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  1. I read that there are only two other organisations in the world who employ more people than the NHS......The Chinese army and the Indian railway........ Do people really expect the NHS to go on growing ?   Is there  to be no limit on how much tax money it needs to suck  from us all  ? There is a hell of a lot the private sector should in my view take off the NHS and ......charge people  for ... Supporting people to  have kids when they find it hard to produce them for a start ...   Tough luck for some but its not the sort of thing the NHS was invented for . i
  2. All my geraniems are UK ones and the do very well indeed
  3. [quote user="Frederick"]    The future is bright  ...the future is Chinese .... While the French argue over labels and regions  the vinyards  and  more chunks of France will be sold off .     http://www.jingdaily.com/en/luxury/after-vineyard-acquisitions-in-france-and-chile-chinese-winemakers-targeting-italy-australia-us-south-africa/ [/quote] The link may be not opening ?     This from another publication : http://www.telegraph.co.uk/foodanddrink/wine/8392475/Chinese-buyers-snapping-up-French-vineyards.html  
  4.    The future is bright  ...the future is Chinese .... While the French argue over labels and regions  the vinyards  and  more chunks of France will be sold off .     http://www.jingdaily.com/en/luxury/after-vineyard-acquisitions-in-france-and-chile-chinese-winemakers-targeting-italy-australia-us-south-africa/
  5. Are you getting atacked ?   Throw outside those stinky socks .  http://www2.timesdispatch.com/news/2011/jul/14/tdmain04-stinky-socks-lure-mosquitoes-ar-1171410/
  6. It appears farmers were selling sacks of potatoes knowing they were being used to make vodka by immigrants  . And locals knew an illegal still was in the industrial unit .   Today will they wish they had reported it ....?   five families would not  be grieving now if they had  http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/top-stories/2011/07/13/boston-industrial-estate-explosion-kills-5-115875-23269424/
  7.    And now this : http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-14107410   Methinks somebody is going to the Tower .... if not there than Wormwood Scrubbs !
  8. Know how you feel John... A friend and I found one in the garden of a house he bought years ago  .It was covered with a bit of tin sheet and  vegetation and as we had small children then scared us a bit ....  This sort of thing  from your local forge if you are not going to fill it in should not be too expensive  . http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/WROUGHT-IRON-WELL-COVER-/220810053797?pt=UK_Antiques_DecorativeAntiques_Collectables_EH&hash=item33694e08a5
  9. It cant be peacefully carried out when on the EDL web site people are advocating taking bags of pigs blood and pork bellies to be thrown at the marchers . The support for the EDL has just shot up it seems over this .
  10. There is a Facebook campaign with over 120.000 signatures in less than 48 hours by people showing alarm and distress at the Islam4UK proposal for the march. Family members of fallen soldiers in Afganistan have stated they will be there .. I think the facebook site might just show these Islamic Extremists what they could get in the way of a reception in Wootton Bassett... I dont think they will have the guts to turn up on the day . They are going to need a lot of extra Police thats for sure . This from news site 2 hours ago .. A spokesman for rightwing group the English Defence League said if the march took place it would "descend" on the home address of Anjem Choudary and demonstrate outside two mosques he frequented. Tom Robinson said the group had discussed organising a counter-march in Wootton Bassett but felt the best way to register its objections would be to protest outside addresses connected to Choudary. He said he did not believe the march would actually take place in Wootton Bassett. The EDL has organised demonstrations in a number of cities in England and its Welsh arm, the Welsh Defence League, has done the same in Wales. The EDL marches have caused community tension
  11. Thank you very much everybody..it is as I expected and I will diplomatically steer her to the solicitors who hold her late fathers will ASAP . There are things she has got in her head that should happen and her late fathers estate should pay for . I think she has not quite grasped yet that her power of attorney has now gone with his death . I am sue she has not informed his bank he has gone and I would not wish to see her in trouble if she drew on the account when not legally authorised .. Again many thanks guys. Her husband was a family friend he has gone now so she is finding things a bit difficult at the moment .
  12. Has anybody got or had power of attorney to act in the interests of another persons affairs . Are there legal requirements to maintain strict records ( I should hope there is ) when it comes to how a persons money has been disposed of that can be called upon by a solicitor . A person I know has been dealing with her fathers affairs she is over 70 herself and in some matters I think she may have lost the plot. Her father has just died and she feels she can fly relatives in for the funeral and put them up in a fine hotel and expect her fathers estate to carry the cost . Surely now he has died the power has stopped and she is not free to do this ? Testamentory expenses surely cannot include travel and accomodation for the deceased's family to attend his funeral . I have never heard of anything like this !¬
  13. I wonder why we are never told that the North West passage has been open many times in the past 100 years . It is not navigable in the summer months for regular shipping due to wind blown ice . Some ships have had a go and got through but they take a chance ... they could get trapped. The situation is no different today but the papers like to tell us we will soon be happily sailing through . I dont think so !
  14. I am being forced to save money at moment as my wife has decided we need to eat weight-watchers meals padded out with green veggies .. They are £1 a meal at Iceland ...also the Iceland fish pie and other fish ones are a £1 a time ....If you are in the UK please buy them then with a bit of luck they will run out and I will get some real fodder !
  15. "Maybe Lidl in France is different than the UK? It's mainly families on benefits that shop at UK Lidl stores...or Asians stocking up on cheap stuff to sell at their corner shop! It's certainly not somewhere you'd want to linger for any length of time! " to quote Scooby . The Ferndown Dorset branch is near Golf Links Drive and you need the odd million or two to buy a house there ..Which explains why the local Lidl car park is full of Jags Range Rovers and the like and the owners grey haired they may be are identified in the store by their jewelry .
  16. Lidl do a long blade hedge trimmer that you can turn the handle 90 degrees left or right . Its very powerful and less than 40 euros just one of my Lidl purchases this year I am very pleased with ...so I also am a fan .
  17. Those who have so much to say about guns how horrible they are and how they would do away with all of them are only able to say so because they are protected by many people in uniform trained to use them . They need to remember there are many in the world happy to use them to come and change their lives for them .
  18. According to the farmers report this morning .It seems MRSA is passed on to people who handle / work with pigs .Most in Holland Belgium and France ...but they are not shouting about that one unlike swine flu. There is a video about it all on the soil association web site for anybody interested . Farm animal strain It is expected that the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France, Italy and Spain will be the major countries affected with the farm animal strain (MRSA CC398). Some of the newer member states such as the Czech Republic and Poland may also have an elevated incidence due to pig movements from the west. So far, Sweden has stated it is free, Denmark, Ireland and UK think they have a low to no incidence, which we are eagerly waiting to be confirmed.
  19. [quote user="Cathy"][quote user="Frederick"]Why is it up to charities to supply respite care for these kids dependants and give the kids holidays, the government should be doing this. [/quote] The voluntary sector do a better job than the state sector. [/quote] I would like to think so Cathy ..but after 25 years of doing it the numbers dont dont seem to be going down .
  20. Why is it up to charities to supply respite care for these kids dependants and give the kids holidays, the government should be doing this. It just seems very wrong to me. This I would love to see but after sending families to a holiday home we have that has been designed for the disabled . And been doing it for 10 years I am still waiting to see them take it on... hell and freezing comes to mind !
  21. Quillon...These figures have baffled me for years ... Can sombody tell me when a child is living in povety ? ...I have been sent to homes to see if there is anything my community service club can do to assist families who cant meet bills for gas . electricty. play groups or are in need of a holiday as living under stress .According to Social Services these families are living inpovety.and are ones included in the statistics. I have found them paying SKY subscriptions, smoking .and running cars many of them.. They have a social worker seeks financial help for them and they write to us , and as always its the kids you feel sorry for . There are those who who are in real trouble who I would say were living in povety and they deserve and get help.like the homeless .How do they decide who is living in povety and who is not.?
  22. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UpanXer3UtU&feature=player_embedded Driven to South Africa in search of work on farms thanks to Mugabi ruining farming .Now Zimbabweans are having their huts destroyed and attacked for taking work South Africans say should be theirs . Another refugee crisis currently in the making for the aid agencies to sort out .Approx 2.700 in a sports stadium frighted to leave it and more arriving all the time .
  23. The poor lady has been badly let down. Some cruel twist of fate put her behind the wheel of her own car instead of in the comfortable rear seat of a governement jag with highly trained driver .. "I was forced to use my phone to help run the country,.. Because of all the complaints from the public about expenses I was not given a driver your worship " ..... " Not Guilty Make sure you have a driver next time ! "
  24. Nobody wants to see a loss on a cargo and if the numbers show such a loss then no charge ...But if the ship is sitting there causing a shortage of fuel to push the oil price up before discharging then ... ASBAT . to give it a name .. Anti Social Behaviour Added Tax equal to the added profit they take should make it not worth while . As for sitting outside territorial waters I doubt the chain would be long enough to drop the hook .
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