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  1. Hi all,

    Here we go again! I've just received my health bill for the 1st trimestre to find that it has increased by just over 30%. Having emailed Ameli last year they confirmed the amount payable to 31 Dec 2015 and that this amount was payable in 5 equal instalments but this bill now puts a spanner in the works as it ups the original amount payable for the year. The bill received at the end of December was correct and according to Ameli's email the same amount should be payable for the next 3 payments to the 31 Dec 15. I have emailed Ameli and am waiting for a reply but wondered if anyone else has received a similar increase in their bill?

    Thanks, Chris
  2. Hi,

    Two years ago my next door neighbour (holiday home) forgot to fill the oil tank before closing up for winter. Normally the heating is set to 10 degrees over the winter period. When I went in to check all was ok, not only did the place feel cold and smelt damp but I found the stone walls in one room which originally was a garage were wet on one side and covered in salt crystals on the other. We got the oil tank filled for them and after a few weeks the walls had dried out. No problem before or since.

    Incidentally we had the same problem with a stone wall room which at the time was not in use just used for storing tools etc, we got a builder in to have a look and he said it needed some heating and ventilation. We bought a plug in thermostat heater set it to 2 and it did the trick. Could a lack of heat be your problem?
  3. As a couple who don't have any children or parents I hope that our UK will stands as everything on the death of the last one of us goes to some charities that are very close to our hearts one in particular RNLI who do a fabulous job and although fortunately we have never needed to be rescued when we used to sail around Portsmouth harbour, we saw many stupidities by those who shouldn't be on the water let alone with children and who had to be brought back to shore. The RNLI crew are volunteers and do a fabulous job. We have lived most of our life in the UK and therefore want to support UK charities and of course they will get the monies tax free (yes, we have set up covenants etc).

  4. Hi Quillan,

    This is what the new TV can get up to!

    'Offering both access (wireless or wired) to an online content platform and multimedia playback from USB devices. The TV is fitted with a built-in 500GB hard disk video recorder that timeshifts immaculately from the built-in Freeview HD tuner'.

    Hence the reason for a glass in one hand, control in the OH's hand - I think we are in for a full on learning curve!

  5. Hi Quillan,

    I am very grateful for the Humax comment. We have a new HD TV waiting for us to collect (exciting as the old one was 21 years young!) and the chappy knowing that we are tech numpties said he will set the TV up for us for speakers etc and suggested that as we had an old sky box we could think about changing it for a new box that would compliment the new TV. So we have gone along with his suggestion and he is supplying a Humax box.

    I guess that once we are up and running (love reading manuals!) I can see us sitting with a glass in one hand (mine) control in the other (other half's hand that is) so no falling out, recording which we haven't done since the days of video players (what's one of those I hear someone say!) Doubt we will ever move off the sofa!

  6. Around 7 years ago we had a Sky Pace digibox, parabol etc installed. A few months back we had problems with horizonal lines appearing now and again across the screen which sometimes cleared themselves quite quickly but sometimes we sat all evening with difficulty trying to watch a programme through the interference. A couple of weeks ago we called in the installer only to discover it was the TV that was the problem (it was very old). He set up the box to our spare TV and all is fine.

    My question is what is/was the need for the card as he took it out and said you don't need that anymore you can get rid of it (we haven't as of yet). What we do notice is that we no longer get ITV London or ITV East Anglia only ITV Central which we didn't get before and presume that it's something to do with removing the card - so folks I'm not at all technical so do please go easy on the reply!
  7. Hi all,

    I have to go to Jersey for the day with the car sometime during the next 3 weeks (not visited previously). Just wondering if anyone has done a day trip at this time of year and which ferry company did you use and any recommendations would be helpful.

    Thanks Chris
  8. Hi,

    We took out top up in 2009 with MMA and very glad we did as in 2010 I had a totally unexpected problem that landed me in hospital for 10 days. 2 x endoscopies, 2 x X-rays, 2 x CAT scans, 1 MRI scan plus all the pills etc came to just over 10,000 euros that included a 300 euros bill for the trip to the hospital 80km away. I paid nothing towards this bill.

    The OH had a suspect mole removed (which wasn't suspect on examination) and has had some dental work some of it covered some paid for by choice as a white crown was preferred.

    In the UK neither of us had any health issues whatsoever other than the odd cold/flu so did not expect any of the above. However, like it or not you do have to take getting older into consideration and we are very happy to continue with our top-up.

    Hope this is of some help to you.

  9. [quote user="knee gel"]Thanks Sue. I think I will email Ameli and ask about the change of date before I go in with clogs on! - I will let you know of my response.


    Hi, finally got a response as follows:

    Suite à votre message du 10/10/2014, je vous confirme qu'effectivement, des nouvelles dispositions sont applicables en matière de calcul de la cotisation due en cas d'affiliation à la CMU de base. Ce calcul est dorénavant effectué pour la période allant du 01/10/2014 au 31/12/2015 (soit 15 mois au lieu de 12 mois initialement).

  10. Sue,

    Just to let you know that I have been trying to get onto my Ameli account since sunday but can't as there is a message to say maintenance is taking place - so at some point when I can get an email to them and get a response I will come back with the reply. Chris
  11. Thanks G&B.

    Now I have another question. Each year for the last 4 years our CMUB cover has run from 1 October to 31 september the following year.

    This year our letter states our cover is from 1 Oct 2014 to 31 Dec 2015.

    If the date 31 December 15 is correct (and they have made a date error on a previous year's letter) then an extra payment would be included in the amount quoted ie covering 5 payments until the end of the next year rather than the usual 4 payments.

    I can't seem to find any info about changes but can see that it would make sense for them to bring the date in line with other taxes from the beginning of the year.

    Can anyone supply anymore info on this please.

  12. Hi all,

    Can some kind person point me to the official website that shows the 2014 threshold which I believe is 9534 but of which I want to be sure before I put pen to paper to CPAM (I think they are overcharging me!).

    Also, if someone could confirm the 8% is worked out by taking the RF from this years Impot deducting the threshold then the remainder being liable to the 8% charge.

    Thanks in advance.

  13. Hi Sue & Norman, thanks for your comments.

    We too explained to her in similar words to yours Sue and we also said pension societe which she then seemed to understand but she still insisted we shouldn't be paying URSSAF as we are under the bareme.

    The CMU each year want to know our RF. In our opinion, as a couple we are over the bareme and so should pay the 8%.

    Singularly only one of us is over the bareme so could this be where the confusion is setting in with the tax office.

  14. Ours arrived in the post last monday ie 11th. Up at the crack of dawn on the 12th, armed with all the paperwork and the calculation printed from the impot site which we believe is calculated correctly, to be the first through the door when the bureau opened at 8:30 am as the bill was way over calculated again this year. Very nice lady (Le Contrôleur principal des Impôts!) sorts the problem but we end up with another problem as she doesn't understand why as we don't work we are making payments to URSSSAF for our health bill and is looking into it. All I know is that I've been paying my 8% to URSSAF for the last 5+ years when the bill arrives every 3 months.

    Incidentally, can someone tell me how best to explain to our tax office that we are early retired, our pension is a company pension (not govmt) that I paid towards for 30 years and am now collecting as I can't seem to get them to understand the concept.

    Thanks Chris
  15. Thanks for the info ET. Since my posting I got a email message to URSSAF who emailed back to say that they had told me on the telephone that it was paid. I sent a reply this morning to say they've got the wrong person as they were quoting on the email a totally different name and NIR number and a siret number that I don't have.

    I have just received a reply from someone else quoting the correct details and to say they received my payment on the 19th June. I shall now be very interested to see if miraculously the payment suddenly appears on my bank statement

    So I am putting this to bed as I can't be bothered with it anymore. I have kept all the correspondance even copied it all to a memory stick just in case I should need it in the near or even far future!!


    Update: I have just looked at my bank statement this morning and guess what the payment has been taken out!
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