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  1. I'm guessing Richard, Frederick etc that you have both had good health throughout your working career, that you benefited from a free state education and qualified for a student grant? You are also both, notably, male.


  2. I agree Buelligan (and I never thought I'd say that LOL).  Smug satisfaction is a very unpleasant characteristic.

  3. Just to add - one of the most famous (and, I think, most beautiful carols) 'O Holy Night' was written by a French composer.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SGxAwDIW5iY - to spread some Christmas spirit.

  4. Dave - I thought you were showing us what Théière should be using to discipline Sweet [blink]
  5. The Leith's pudding I referred to above has no suet (or any other fat).  The only sugar is 4 tbsp honey for 2*2lb puddings.  If anyone wants the recipe please ask.

  6. I have just finished making mine (but I used the fat and sugar free version in Leith's - it tastes just as nice but is much lighter).  I steamed mine (2 * 2lb puddings) in the pressure cooker and found that they needed about 4 hours of steaming (the recipe recommended 6 hours steaming in a conventional saucepan).

    Edit - I don't really like them cooked in the microwave - I found they don't taste as nice.  Reheating in the microwave is fine but not cooking.

  7. We have been told that any time limits regarding connecting to mains, replacement fosse etc are enforced by the Mairie and not SPANC so it may be worth having a chat with your Maire / relevant adjoint.

  8. HM is saying that she didn't intend to start world war three.  Where did you learn Swahili HM?

  9. Looking at the wire card, it seems the prepaid card option is VISA whereas the Ryanair website specifies a prepaid Mastercard so not sure if this would qualify?

  10. Doing a quick search this card doesn't seem to be too bad in terms of fees.  Unless anyone has found any better deals?

  11. The sooner you clean the sooner it needs cleaning again, Sweet....life is too short!  In any case, as Quentin used to say "After four years you don't notice the dust."
  12. I agree Gardian - football is dominated by money and vested interests; a dirty game and a yob's game.  I much prefer Rugby - cleaner and fairer.

  13. Anyone with a CRB conviction for peadophilia will not have parental responsibility.  The peadophiles that are a potential threat are those that won't be picked up on a CRB check - i.e. those that haven't been caught.  All that this checking does is create paranoia and make it more difficult for schools and other charitable organisations to get voluntary support.

  14. [quote user="Richard"]

    France will always have a better chance of winning it than Ireland because they have better players in every position.


    ...and because they have the support of EUFA.  The teams with the bigger following (and higher advertising revenues) were bound to get preference - hence the lack of support for a rematch.

  15. Most other sports have video support for the refs without any issues.  The hand ball in the France v Ireland game was a fairly major 'imperfection' which leaves neither side happy.  If France do go on to win it will be a very hollow victory and most will say they only won because they cheated.

  16. Irrespective of the mechanics of the French social security system, these individuals would appear to be filling shortage occupations (by the very fact that they can bring building sites to a standstill by their withdrawal of labour).  In this respect they would appear to meet most western immigration criteria - certainly they seem to be contributing more to the French economy than certain other groups.  The blame seems to rest with the lax processes of their employers and the equally lax government administration.

  17. [quote user="sweet 17"]

    As Bue says, it's a lot to do with your state of mind.  However, my mind isn't at all biddable and it goes where it will, often wandering for hours on end.  Losing it?  Yeah, I dare say.


    Sometimes state of mind is irrelevant.  If you live with chronic pain - then no matter what your state of mind, sleep can be very elusive.  For me it's the choice between taking the cocktail of meds that will allow me to sleep but accepting that the next day I will feel like I'm walking through treacle. Or go without sleep and deal with the effects of exhaustion.  Sometime the latter is the lessor of the two evils.  More so as you get used to living with very little sleep.

  18. [quote user="Richard"]I'm over the Henry incident now. Stuff like that happens all the time in football, it was just such a high profile match that it got extra publicity. I expect to see similar things in todays Merseyside derby, particularly from a certain Steven Gerrard.[/quote]

    Nevertheless, it's about time EUFA joined the 21st century got video footage available to the refs.

  19. I was (until very recently) head of tax for a large bank and I was telephoned by the Revenue to ask about our likely payment profile over the next couple of years.  Likewise I have been asked for draft accounts for our offshore entities by both the Manx and CI tax authorities so they can estimate the cash tax take.  The Treasury is desperately short of cash and is calling in payments, settling disputes, and busy forecasting in an effort to cover the shortfalls.

  20. Cooperlola, I appreciate that in your current circumstances the health issues of ex pats are probably low on your agenda, but I am curious to know whether this issue is still being progressed?  It would seem to be both discriminatory and contrary to the concept of freedom of movement not to allow 'inactifs' health cover if they are prepared to contribute to the french healthcare system in the same manner as their French counter parts would be required to?

    (It doesn't affect us - but having been involved in similar EEC legal wrangles on other issues this debate does seem to have more mileage....)

  21. Have some more mint cake NickP. As for the 'other' I've nothing further to say!!

  22. Prince Charles was known

    to spend time chilling out in a Greek monastery a few years ago and it is said that he was given the great tour of the place and eventually

    he ended up in a scriptorium where all these monks are sat patiently

    illuminating and copying manuscripts.

    Prince Charles then said to the Abbot "I see that you are copying

    copies of copies of the manuscripts how do you know they are correct?"

    The Abbot then replied "It is faith your Highness" and he then went off to prayers while Prince Charles had a wander round.

    Later it was noticed that the Abbot was missing dinner, something which

    was very unusual, so a minor monk was sent to find him. After several

    hours of searching the Abbot was found in one of the deepest cellars

    weeping and wailing bashing his head onto the desk below a very old


    The minor monk said "Is everything OK father Abbot you seem distressed?"

    The Abbot then replied "The original says celebrate!!"

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