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  1. ALBF, Perhaps you could try reading my reply, as you obviously couldn’t the first time you tried. The post before mine included the phrase: “ (apart from infected Brits, obviously)” I replied in English. I didn’t use abbreviations for offensive terms either. Apparently you are addicted to such things. Unpleasant in a mostly friendly forum.
  2. The Connexion’s article about Eurotunnel restarting Frequent Traveller bookings said that they’d had to drop it temporarily because of high numbers of people trying to buy them when travel was allowed.
  3. Somebody on another forum travelled on Monday on the 2.45 ferry from Portsmouth to Caen with reserved seating. He sad that face masks had to be worn at all times, although on deck some people didn’t wear them. He reported from on board that they had been asked to arrive earlier than originally requested. Boarding cards were different colours, relating to where cars were parked and times to go to the café. There was a one way queuing system for ordering drinks and contactless pay was preferred, some tables had crosses on them, not to be used and the snack bar/pizza place was open. They didn’t sit in their reserved seating, preferring to sit on deck near a wifi zone. He said it was very quiet, he thought most people had gone straight to their cabins and stayed there, and he said it wasn’t the unpleasant experience he had expected.
  4. Enjoy your walk, Rose, and thanks for the link - lovely to see and hear her. Sending love to you and your family - stay well.
  5. That’s very sad news - she definitely shone.
  6. Yes, Mint, I was struck by the Swiss knife reference too. He seems to have done well at coordinating the easing of lockdown in France and is somebody union leaders can talk to, I’ve read, so sounds promising. Mind you, in the first photo I saw of him he looked like François Hollande!
  7. David Icke? Well-known now for his fantastic conspiracy theories, has a very wide audience, according to something I read recently. Yes, Hulot, that’s the name. Yes, I agree that Philippe could well be President come the elections.
  8. I agree, mint, Macron will be in a worse position without him. Why on earth weren’t there more sensible eco measures in place already? I can’t for the life of me think of the name of the ‘green’ chap who was in Macron’s government but resigned because nothing was being done. It’s so annoying not being able to remember things/names I once knew well!
  9. We could, Wooly, and would love to. But the summer months are much too hot for us - the hottest place in France (Gallargues-le-Montueux, in the Gard, at 45.9C last summer) isn’t so very far from us. We already knew that before buying, and bought mainly for winter and spring. Besides, I’m on a waiting list for treatment, which has been delayed more due to C-19.
  10. I don’t know anyone who hasn’t got a good supply of gloves and masks - haven’t seen them as we’re still self-isolating, but by phone and email, friends have mentioned having them, especially towards the beginning when they were tricky to find and prices were shooting up. We aren’t alone in wearing gloves to bring in our weekly grocery deliveries and I’ve even got a couple of pretty Liberty cotton masks for when we eventually go out and about. Of course, we’ll have gloves and masks with us when we return to France, but, sadly, that won’t be for quite some time yet.
  11. Yes, it does seem unbelievable, but I don't think that any country’s results can be believed, as it appears that all underplay their results even with the best will. But some countries would seem to surpass themselves with under-reporting, some are totally unbelievable.
  12. alittlebitfrench wrote: “I am not happy that the UK is allowed back in. The scenes in Bournemouth ? You are having a laugh. #nototheuk” Did you miss seeing the counterparts of those flocking to Bournemouth in various towns and cities enjoying La Fete de la Musique?: https://www.bfmtv.com/societe/paris-les-images-de-la-foule-reunie-pour-la-fete-de-la-musique-aux-abords-du-canal-saint-martin_AD-202006210124.html Would you advise that French visitors to the UK ought to be told #notofrance? I was also appalled at the scenes of crowded beaches, but we’re told that large crowds out in the open are in less danger than being crowded indoors. It remains to be seen whether or not there will be spikes of infection 10-14 days after La Fête de la and events this week at beaches in the UK.
  13. Some members will be pleased to read this: https://www.lemonde.fr/international/article/2020/06/27/coronavirus-l-europe-se-rouvre-a-quatorze-pays-mais-pas-aux-americains-aux-russes-et-aux-turcs_6044361_3210.html
  14. Concerns about a peak of C-19 to come: https://www.francetvinfo.fr/sante/maladie/coronavirus/une-fete-de-la-musique-sans-trop-de-precautions-pour-oublier-le-coronavirus_4017437.html
  15. Peacocks are beautiful but oh, that noise! Years ago we stayed at the Strines Inn, great walking countryside, and peacocks started at dawn on a shed roof right by our bedroom window - we only stayed the one night! Out walking in France, I hate the way one dog starts barking and it’s echoed far ahead by others.
  16. Guardian is your son still on the Shinfield housing estate? I can imagine that a noisy cockerel is very unwelcome! Our grandgirls had 3 goats at their school last year - i imagine nobody would have wanted to take them home - unless somebody had a big garden that needed clearing! Our DIL runs the school’s preschool and they had eggs to hatch in an incubator; the incubator and eggs, then the chicks, went home with her at weekends, but then went back to the farmer. They also live on a small housing estate and a cockerel would have been very unpopular there too! Mint, I love bells; we can hear the local church bells when the wind is in the right direction and in France we hear the lovely local college bells just along the road.
  17. Quite so - and all with social distancing, of course. Prince Charles and his wife visited Gloucestershire Royal Hospital to meet staff a couple of days ago, with social distancing. Interesting that he said that his senses of smell and taste hadn’t yet returned to normal following having a ‘mild case’ of C-19, as he put it.
  18. It seems that they were placed in government quarantine, but had special permission to travel something like 400 miles in a relative’s car to attend a family funeral. I read that they didn’t have it when they set off, but had most likely been infected on planes or on stopovers. It seems that someone kindly gave permission for the journey south, but obviously tighter controls need to be in place - everywhere.
  19. I like my induction hob a lot, our second one. We installed the first one in the existing good quality kitchen units, adding a new sink and worktop when our younger son was around 13 - he’s 46 now. It was reduced in the sale at the Southern Electric showroom. Our second induction hob was installed when we had the kitchen refitted, almost 9 years ago.
  20. Lori, excellent news! I hope you’ll both be very happy in your new home, it sounds as though it’s well-placed as well as being a comfortable home.
  21. I was thinking of her and her move today - hope all went well. ? ? ?
  22. Gardengirl

    Ear Wax

    Very unpleasant for you, Bonnie, hope you can get it sorted soon. I’ve found a couple of drops of warmed olive oil the best method for me. My MIL used to get her ear wax sorted out at their GP surgery, but I thought the NHS had stopped offering that service a while back.
  23. Norman, I’m sorry if I’ve muddied the water, maybe I should have started a new thread rather than piggy-backing.
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