my backside and visited La Poste to get my mandat cash for 179 euros which was easy peasy (for some reason I didn't think it would be). There was a charge of 7 euros for the mandat cash.

    I asked for the docs to be sent AR and she said she would recommend Lettre Suivie Documents rather than AR and which was 'moin cher' and that I could track the envelope via the internet and it is signed for at the receiving end so on the recommendation of 'moin cher' I accepted her offer at a cost of 3,90 which I thought was excellent.

    I have already been checking the movement of my envelope and I must say what an easy system it is.

    I now need a stiff drink to ease the pain of having spent nearly 400 euros (the OH needed renewing as well)!

    Good thing it's only every ten years!

  10. Hi all,

    I am putting off the inevitable but have got to get on with it as my passport expires soon and it's the only piece of ID that I have (no driving licence - never learnt to drive and the prefecture refuse to let me have a carte sejour saying that it is not necessary) so I have been reluctant to send the only piece of ID I have on it's way!

    Having read all the posts, how are you sending the docs to Paris ie by post/courrier?

    Any info would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance, Chris
  11. Hi Sid,

    I am using a Mac OSX 10.4.11 and use orange for emails.

    I have resent all six emails including only one photo and they have received them all.

    They have returned one photo to me from some time ago which I have received. They have received a photo from another source without any problems.

    I am sure they have a windows based pc but I have no other details, they bought the PC and package last year so it must be up to date. I am still waiting for them to come back with more info although I think I am beginning to scare them. They are not particularly confident with what they are doing.

    I totally agree that if I was with them I might be able to sort it out but I'm not planning a trip to the UK.

    It may be a case of them getting someone from their 'silver surfers' club to help them out.

    Unfortunately I feel from what they say that the club is taking them through more advanced stuff now instead of making sure they understand the basics. Personally I don't think someone heading towards their 80s need to know the ins and outs of databases and creating powerpoint slides well not until they are confident with the simple stuff!

    They say that they should get straight onto the PC when they come home from the club to put into use what they have learned but are too exhausted (not surprising if they've learning about databases!

    That said, I think it's quite amazing that they are even trying to get to grips with technology.

    Anyhow, once again thanks for all the comments and I may get back to you at some point with more info.

  12. Hi Sid,

    No, they don't receive the emails at all when it contains 2 or more photo attachments.

    I will try to get some more details out of them and I will check the size of my photos, they are straight from my camera onto the PC.

    I just find it odd that I send the same emails & photos to others without any problem but I will get some more details about their system/program.

    Thanks very much for your response.

  13. Hi,

    Can anyone tell me what the problem might be please.

    I frequently send emails with 2 photos attached to friends in the UK. One particular friend never receives the email with two photos and I end up resending them singularly. I know they have a microsoft version although they mention something about having to open arcadia first at least I think that's what they said. They are new to the PC world and go to a weekly club so are still learning and they are in their late 70s so are doing well but I would like to know what the problem may be so that I can pass the info on to them and maybe someone at the club can help them out.

    Thanks in advance, Chris
  14. Hi Scooter,

    I perhaps have what you are looking for. It is through Credit Agricole. When I went to enquire about a death insurance and said I couldn't find any literature, the very nice young man took me into his office and said to talk about death is taboo in france and hence they don't advertise such an insurance although they could offer one.

    So I took out the said insurance which without digging out the contract can't remember exactly what it is called but appears on my monthly statement as Predica Garantie Deces.

    It costs me 29,48 per month and will pay out a sum of 20,000 euros on the death of the OH.

    I could have gone for a higher sum but of course the premium is much higher and I didn't feel I needed it.

    My reason for taking it out was to give me something extra should the OH snuff it before I collect my old age pension! The OH's pension would reduce by half on death after the age of 62 so it would cover the years for me until I'm 66 and collect my OAP.

    Crikey I have gone on a bit but hope it makes sense to you and anyone else interested.

  15. Sue,

    We were told the same as you at LBP ie think of making withdrawals on the Livret A account on the 2nd or the 16th of the month to benefit completely from the remuneration for your Savings account. Off now to check the paperwork!

  16. Hello Forum Members,

    Just found this on the Telegraph ex-pat and thought I would post it here for anyone who may have not yet seen it and for whom it may affect.

    "Clydesdale International has closed for new savers – and its existing savers will soon find out how they will be given their marching orders.

    This latest closure is another blow to expatriate savers who in the past few years have seen the number of banks willing to take new savers drop dramatically. And it's unlikely to be the only one to close down this year."

  17. Hi Coops,

    Yes, it arrived this morning and the cheque is in the post! I feel that R-S-Y is going to be more efficient than Laval but we will see what happens with the december bill.

    Regards Chris

    ps I was just about to post the update for you when I saw that you beat me to it !
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