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  1. Pearls and twin sets Dolly?  I haven't seen any of these since the early sixties!  Perhaps I'm stuck in a buccolic time warp. Jen
  2. Tony, You'd love the couple of pavillons not a million (unfortunately) miles from chez moi in the Gironde. Bright blue with pink tiles and in a rural setting.  Yuk.  How they got away with it is quite beyond me, but as Wooly posted earlier, perhaps there has been some giving and receiving of presents........ Jen
  3. Oh Krusty.....I've just spent the last half hour sobbing onto my keyboard!  Across the Universe took me back to the early seventies, driving between Gloucester and Marblehead in Massachussetts on a Sunday  in my (then) boyfriend's red Mustang with a sense of well being that only love and youth can give you.  Excuse me... I have to got and find some more kleenex.................. Jen
  4. Hi WJT.... I brought out to France some interior doors (surplus to requirements) intending to strip and use them (the doors, not me).  Nothing, but nothing took the paint right off - it was some sort of ghastly shellack stuff - until I accidently left the doors outside and forgot them in a particularly rainy period.  When I remembered them and brought them inside, the paint was blistering and has (nearly) all come off.  Perhaps we have acid rain here in the SW!  Jen
  5. I have the impression that this thread is going to run and run.........!  Bastet, I'm glad you found an appropriate treatment - long may you feel wonderful.  About the soya treatment,  apparently taking soya with a hypothyroid problem is not recommended (thinking of  Aly here).  And on a depressing note, my best friend's mother was ninety years old and still having hot flashes! It's quite rare but not unknown! Jen
  6. Best wine to accompany duck?  I think it's a bit subjective but my choice would be either a good Bordeaux or a Gaillac.  Bon appetit!
  7. I've always used www.viamichelin.com - they also tell you how much your journey will cost with tolls, gas, etc.  Hope this helps.  Jen
  8. Another menopausal symptom.......? Is anyone else suffering from insomnia (unrelated to hot flashes).  From needing eight hours sleep a night I now find myself looking at the ceiling and listening to the World Service on an off during the night for a total of about three hours.  I don't feel tired in the morning so perhaps my lil' ol' menopausal body just doesn't need so much sleep.  Or it's a guilty concience.....  Jen
  9. Thanks for your advice - I'll certainly keep an eye open for any Permis de Construire and enjoy my lovely view all the while it lasts.............. Jen
  10. Hello there.  I'm a new 'poster' with a query someone might be able to help me with.  I bought my house 25 years ago happy in the knowledge that there would never be any houses built in the vines around me.  The price of wine has dropped, and viticulteurs are now selling off parcels of land (with the encouragement of the CEE).  Having a couple of little houses in front of me doesn't bother me a whole lot, after all people want a home of their own and viticulteurs have got to live in their old age.  The problem is that the Mairie has designated the land around my house (I'm in a little hamlet) 'non constructible' and will not issue a Certificate d'Urbanisme and the vines will remain .  The owner of the parcel of vines concerned has bypassed the Mairie and put the land in the hand of a national building company who are selling the land on the basis that it is a zone constructible on the say so of the DDE.  My question is can the DDE over-ride the Maire and if so what's the point of having the Maire doing any sort of urban planning if the DDE is going to over-ride his decisions?  I should say that I've been the the Mairie and they are not very happy about the situation - we are a commune of +/- 300.  Any ideas? Jen
  11. Wills.... If you intend putting linseed oil on you tiles as a finish, the linseed oil must be diluted 50/50 with turps (terebentine).  If the tiles are new, you will end up putting on a minimum of a dozen coats as each coat must be absorbed before the next one goes on.  You'll see when it's getting to the point when no more can be absorbed.  At this point, wipe off all the excess so that the whole floor looks a bit dull.  Next comes the hard(er) part.  You will need to coat the tiles with beeswax (it's liquid and comes in a tin from all supermarkets) - just a film and wait for it to dry.  Then start POLISHING!!!! If you intend going this route, the best investment of our life will be an electric floor polisher.  The beeswax will need to be repeated a few times to build up a shine and make a barrier for spills etc, but mon dieu, ça vaut le coup.  I've been polishing my girondin tiles and those of my friends for twenty years and my kids think I'm obsessive (ok, I am) but with sealers, you just don't get the 'depth' of colour.  If you  coat your floor with those  liquid  (opaque) polishes, you will have to renew them regularly after having stripped the  old lot off  with an amonia based product and you will be ankle deep in slime - I kid you not. Just for the record, if you are jointing the tiles with cement, be really fussy about getting the excess off before it dries.  To remove excess cement requires a dilution of hydrochloric acid and is a real pain.  Hope this helps.  Jen
  12. Hi Aly... hot at night, but I wouldn't consider it to be a case of a hot flush.  In any case, I'm a little widder woman[:(] so I just roll over to the cooler (empty) side of the bed.............  Jen
  13. This is such a fascinating thread....My menopause five years ago was really no big deal and contrary to having any hot flushes, I was, and am still always cold! I have been told this is because I have a hypothyroid problem. Can anyone else confirm this little theory? Jen
  14. About chimney sweeping, my house burned to the ground in 2001 (three little walls were all that remained) and although the insurers asked whether we had the certificate (which we did) it could not be produced as it had burned along with everything else! No problems with reimbursement and the house was rebuilt.
  15. Hi Charlotte... Your offer certainly sounds interesting as I am planning a B&B/gite in the 33 - miles from the Doubs, but my daughter lives in Durnes, not a million miles from you and transport could be organised.  Could you let me have photos?   Best wishes.... Jen
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