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  1. The simple task of finding a local florist and sending flowers to my mum took me the best part of this morning. I checked all the local sites on line and discovered that other than the really precious stores, they all had the same pictures which I suppose means that the order goes straight to the Interflora Depot somewhere and the 'personalising' of a local florist is nonexistant.   I found the bouquet I liked and tried to order it but none of my cards would work on any of the sites so I decided to phone one of the stores and order direct.  The net result is that I haven't a clue what I've ordered or what it looks like and the price is what I had intended to pay but I had to add in £5 for delivery although their website states free delivery. I think next year I'll be visiting as buying a Ryanair ticket is a lot easier and a lot cheaper[Www]
  2. Thanks for all the suggestions. I think contacting a local florist might be best - don't know why I didn't think of it - as I guess it may be better value.  As my mum if likely to be around for a good few years, I can try Interflora, Next and other companies in the future if this years effort is a disasgter[:-))]
  3. So, to get the benefit of the €25/week rate after the eight days, then I should have stayed in the east until Wednesday - that way I could perhaps convince myself that it was a good deal[Www]  However, when I arrived on the 21st December, the #4 car park was full and I was redirected to #2 and had to present my ticket to the Car Parks Office who gave me a chit and informed me that I'd get the #4 rate on return.  In my malheur there was a little bonheur.....
  4. Just got back from Bdx airport (Parking #4) and paid €60 for eight days when it is marked on the fiche that eight days = €35.  Apparently day one is the day you arrive (even at 23.55)and being  blonde, I thought that one day was a 24hr period[Www]  The price of €35 is for eight days and three hours although it's not marked anywhere. Aller retour to Geneva €43 and parking €60.


  5. In my late father's possessions I have come across a 1755 edition of Volume 1 of Stackhouse's History of the Bible.  Does anyone know of a specialist  shop or auction house where I could have it valued and perhaps sell it?  It's in pretty good shape with hand written inscriptions dating from 1822 but if I keep it in my damp french house its condition is likely to deteriorate which would be a shame.  One way or another I guess it has to go back to the UK as I can't imagine it being of any interest to a french bibliophile.
  6. Norman, if the lady in question gets the ASPA it's because she owns her own home and the french government will get their money back when she dies.

    In the last year I have had two RDV's with two different people from the Caisse for the retraite.  The first (last year) told me that if my combined UK/french/US pensions didn't amount to €700 then I would be eligible for the ASPA of €742 on top of my normal pensions.  This year (four months before R-day) the latest counsellor informs me that my French pension 'might perhaps be €200'  and that as the government believes that a single pensioner can exist on €700/month then I would be entitled to €500 ASPA to arrive at the magic figure of €700. It is recuperable so the french can claim it back when I die from the sale of my house.  As I will have a UK pension and when I am 66 I will be entitled to a US pension the ASPA is not relevant to my situation. However, what happens if a person has no 'bien'? Are they entitled to the ASPA? The lady in question has, I believe, her own home so normally she should be entitled to the ASPA.  But from my experience, you can see a dozen diffent counsellors and get a dozen different replies.

    If I were her I would see a lawyer, request aide juridique (to which I'm sure she is entitled ) and go after the husband.

  7. CeeJay is your friend was receiving the RSA paid by the CAF they would have informed her when she was 64 that the payments would stop at 65 and she should approach the Social Security Assurance Retraite organisation. Did she ever work in the UK because if she did she would be eligible for something (every bit helps) and if she raised children in the UK or in France, that contributes towards a pension. She should get in touch with an assistante sociale and also with the UK pension authority as her situation is obviously untenable.

    The french government thinks that €700 is the amount a single person needs to survive on and if at 65 a pension does not arrive at that sum, then your friend may well be entitled to this aide.  However, it is 'recuperable' which means that when she dies, the state will claim from her estate the amount they have paid out over the years.


  8. My neighbours are very jealous of their bois and all the ceps they find.  In thirty years I haven't had one of them[:(] However, walkiing around their woods today I found heaps of these lovely amanite tue mouche[:-))] In my own garden I found lots of champignon du pres which have been cooked and are now in the freezer.  Isn't nature generous!






  9. La Caisse Maladie send me an invitation every five years my third one is coming up next year.  A stool test is usually sent with the 'pack'. As I see regularly a gynae and an ophthalmo I don't have thoe tests but the pulmonary and cardiac ones are worth the visit.  I had a hearing test last time and was asked if I'd like to see a councellor for any dependance problems I might have[:-))] All in all it's worth the trip even if I had to get up at chicken f*rt to get there in the dark on time.  The 'breakfast' I skipped and headed for the nearest PMU for a real coffee and croissant[;-)]  As Norman says, it is preventative medicine and worth the hassle as you never know what it might show up.
  10. Inevitably when I find something in the 'seconds' department that I can't live without, I don't have the money and whenever I have the lolly in my hot little hands, there is nothing interesting. And I confirm that Bordeaux Ikea is quite pleasant (excluding the kitchen department).
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