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  1. Really appreciate the replies.  Have been worried regarding the tontine for some time. 
  2. Quote " There is a value beyond which a tontine cannot be used and other methods of securing the desired transmission should be considered."   What is the value which the tontine cannot be used against.???
  3. Hi, thanks for info.  We are married under u.k system.  Just worried as children don't always do what is right.  Would prefer to legally inherit just like we would in u.k where everything is left to the remaining spouse.   I think the remaining spouse would probably sell up and return to U.K so that would solve the inheritance problem.  It is just if the step parent survives what taxes and restrictions would come into play. Would the children have entitlement to the property if the parent dies first?  It has been set un en tontine. We will take your advice and speak to an english speaking notaire this time round.
  4. When we purchased our house in in 2006 we had the en tontine clause inserted to cover each other. There are 3 children from a previous marriage.  Ideally we would like the property to be owned entirely by the remaining person on the first death.  At present we are selling our present house and want to downsize and take some money out of the property.   When we buy the next house what is the best way to secure the property and remaining money that we do not have to pay tax .  The children can inherit when we are both gone but we would prefer to secure each other's future first.   We are not sure how the en tontine works as our notaire and our french was not good at the time we bought.  Any advice would be much appreciated as when we sell this house and buy the next one we want to better prepared for the future.    
  5. Alleycat,   Can you say what happened to the young german shepherd?  Has it found a home or has the owner taken her back?  I hate to see animals treated so badly.  
  6. After several weeks of reading all the thread and going to different offices to get quotations.  We have finally decided to go for a hospitalization policy only.  In the meantime my doctor decided to send me for a mammogam due to my age.  Unfortunately this found a nodule and it needed investigation.   During the biopsy the doctor informed me it will have to be removed even if it is benign.  I am getting the results next week.   So in panic I thought I need insurance now immediately.   I rang one of the people that have given me a quote and explained the situation regarding needing this operation.   He was very kind and said it should not be a problem if I could wait 3/4 weeksbefore I would use the policy..    Then later he rang and told me he had looked into the policy and said I would have to wait 3 months before I could use the Hospital Policy for an operation because I was aware I would need to use it.   He said I could take out another policy covering all top up including hospital, doctor, dentist etc which is three times the price and I could use it the next day.  Not sure what to do. As you can imagine my mind is dizzy with the worry of the results of the biopsy. Has anyone any idea of the cost of hospital for 2/3 nights and the removal of a lump.   I know if it is cancer it is a different story. Any advice would be helpful!!!
  7. Can I ask do you have private insurance  as top up with  your Carte Vitale??  
  8. Blossom,   I am inclined to agree with you.   We have spent weeks looking at top up insurance.  When we ask for Hospitalization Quotations only we are made to feel this is inadequate.   It is amazing.  I do not think the french people pay these high charges for insurance.  We have been given a quote for less than 400 euros for 2 people for hospital cover only.  It seems too good to be true.  But reading the threads if you are in hospital and have serious illness you will not need this anyway so it is money for the insurance company.  
  9. A few years ago I suffered from a Frozen Shoulder and after lots of different treatments  I tried the Bowen Treatment. It worked and was painless.  I presume it is same treatment.  It took 4/6 treatments and I no longer had problems with my shoulder.  I would  love to know if it is available here.    
  10. Can anyone give me advice on selling things on ebay.  I have a neighbour who does fabulous paintings.  I suggested selling on ebay but she said had little knowledge of  french ebay .   Is there anyone selling on ebay U.K that give advice.  Are the postage/carraige costs expensive to U.K   I have never used ebay so my advice is very limited.
  11. Hi,   What is the easiest way to make a will in France?  
  12. I have seen a sign for Leroy Merlin.  That was last month.
  13. Newcomer

    German Shepherd

    I have sent you a pm.    
  14. Newcomer

    German Shepherd

    We have a beautiful german sheperd  which we brought with us.  As long as you have all your documentation  there are no problems.   She has settled into living here no problem.  The vets here are excellent.  The pet passport is the  only essential. Good luck,  I fully understand how you feel.   Sheperds are very special.   We feel France has given our sheperd a new lease of life.        
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