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  1. thanks for that, good to know other Springers are mad!!!
  2. We are moving permanently to France on 14th January and the dogs and cats have their passport so far... rabies jabs, inoculations up to date.  We don't intend to bring them back so haven't gone for full passport (wasn't time anyway, we can sort that out later if plans change) - do they need anything else to get them into France?  What about flea and tick or worming treatments just before they travel? We have chosen to drive through the night and go through Eurotunnel so they won't be left alone in the car.  Trip should be interesting as 1yr old Spriger Spaniel terrified of the car - others are fine though. Any thoughts welcome.
  3. Thanks for that - where would you recommend buying the dish and box from?  We have one here in UK but have been told that won't work.  
  4. Hi, can anyone recommend a good Insurance company for our house building and contents?  We are to live there permanently. Would appreciate a company who has an English speaking representative - just in case we get stuck with our French! Many thanks.
  5. Hi, we are moving to village near Rochechouart in 10 days time and want to find someone to come and sort us out with a television aerial and satellite dish etc.  Can anyone recommend a company who is reliable and maybe speaks a little English? Many thanks.
  6. Thanks for all replies - I'll get onto FT and start the ball rolling!  Here's hoping.
  7. Thanks for all the comments.  I will be looking for dog sized crates to give them more room.  I intend to drive through the night and arrive at the new house in the morning to allow everyone to check the place out in daylight - hopefully the animals will sleep during the journey!
  8. Hello, We move to Limousin mid January and I'll be travelling with 2 cats from North Yorkshire. I'll be going through the Tunnel and will 'house them separately in crates.  I'd love to hear from anyone else who has done the long journey and just wonder how they got over the problem of litter trays?  Do I put a tray in each crate? There seems to be many different pet carriers on the market - which one would be best? Incidentally, they won't travel in the same crate - they like each other...but not that much!!  Look forward to your replies.
  9. Have just found out that the previous owners of our house have taken the telephone number with them and, according to our estate agent we can't organise a new number until we actually own the house (2 days before we move in).  My question is that has anyone else faced this problem and how long will it (usually) take for France Telecom to connect me and give me a new number?  I can't see that I'll be able to organise broadband connection either until I have a number - I know there is broadband in the village. We move 2nd week in January.  Many thanks.
  10. Many thanks for that. Have spoken to the Agent today who is going to arrange for utilities to continue (fingers crossed).  No amount of foreward planning for this move can stop last minute jitters about making sure everything is right (French permitting of course!) Have packed the thermals although I hope it may be a degree warmer than North Yorkshire!
  11. We finally make our move to Limousin mid January and I'd like to have as many utilities connected for moving in day as I can.  Am I right in thinking that we can't get connected to many of them unless we have a French bank account?  During our last trip we ran out of time and couldn't open one so we thought we'd do it when we move.  Maybe there is an account we could open on line?  If anyone can help I'd be obliged.
  12. Now I'm starting to panic!  I can't check the BB speed without a telephone number and have asked our immo several times if she can get it - nothing yet... the house has not been lived in for about 11 months, there is a telephone point there though.  
  13. We are moving into our new home in the Limousin hopefully in the new year and I want to be as prepared as I can be about having internet access (have teenagers & work from home!) Where do I begin to find out if my village has high speed internet and which companies offer the best deals with help when I need it? Would I also be able to set it up before I move in so that is ready & waiting for me?? Any suggestions would be great.  Thanks.
  14. Thanks for that. I'm glad to hear there will be some English pupils at the college although my son is not phased by it at all and can't wait to make new friends, both French and English! He has already suggested that he be put back a year although this is something we will have to discuss at the school.  anyway looking forward to seeing you at the gate!
  15. Thanks for that - we may go down the electric road now as we didn't realise that kerosene was not available for the Aga. 
  16. Does anyone know of a company who sells refurbished/renovated AGA's in Limousin/Charente area  please?  
  17. Sorry to hear about the loss of any pet, particularly when they have been part of the family for many years. I'm moving to France within next 3 months and have a puppy who is innoculated & microchipped (not rabies) and an 8 yr old bitch who hasn't had anything. I also have 2 8 yr old cats who haven't had injections since they were kittens as they always seemed unwell after them. Our vet here said that none of the pets needed any jabs to get them into France, only if they were to return to the UK - is this right?  I don't want to get to moving day and find they can't travel with me! Any advice would be great. I can't imagine wanting to bring them back to the UK although maybe I should get them inncolulated just in case.  I will however want to have all the jabs they need for a healthy life in France - should I get those here or wait until I get there? Also... is there such a thing as pet insurance in France? Thanks.
  18. Hi, I'm moving to France permanently and to absolutely sure of my understanding of the language I feel the need for a translator software package for my pc.  Has anyone tried and can recommend one please?  
  19. I'd love to find one in Limoges or Rochechouart too!
  20. Hi, (I'm new to the forum so please be gentle with me!) We are moving to the Limousin in a few weeks time and our 15 year old son will go to college in Rochechouart.  Our estate agent told us to visit the Mairie and be advised which college they recommend but as always I like to be well prepared.  Does anyone's kids attend schools or colleges in this area and can they give any pointers for me please.  He speaks French by the way and is so keen to get started in the French system - although I'm more worried than he is that he may not be able to keep up, especially with the written work ... so I am hoping they will speak at least some English! wish I had this great opportunity as a child, although its never too late as they say.  
  21. Thanks for that  - really helpful information.
  22. Hi, any information would be useful.  Other regular medications like dispersable asprin can be bought over the counter in UK -and I would have thought they would be readily available in France, the same for Statins although insulin is only available on prescription, as is Metformin. Thanks in advance for any info - I'm sure it will help others too. p.s. we are determined to go ahead with our move (within next few weeks) and although this health stuff is an inconvenience it is nothing that can't be resolved with a little leg work! Hope others feel the same way - life has to be better in France!!
  23. Thanks for that.  I have emailed Kurt and he tells me they intend to set up a scheme to cover pre existing conditions within next few months.  In the meantime we will have to go with Insurance and pay for our monthly medication.  Recently bought a replacement insulin pen in France, really easy to get through the parmacy although it did cost us 80 euros.  If anyone out there has an idea of medication costs it would be a great help.
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