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  1. This is what happens when you have businessmen in charge of teams. Flav knows bugger all about motor racing but knows plenty about making alot of money in doubtfull ways. F1 used to be led by enthusiasts who were in the sport because they loved racing cars. They were often ex drivers themselves. For Enzo Ferrari, Colin Chapman, Jack Brabham, Ken Tyrell, Frank Williams racing was what they wanted to do because they were passionate about it - they didn't consider it as a way of becoming rich. Sadly those days seem to be over. Goodby Flav, you won't be missed. The only unanswered question now is; did Alonso know about it? Maybe we'll never know?
  2. [quote user="DerekJ"][quote user="LyndaandRichard"] although disappointingly there were no crashes. [/quote] Not trying to be prissy about it but do you really enjoy seeing these guys injuring themselves? [/quote] agree - unbelievable attitude
  3. The ammount of coke found in his system was absolutely miniscule. I think he has an alcohol problem more than anything and is, apparently, seeking help for that. Although it's difficult to believe that someone with an alcohol problem could ride in a pro-team in one of the hardest physical sports in the world. Personally I have no problem with him competing as we're not talking peds but recreational, but that doesn't change the fact that he's been a silly boy.
  4. [quote user="Ron Avery"] But heh lets remember him as a pervert, its so typically British white middle class. [/quote] [:D][:D][:D] It's great lurking on here because you sometimes get to have a good laugh at rubbish like this......
  5. Apparently he was offered EPO in 1993 but refused.
  6. "Fignon's diagnosis comes on the eve of the release of his book, "Nous étions jeunes et insouciants" (We were young and carefree) in which he reveals the use of performance-enhancing drugs during his career. He admitted to taking amphetamines and cortisone, but said that his cancer was not caused by his past doping. "I candidly explained (to my doctors) what I had done in my career, and they said it can not be that. It would be too simple." In these days of blood transfusions and EPO, this now sounds like an innocent age. Amazing he's come clean though. I wonder if anyone has ever won the Tour clean? Also: «pas honte de ce qu'(il a) fait. (...) J'ai fait le métier. Et dans notre métier, il y a la triche.» "not ashamed of what I did" (refering to drug taking) "I did a job. In our job there is cheating" Strange message to be sending out imo.
  7. [quote user="dragonrouge"]Still we beat the English and some of my friends will say that is enough.  [/quote] Strange friends then. And we got 2 tries to 1. The first with 14 men.[;-)]
  8. [quote user="PeterG"][quote user="Gardian"]As for England, does anyone agree that Mears had his best game yet?  [/quote] Yes......... I saw smoke coming from the scrum..........He'd lit a fire by rubbing the other hookers' legs together. Marvellous backwoods man. [/quote] My God yes, he was running like a back sometimes. And I know Tindall is good in defence and is used like a battering ram in attack, but surely his days are over. He's even getting a hint of a gut on him. Time for Tait to start every time methinks.
  9. I agree about O'Gara - he's inconsistent and unreliable, but he kept his head under massive pressure for that one moment that counted. Not everyone can do that. Imagine the difference this morning if that drop had just gone wide of the posts instead of passing between them. [:D]
  10. What a great game and what a great Grand Slam. Well done Ireland! [:D] It would've been a travesty if Wales had won on penalties alone. O'Gara's last chance drop reminded me a bit of Wilko in 2003.
  11. [quote user="Quillan"] I overheard in the bakers this morning two French chaps, one said (as part of a conversation about his selection for the England game) that "Marc Lievremont made Inspector Clouseau look intelligent" . Not now Kato....... [/quote] [:D] I see they've brought Michalak back to try and get a bit of organisation into the side, which must've brought a wry smile to his face. Italy, anyone?
  12. [quote user="UlsterRugby1999"]As for Wales, I hope they keep the trend up. They have become progressively worse as the 6N's has gone on. Long may it continue. [/quote] You mean at least untill after next week-end's game.......[;-)]
  13. Don't see that kind of half time score very often do you? Well done lads, let's hope we continue like this now, and that the phase of sin-binning is behind us. Some good games to look forward to next week-end too. Can't wait.
  14. I see Care has been forgiven and that Shaw is back in, but at the expense of Kennedy, which seems a bit odd. Hope Flood puts on a better show, I thought he was bloody awfull against Ireland, and let's hope Tait replaces Tindall sooner rather than later in the match, but I can't help feeling negative about sunday afternoon. [:(]
  15. Glad to see you've got Lewsey in there Gardian - sadly missing from the England squad imo.
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