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  1. I had a dog that went for anybody who carried large objects. He had been kicked by a builder with a plank over his shoulder as a puppy, After that the window cleaner with his ladder was fair game . Never bothered anybody else .. I suspect a black person has given this dog an unpleasant memory
  2. Seems ASDA responding to demand is to sell Halal only meat on its meat counter in one of its supermarkets. I suppose if you dont know the animal has its throat slit and bled then ignorance is bliss .
  3. Trouble is there is no "fear " within the community in the UK today ...There used to be ..fear of being caught . fear of what the police would do to you, fear of what the court would do ,fear of ending up in prison .... thats all gone ... There is a small town in the USA where every person is free to carry a firearm any time anywhere day or night . No crime there ... Go to mug an old lady you face the possibility of her taking a pistol from her pocket and blowing your head off ....That fear of what might happen to you there if you break the law stops the law being broken .... it works !
  4. On the news this morning a report he gave away stuff from his flat and said goodbye to friends and had been telling others suicide bombing was justified so this seems a planned attack.
  5. Its not an easy call for the US military with over 3000 muslims serving in their armed forces to permit one to bow out just because he does not want to go to war in a muslim country . I suppose some person on high decided not to open the flood gates to similar requests not to fight and insisted he goes . They recruited them... they are in their ranks with non muslims they have all got to go . I cant see how a special case dare be made not to send them because of their religion .
  6. http://www.islamonline.net/servlet/Satellite?c=Article_C&cid=1256909755692&pagename=Zone-English-News/NWELayout
  7. it seems 75 year old Clive Baldwin who has been an Al Jolson impersonator for decades was prevented by The Belgrade Theatre Coventry last week from "Blacking Up " for the show. Angry fans who has paid £18.75 for tickets were they felt conned as the show was now historically innacurate ...The theatre has said to "Black up " would be innapropriate in a modern multicultural society " How daft can you get !
  8. I cant remember when I last saw a woman in a mink coat.....I thought they were in the past like the dead foxes smelling of moth balls old ladies draped round their necks
  9. [quote user="Pickles"][quote user="Frederick"]Seems their relationship with Boeing could be broken over the reduction in price they want for 200 new aircraft . I expect O,Leary will be happy to see Boeing workers on the dole as long as they cut the cost of his aircraft more than they have done already ![/quote] It does sound like a typical O'Leary negotiating tactic, (ie negotiating via threats issued via the media) because one suspects that he knows he can't use Airbus this time as a serious threat to Boeing to force the price down. Regards Pickles [/quote] He can go to Brazil for the Embraer 190 but would probably want it for the price of an Amazonian canoe
  10. Seems their relationship with Boeing could be broken over the reduction in price they want for 200 new aircraft . I expect O,Leary will be happy to see Boeing workers on the dole as long as they cut the cost of his aircraft more than they have done already !
  11. Dog "Purgery " you could also say relates to the "Runs " Away from the trough running is somthing MP.s will never do !
  12. Seems wierd to me to mention purgery ....I always believed to fall foul of that one you had to be a sworn witness or interperator in judicial proceedings who makes a false statement ..As for the theft bit ..I thought you had to "take property " belonging to another person ...cant see that one either ....
  13. I expect Jaques Chriac will be racing to head up the line up for the job before he gets charged for corruption for his fiddle when in charge of Paris . Did he not bring out a rule he could not be charged for the Paris alleged crime while running France ...He would be quick to have a similar one in place while running Europe . Hard to find an honest guy among the lot of them !
  14. I just happen to live in the UK in a lane that leads to a common . The council has decided to warn with lamp post signs the need for dog walkers to pick up after their dogs or fine . For every dog their must be three times as many riders you would be hard pushed to see what the dogs leave behind for piles of horse muck . What about a bag tied under the back end of horses ?
  15. [quote user="chrisb"]On a more negative note I've noticed a gradual tendency at some of the smaller peages for what was the dedicated doofer lane to be redefined for doofers, cartes and (in some cases) coins. Again this has taken away some of that special doofer magic of sailing through. Yesterday we got stuck behind someone who could not get the machine to accept his payment card so we all ended up having to do the backing out thing.[/quote] Not me this time ! Happened last month,,my CB card had expired the day before ....
  16. When "President " Blair gets himself installed he will soon put a stop to that plan.
  17. Dog You may be pleased to know that some cut backs are about to be made when it comes to the public purse. My daughter a specialist nurse a sister in a renal unit has been told her hospital is in the red and her job is at risk as they are looking at redundancies . Country wide there will be many more like her soon .
  18. [quote user="nomoss"]Well, now it appears the BNP is having a surge in recruitment. Not undue to his managing to appear as the underdog on Question Time. A role helped by being shouted down continually by the audience and other members of the panel, even by the chairman (not a patch on his father), who was much less than impartial.[/quote] Thats the way it works with people in the UK We all know if a lame howling Jack Russel was up against Pavarotti on X factor the dog would get more votes .
  19. [quote user="Dog"]I thought it was relatively restrained they had obviously been selected, by race and colour and anti BNP and briefed to stay seated and attack only the one eyed monster verbally. I wonder if the BBC will now arrange an ambush of the equally useless Tories and NuLabour - it would only be fair...[/quote] I agree . I even thought at one time the audience given the huge disterbance going on outside the TV center must be all made up from BBC Staff ...Not the usual question time at all and gave up watching it !
  20. Wendy May I suggest you look at JiWire.com website and if you know the town you are staying in you can put it in a search and it will give you the addresses of places with WiFi connections you are free to use ...For example if you put in La Rochelle they give you a choice of 91 places to hook up.
  21. Lots of bars offer free Wi-Fi hook ups ...Also the cafe areas in the Hypermarkets seem to be providing it .Places like "Flunch " for example ..and its free in Mc Donalds. I should think using a dongle from the UK suppliers would be expensive ...might be a better idea to have a local pay as you go one . I use the bars and I am away for over a month at a time .it works for me .
  22. So its OK for EU students to have a free education half of them at the expense of the UK taxpayer is it ? UK students have to pay back their loans when they are earning.Are you seriously suggesting that there should be no way of following up these deliberate payment avoiders and let them get away with ripping off the UK tax payer .They have been doing it for years now ..time it was stopped !
  23. Seems on this Forum many would be well placed to pop round to addresses where they have ignored letters from the UK to slap a notice for payment in mum or dads hands for the right fee say 100 euros to be added to their outstanding fees . For a share of £11 million I see a French wide collection agency business run from home here ...
  24. Why are the UK chasing £11 million owed by EU students to the Student Loan Company who have avoided paying back their tuition fees for an education in the UK . Seems only 9 students so far have been taken to court for non payment because so many have avoided being located after leaving the UK . Why cant we deduct this money from the EU Budget payments we make then ask France Germany and all the others to find them..They should have to chase their own people who have taken this money then "ducked " out of paying it back to get in into the tax system .48% of EU students avoiding repayment is a hell of a lot and reflects badly on their honesty l
  25. I will go along with moving it to warmer times ...Xmas dinner done on the BBQ sounds OK to me ..Why not have it in the summer then we could do away with the Xmas holiday period Slot it in with the summer one ...keep the kids in their desks and mum and dads shoulder to the grindstone longer ...
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