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  1. [quote user="sweet 17"] some medication items like eye drops for glaucoma need to be kept cool also.[/quote]

    [:-))]I've started using glaucoma drops and my ophtho didn't tell me to keep the stuff cool - it's by my bed so I hope it's ok.

    But back on topic, if I'm staying in a chambre d'hote I wouldn't dream of using their facilities to cook but would appreciate being able to store the odd perishable that I was going to use for a picnic the next day.

  2. I'm sorry the news is disappointing but hope and pray that it is stage one and the prognosis much better.  In any case, I'm thinking of Deb (and Mr. Deb) and know you'll be strong for each other. xx
  3. Thanks Sweets! And this time a year ago we were schlepping up to Orisson on our 'practice run'!

    Idun, I haven't moved but I'm joining my daughter for one night, we fly to the UK for three days, fly back to Geneva and then drive back to 33. Sort of going backwards to go forwards but I get to spend some precious time with my daughter who lives in Evian.

  4. If I were staying for one night, I'd hope for the best.  However, if I was going to stay for a week, well I just might check in advance as to whether the bed is hard, soft or medium but that's quite subjective. I alway take my own down filled, mega expensive pillow with me. I once left it in a hotel in Spain, returned after about four hours only to find that it had been put in a skip at the end of the road.  I retrieved it, washed it and it remains my most faithful travelling companion. 
  5. [quote user="Théière"]Now you say your salt unit is dead, is that just the salt cell which does have a finite life but replacement cells can be purchased or the power supply unit in which case R.I.P.[/quote]

    How can you tell the difference? The lights on the unit function but the light for 'service' remains on all the time and the level of salt never diminishes. My PG opens the pool in the spring, treats it leaving the water ready for use so in theory I don't have to schlepp to brico or anywhere else.... he does it[Www] In the autumn he half empties it, fills it with whatever and covers it. The salt unit is just something else to go wrong.

  6. My salt unit is finally giving up the ghost and I have to treat the water with chlore a couple of times a week and the water has never been clearer.  My pool guy who opens and closes the pool every year has suggested that rather than invest mega bucks in a new salt water treatment, he'll just remove the old one and I'll continue with chlore.  I don't know why I had the salt water system in the first place. I'm obviously a salesman's dream[:D] 
  7. I'm with you on this one Sweets.  I thought the bride looked lovely and took here vows with solemnity.  OK, so she didn't smile and it wasn't touchy feely but she is every bit the princess with a discreet family, not like the lot we got. And I preferred Charlene's dress, too[:D]

  8. I had the same problem last week.  Nothing happened after I had reset the livebox so I called the help number and they tested the box their end, told me the live box phone access was dead and invited me to pick one up the following day, which I did.  If I had to do it on line I think I would still be scratching my head and without phone access[Www]
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