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  1. I have two saddles badly in need of  attention. Can anyone give me the name of the french product used to clean saddles and where I could obtain it.  Thanks.
  2. [quote user="woolybanana"]There is a great make called "Husband"![/quote] I have the other model called 'Son'. Great when it gets going but doesn't get started until at least mid day[Www]
  3. I watched it and thoroughly enjoyed it in spite of being a bit 'Hello' in its presentation.  I'm a fan of Stephane Bern too and enjoy his documentaries.
  4. [quote user="JayJay"]  It's just a shame clotted cream isn't readily available here. [/quote] Well I found clotted cream in Bordeaux at Christmas for the mince pies.  I bought it at the Comptoir Irelandais and was not bad. It wasn't fresh, of course but in a sterilised pot but certainly did the trick. Alternatively there is creme d'isigny or as Val mentioned, mascarpone.
  5. Well I made Val's recipe this afternoon and son and heir said they were good - he doesn't normally like sweet stuff.  I liked them too.  If an egg is mixed into the flour, don't they become a bit 'cakey'? I'll try Jay Jay's recipe next. I'm going to be all sconed out by Saturday[:D]
  6. Thanks Val.. I'll try your recipe this afternoon and test them on my son. I don't have any mascapone cheese but do have home made apricot jam. I just wasn't sure about the baking powder proportions and thought french flour might work as I agree about the taste.  Merci.
  7. When I checked earlier, there was a weird post all about a chinese trade fair[:-))]
  8. Does anyone have a good, tried and tested scone recipe for me using french flour. I'm pretty much a disaster in the baking department but want to make scones for my 98yr old aunt who is coming to tea with me next week. She has been talking about them for weeks and I don't want her to be disappointed. I have all week to practice[:D]
  9. [quote user="Evianers"]She certainly was a larger than life character. I am giving a talk on the SOE women on 31 August to an international club: these will naturally include Odette Sansom [Churchill], Violette Szabo, Noor Inayat Khan and Nancy Wake. Additionally, I shall point out that Eileen Nearne died last year in almost total obscurity and penury, having had her British pension stopped in 1956. Three Nearne siblings were active in SOE, as well as two from the family de Baissac. [/quote] Truly remarkable women. I wish I could enjoy your talk, Evianers as I'm sure you have a wonderful tale to tell.
  10. Welcome Home (again!) Debs. I just hope this time it's for good and there are no more scares[kiss]
  11. [quote user="Frederick"]Reading all these posts a lot of people are angry.. But anger is not going to change anything . today tomorrow or next week .There is not a lot of suggestions coming forth to stop this now . I believe it will only stop when these rioters/looters are too frightened to go out and do that they do . I think what is needed is an announcement of a mandatory punishment regardless of age attached to a prison sentence where work is like the US prison system, Work chain gangs . Dressed in orange boiler suites linked in line and cleaning ditches . Or sent to a prison outside the UK I am sure there would be some Commonwealth country happy to take the UKs money to house a few ... That might just frighten them into behaving themselves .[/quote] But what about their human rights[Www] I heard the Home Sec and a police superintendant saying that policing in the UK is by consentment.  Does this mean the police ask these yobs if it's ok if they arrest them?
  12. Theriere, I'm not sure how much it costs (I'm pretty sure it was two times nothing) and it deodorises shoes as well so it kills two birds with one stone. Or three if your have jock itch[Www]
  13. [quote user="Alan Zoff"] I thought at the time that Alistair Cooke's "America" would change my life.There was something about Cooke's descriptions that made me - and no doubt many others in the early 70s - yearn for a Harley and several months to explore the States, perhaps never to return. Instead, I ended up in France. (Geography was never my strong subject.)  I still like to read anything by Cooke. Wonderful style. I can hear his voice and phrasing as I read. [/quote] Quite agree, a fabulous writer.  I have his book of selected 'Letters' plus his biography which is wonderful reading.  His America was given to me as a gift when I became an American citizen but I lost it in a house fire.  One day I'll replace it.
  14. Boric acid, available in sachets in pharmacies.  Also used for 'jock itch'[+o(]
  15. Sophie's Choice by William Styron. It broke my heart and Meryl Streep gave a majesterial performance in the film.
  16. Really good news! Any chance of posting a little piccy?
  17. Thanks for the info... I think a real barbecue is probably the best but I did wonder whether guests would prefer the ease of just pressing 'ignite' rather than all the hassle of lighting charcoal or wood. But then, all the hassle is part of the experience, n'est ce pas[:D]
  18. For all you gite owners, do you provide  a 'real' barbecue, fired with charcoal or sarments de vigne or do you provide  the gas variety? And if you are a gite client, which do you prefer?
  19. That must have been really scary, Coops but at least you were in the right place. xxx
  20. Fabulous news, Coops.  Your chirpiness shines through your posts... I'm soooo happy for you.
  21. [quote user="Rose"]My son adores flan... he says it's his most favourite thing ever.  [/quote] Rose perhaps the flan your son likes are the ones he has at school which may well be industrial, ie, out of a packet. Perhaps you should try an Alsa flan and see what he thinks[6] You can come clean when he says it's ghastly[Www]
  22. Great, great news Mr. Coops.  Love to you both.
  23. Thanks for that, Pacha.  As for Sweets, it brought back fabulous memories.  
  24. [quote user="Mr Coeur de Lion"] New Jersey is very practical to live in, but it's not the most spectacular place on earth.[/quote] Well, it was good enough  for Bruce Springsteen! Do we get to see an engagement piccy?
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