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  1. Well, I have summer and autumn fruiting bushes and this year I pruned back the old wood and left the new.  The result is that I have had more fruit than I know what to do with and have frozen heaps for making coulis or a Pavlova, if I can figure out how to make one using a useless oven - recipes welcome.
  2. [quote user="Sara"]Thanks Frenchie, yes my name is Sarah. Jacques is 7 starting CE2 Monday week!![:D] (what happened to the 8 weeks , here in Normandy it has rained and rained  ) Maybe then he should start writing his name Jack on his school books.....[/quote]

    Jack is a very popular name now in the UK, beaten only by Mohammed and Oliver.  Anglicising Jacques name is just a question of pronunciation and in any case children 'grow' into their names.

  3. [quote user="sweet 17"]

    Pierre, roast them in the oven so that they are reduced in volume and then freeze them for use in the winter.

    If Gemonimo sees this, she will probably give you advice on bottling if you'd rather.  I am very nervous of bottling because I have never done it before and I have this utterly ridiculous idea that I might kill myself and OH with botulism or some such.


    Well I'm certainly no authority on sterilising tomatos but whole in bottles is a huge waste of space.  I sterilise tomato paste or sauce as it is more usefull. About an hour (depending upon the size of the jar) after the water has come to the boil.  Like Sweets I reduce the tomatoes in the oven (covered with a little oil, sea salt, thyme etc) and freeze them.  They make the best tomato tart like this and no dreaded soggy bottoms!! Right now I'm inundated with fabulous red peppers and to store them I am roasting them then peeling them and freezing them in wide strips on a baking sheet before stacking them in a plastic container so I can take out one or two slices at a time.


  4. Well, Pierre, it was skinny and the colouring was basically brown. By the time I had run to find my camera the little fella disappeared.  I've looked on line for pictures of adders and vipers but they don't match. Really all I want to know is if it is dangerous - unlike the couleuvres.
  5. [quote user="cooperlola"]

    Sorry to interupt your train of thought, Idun, but I meant to ask Sweets and Gem if they'd seen this ages ago, and forgot.


    She just reminded me!


    Yes, I did!  I tried to order it in Spain with no luck so son and heir downloaded it for me.  It's a lovely story but taken huge amounts of artistic licence.  One example is when Martin Sheen had his bag stolen (plus his son's ashes) by a gypsy, the father of the said thief found the bag and returned it to MS and invited him to a celebration at their home. The home turned out to be a side street in Burgos and the gypsies were dancing around a bonfire to the Gypsy Kings music!!! I don't think so!!!  As I said, it was a gentle, heartfelt film and it was wonderful to see places we had travelled and even albergues we had stayed in.


  6. Well, I'm not a lurker but I'm certainly not a frequent poster and only reply to posts that I know something about or feel strongly about but that's rare as I am totally nonconfrontational. I love hearing about peoples lives, sympathising when necessary and feeling happy when things go well. I have met a few of you in the flesh and communicated with more. One special encounter for me was with Sweets as she was the catalyst for what was for me a life changing experience, namely the Camino.

    So why do I read and sometimes post?  Well, you are sort of like family and as in any family, you might not agree or like some members but you have to live in harmony.  Or leave home.

  7. Coops, you seem to be getting to grips with all the 'accessory' stuff to do with your illness and I admire you so much.  You are lucky indeed to have such a wonderful, supportive OH and therein I'm sure lies the reason. It must be so easy to shut out the people closest to us when we are struggling but you seem to be embracing all the help and love you deserve so get well soon and prepare for your next itchy feet tour[kiss][kiss]

  8. Well, I practiced all week and today made some fabulous scones for  aunt Mavis's 98th birthday. Insofar as she has a problem swallowing lumps, the recipe I used had an egg beaten into the basic dough and it made the dough more crumbly. Aunt Mavis was as happy as Larry having been in France since the second world war and really enjoyed the scones and shortbread - her first 'tea' for sixtyfive years. The only problem was the heat and in spite of sitting underneath a sprawling erable we still had to fan her constantly.  Where are those Egyption slaves with a huge palm frond when you need them[:D]

    Thanks to everyone for their recipes.... I enjoyed tasting every one of them[:D][:D]

  9. I have been told (although I've never tried it myself as I don't have an ant problem) that if you put a line of copper coins where you don't want the ants to cross, they will turn around and walk away[:D]
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