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  1. A very interesting read, Norman, thank you. Just before reading it I watched an interview with Didier Raoult in English: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ydcrROJFEU0 Also a news report from BFM TV / RMC / Bourdin Direct from the Marseilles institute on the treatment being used on patients, in French. Interesting to see the queues waiting to go in - I’d read of the queues, but seeing them was quite something. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=VOvNltz3ZmQ
  2. My favourite word this week is: COVIDIOT. There seem to be plenty of them about: A valid reason for being out in a country that is being overwhelmed by COVID-19? "I am following my husband to see if he cheats on me" https://www.tgcom24.mediaset.it/cronaca/lazio/nettuno-polizia-ferma-una-donna-in-pigiama-seguo-mio-marito-per-vedere-se-mi-tradisce_16536501-202002a.shtml For those of us who don’t know Italian, maybe keep those little grey cells ticking over by trying to understand the report! ?
  3. ? Nice to see you’ve kept your soh despite those ********** and COVID MEASURES! Stay well, both of you.
  4. You’re right, I’ve been finding it slower than normal. When I saw the heading of your post I thought, oh, I wonder why they’re finding more cars passing their house - then remembered, cars don’t pass your house - do they?!
  5. Lori, we’ve also been self-isolating for over a week now, didn’t join our family celebration for our younger son’s birthday and Mothering Sunday last Sunday. Our younger son normally works from our home, has had an office here for 3 years, so we miss his cheery presence. We’re missing seeing our granddaughters, didn’t see them every day but a lot, as they live so close. But our son dropped off some shopping into our porch yesterday and it was lovely talking to the girls from a safe distance across the grass verge through the car window.
  6. We’re having a lot of spam calls about Amazon Prime - I do have it, but renewal isn’t due until August. I’ve read about a lot of virus spams and phishing.
  7. I read that cars with more than one person in them were being stopped; does anyone know about that? Sorry, I can’t find the source now.
  8. But he’s only asking people not to go to the pub etc - not telling everyone.
  9. Long gone are the days when my knees could cope with using a squat toilet!
  10. Thank you Betty, best wishes during this time to you too. It’s very nice to see you again. Best wishes to everyone on the forum, hope all stay well.
  11. I was sorry to read about your break-in, hope that all is put right soon and neither of you worries overnight - although having been visited once that will be it. I realised about 10 minutes ago that I hadn’t brought my bag upstairs and thought I wouldn’t bother about it. I’ve just been down for it, so thanks for making me bother. Mr GG’s wallet etc are already up here - sensible man! Best wishes to you both from us in the UK.
  12. Pomme, thank you very much for details about your Bip&Go badge/doofer - I’ll have a look at that, sounds a good replacement for our Easytrip one.
  13. Thanks for that, Pickles. I hope all is well with you. I received the email yesterday, saw it this morning. The form requires the car’s registration number, which Alis/Easytrip didn’t. We drive down to our place in France less often and hire cars on arrival instead, so it makes it more of a nuisance as we’d have to remember to notify them of the hire car’s registration number each time. Plus we wouldn’t have the number until we’d picked it up. So we’re still undecided about accepting the change.
  14. https://www.theleader.info/2020/02/24/british-expats-to-get-vote-for-life/
  15. I’m another sorry that PatF can’t get in to the forum. Loiseau, can you let her know that when I had the same problem I sent a message to: [email protected] I can’t remember exactly what happened, but with help I was able to access this site again. I hope she can get it sorted out soon.
  16. There are ecards and ecards. Those made by the company I use are very much ones I would enjoy receiving. Actually, I think that I’d appreciate any ecards, as it means that somebody is thinking of me, but I really like the clever, artistic company I use. I pay for continuing 3 year membership and fire off many, not just Christmas cards.
  17. Pomme, thank you for the information about postage - I hadn’t known that.
  18. Wooly, I appreciate that many businesses are closing because of competition from such as airb&b, but wasn’t aware of more motorhomes on the roads than in the past. Obviously, some of you are aware of very poorly-run Logis hotels, indeed we came across some in the past, but there are obviously also excellent ones that I have mentioned, as has mint. No doubt they would be excellent and successful whatever the Logis structure.
  19. There are Logis hotels we’ve stayed at and eaten at for many years, which had and still have a high standard of accommodation and delicious meals. There are others we found more recently which we revisit. I’ll miss the old system, much simpler to check at a glance than trying to think through what level of food and accommodation as mentioned. Now, do I fancy essential, cosy etc - and what that means to one doesn’t necessarily mean to others. The current ‘shorthand’ symbols are a good method. Of course, I check on the internet, read reviews, as I would for anywhere we’re staying or eating, unless it’s somewhere local, which I’ll usually already know what’s going on.
  20. Lovely, Norman. Sending good wishes to everyone on this forum, hope you have the sort of Christmas that you wish to have.
  21. I’m sure that we’re all happy to help out, Hoddy. Happy Christmas to you too, and best wishes for a happy and healthy year in 2020. Also, Happy Christmas to everyone on this forum.
  22. I love The Repair Shop, a really lovely programme to watch showing wonderfully skilful people at work.
  23. At our previous house round the corner, Our next door neighbour was member of the Mobster Raving Loony Party - Top Cat was the name he called himself when he went out and about locally chatting to passers-by. Their manifesto made some excellent points, mostly seemed very sensible.
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