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  1. As it seems the game is to force up oil prices by having tankers full of oil sitting in bays round coasts , Is it not about time governments put on a tax say a million a day per ship for failing to unload at the oil terminal without reasonabe cause . Give them a few days after arrival after that... tax kicks in ? That could put a few quid in the coffers could it not if they continued with the practice ?
  2. Its no good Henry saying the ball hit his arm you can clearly see he opened his fist and with the palm of his hand hit and changed the direction of the ball .. There is enough film of it to be seen . Whatever happens from now wherever the French team end up in this competition Henry his team mates and the whole of France will know it was by his dishonest act . It will take the shine off any victory they may achieve . Irish Justice minister is demanding the game be re played such is the disgust in Ireland
  3. Please if you are not 100% sure what you are picking and eating leave it there ...A mistake could mean kidney dyalisis. I heard only last week of three people in hospital from eating "Wild Mushrooms " They were all at the same dinner party
  4. 2012... The year the Myan calendar runs out and the Movie depicts they knew the earth would have a polar shift I believe . I havent seen it yet so dont know if England is going to be where Jamaca is now .
  5. You get $1000.000 for every $1 bet if the world comes to an end on the 21st of December. The bookies ...and... I expect them to be down there ..have not said outside which gate to hell they will be paying out !
  6. It appears the movie 2012 has caused people to think that it will not be worth getting a Xmas turkey ordered as the Myan calander will have run out by then and so it suggests will we all . Anybody seen it yet ? I know sombody it has scared the living daylights out of . Better get a bet on . my money says the turkey is going to taste nice .
  7. I was once requested to go and get some medication for someone ...I forgot the latin name and ended up talking about little brown birds with spots in their front !
  8. If you have ever experienced the stone wall attitude of supervisors in French stores you will understand why I suggested this one was trained in France
  9. Quillan.... You have cracked it ! Now I understand ...does not make me feel better after a 30 mile wasted trip though .
  10. Today in Makro UK I think I came accross a French trained supervisor . The store recovering from a power cut with systems playing up had a bit of paper on the door "Cash only " Forced to limit my purchases to within what cash I carried I got to the check out to find the till and bar code scanners working and printing out the lists of purchases plus or minus vat as they do . The card readers were not working for bank transfers . I said to supervisor " I have my cheque book and £250 bank card . I would like to get all my purchases and pay by cheque " Reply " We cant print the cheques at the moment " I said " I will write it out you can put the card number on the back " reply "We are not allowed to take hand written cheques You will have to pay by cash " Thousands of pounds of lost sales today I suspect as cheque carrying customers walked away and Sunday in the UK is a big shopping day .
  11. The cheapo thing I bought on Ebay is supposed to work world wide. Certainly downloads UK and French TV fine and is a good picture ....but ... the little antenna that comes with it is as much good as a chocolate tea pot . You need the coax cable from a roof ariel plugged into mine to get a picture worth watching . Gives me all the free view channels fine .
  12. What are the Navy instructed to do when on patrol in those waters they come on pirates. An open boat with a couple of powerful outboards and big drums of fuel enough to keep them far out at sea for days . Guys armed on board ... what else are they out there for but to take a ship. so why is this still going on ?. If these guys went out to sea and never came back because over the horizon they were picked up and carted off or sunk if they resisted . ...I think the ones left on shore would be scared to go out of sight of their harbour .
  13. I am just back from a drive along the prom at Bournemouth.. The air is full of flying froth looks like its snowing . Its blown from the rollers crashing in ... No surfers out here today although there is plenty of it . The prom iis covered with sand about 3 of 4 inches deep ... Lots of sweeper work needed to clear that . As for the conkers ...They are supposed to ward off spiders . My place in the Vendee has them in the room corners on the floor and the window ledges .. Big fresh ones collected in Wooly's back yard in Apremont Plenty to collect on his river side estate he kindly permits the public to strole through
  14. Wooly pop town to the banks of the Vie below the Chateau wall where there are some big conker trees Scattered about you will gather enough to drive every spider out of your house.
  15. Ferry out of Poole is a no go ...just as well as Dorset is about to see the leaves stripped from the trees tonight . Bristol area is in for severe weather with falling trees expected ... so " Lets be careful out there " to use a saying from Hill St Blues !
  16. I believe the unions were instructing their membership to get out and vote for labour worried about the BNP support
  17. News to me Richard ... I heard an item on the radio about somthing the BBC is putting together about "Documents " that turn up and the reaction of people to being shown them today.... There are some strange documents stamped secret and put away showing things that people at the time knew nothing about . This proposal is one of them . Not sue if its going to be on TV or radio 4.
  18. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/6261885.stm Seems on 28th Sept 1956 Guy Mollet the French Prime Minister in talks with Anthony Eden proposed that France be allowed to join the British Commonwealth and that France would be happy to be part of a commonwealth with the Queen as head .
  19. I get the feeling that many on this forum are good people and if they were the winners of the euro lottery they would spend generously on a good cause Christine I imagine would open a dog rescue centre . I would want to provide a self catering holiday village like a Center Parks for the disabled and their families . What good cause would you like to see lottery winners support .
  20. Kathy you are not alone ...I found the posting a strange one to comprehend ...Perhaps the French who suffered due to the action of British forces and would be offended by displays of remembrance were happy to be living under their masters at the time .
  21. Citroen C5's and French main dealers should be kept apart ... Mine ..I snapped off the door handle inside ... They could not get a replacement one in less than a week . They even asked me how I got out of the car ! I had to explain " I lower the window reach out and open it from outside " That never dawned on them .
  22. Be VERY careful when mentioning staff of France telecom...they are easily upset over 20 have committed suicide in recent months .... always grovel .... As for SFR they still owe me money after writing to them ... will I get it back ? ....is that a pig I saw fly over ?
  23. Scooby you are welcome...all to be found in an ASDA near you !
  24. Perhaps dogs in Africa bark at whites ? They go for black guys if the scars on the legs of the dustbin men in Joberg were anything to go by..I think the dogs used to wait for them on dustbin day !
  25. I should think we have all eaten Halal meat on our travels and given little thought to it . I have eaten lots of meat from animals that have been shot perhaps some not cleanly . When in the supermarkets and I see "halal " labels I seem to automatically choose the other meat for no other reason than the thought it has been prepared for sombody else with religious principals different from mine and its meant for them . Given supermarkets in areas where the demand for halal meat is the greatest ..I understand their wish to put out only halal butchered meat on display It must be easier for them .But should we be given the right to choose if we want our meat from amimals butchered that way or just have to accept there it is take it or leave it .Why should a supermarket decide for me ?
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