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  1. Further to my original post apparently the new law has been passed but confusingly from what I've read this needs an implementing decree! I get the feeling that this will be another of those laws that most people will ignore and makes me feel now that I've opened a can of worms by asking the lady at the Marie who seemed to be completely in the dark I told her about the two new things needed the permis de detention and certificate d'aptitude, I wish I just kept quiet now. Its very frustrating because the new law has some quite frightening penalties and lots of powers to the prefecture and mayor but no one seems to know who will carry out the aptitude tests which include dog handling. Isn't it upto the local Marie who has my details as I registered the dogs with them to contact me and inform me and everyone else in the community or am I going to be the idiot Brit who has gone to all this trouble to be within the law when everyone else will just ignore the whole thing and just laugh similarly as they do when the Brits get a declaration de travaux! thats a running joke the only people who get these are the Brits!!!
  2. The supposed new dog law concerning category 1 and 2 dogs is a shambles and leaves owners not knowing what the hell is going on. Apparently some draft legislation went through the Senate but I cant find anywhere on the internet which confirms if this has cleared the National Assembly. There are many new rules but the area concerning proficiency tests is very confusing and they're not even sure who will carry the tests out, where the traning will be conducted, vets are not keen on doing these and so the whole thing is descending into chaos! On top of this one does wonder why German Shepherds are not included in the Category 2 section, the dog that statistically has injured and killed more people than any other dog over the last 20 years in France is excluded from any legislation! We have 2 rottweilers who are now totally vilified by all and sundry, just the mention of the name sends many into hysteria! We have registered the dogs with the local mayors office, provided pedigree certificates, confirmation of third party insurance and they havent said anything about proficiency tests and they seem to be in the dark aswell. Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated.
  3. I was wondering  whether anyone has heard of the following organisation the Comite de defense  des campagnes Francaises who have an obsession with sticking a flyer stuck on my car window! This has happened twice in the last week, once in Salies De Bearn and now also at the supermarket car park in Orthez. The flier reads as following: Please stop! You are too many now. You are buying our roots, You are buying our soul . Signed the above mentioned organisation. Having only been in the area just over month I havent re-registered the car yet but it looks like the good old GB sticker seems to be a magnate for these rather unwelcome flyers.What the person sticking this flier on doesnt seem to realize is that I could well just be on holiday and so I'm sure the local tourist office and the businesses in the area will be pleased to know that some bigot is plastering all the uk cars! What a lovely welcome! And a great way to encourage people to visit the area!. I understand that Salies De Bearn does have an increasing number of expats not just from the UK but also other areas in europe but I really didn't think there was that much animosity here, its a shame really as all the people have been so friendly. So my question is has anyone else heard of this organisation, I've done a google check but nothing comes up  and also has anyone else had the unwanted flier!  
  4. Well unbelievably I've managed to open up a bank account at a branch of Credit Mutuel where the staff smile and are happy to see you! After trying a few banks where the welcome was more frosty than a delivery of Scotch at an AA meeting, I nervously went into the Credit Mutuel bank to be met with a smile! At which point I fainted with shock and the local doctor was called!!!  I can't speak highly enough of the staff here, the main desk was manned by a lady who not only looked happy to see you but was absolutely stunning and looked like she just walked off a Paris photo shoot! She asked me a few questions then called her manager to verify exactly what I needed to open the bank account seeing as I didn't have  any utility bills, he was very friendly aswell. I made an appointment and everything was very easy. I know its different here with having to pay the monthly charge but I really didn't mind given the wonderful service. Of course it did help that I tried my best with my French and I think this is the key anywhere in France, don't ask if anyone speaks English just try and communicate with whatever French you know, a smile and a laugh whilst trying does wonders to break down the barriers. I know its very hit and miss with the banks in France and I may have just been lucky but I thought given the bad press many of them receive here I should relay a more positive story. Of course I've just opened the account so I don't know what will happen in the longterm but for now it really was a nice surprise.
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