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  1. Hey, Bugbear you left out the Girondins in the 33!! Jen
  2. I quite agree - Jamie Oliver is by far the best and one of the few tele chefs who really respect the ingredients they use. My most unfavourite cooking program is Ready Steady Cook. I believe the format was tried in France but bombed out.
  3. I can't give an opinion or advice on your problem as it is out of my domaine and I agree, you should seek legal advice. Having said that, you did rather put my back up referring to the farmer in a pejorative way as a 'peasant'. My late OH was a 'peasant' (viticulteur in fact) and he reminded me on many occasions that without the 'peasants' of this world, we wouldn't eat. Or to put it into his words, it's not the men in nice suits and ties who put food on the table. I do nonetheless sympathise with your story and hope you resolve it soon. Jen
  4. Thanx Timco I'll look into it this w/e. I have family in the US, Australia and South Africa so it can only be good news. My Phonexpat bills were on average 7€ per month so I can't really complain. Jen
  5. I have Wannado for internet acces and Phonexpat for the phone from my land line but this thread has pushed me into considering Skype or something similar so comments will be well received as I'm blonde AND senior.........
  6. I've been asked, too! Could be an interesting year!
  7. Tizzylizzy I make my own then bottle and sterilise it. So in answer to your question, no I don't know where you could find it but it's really not difficult to make. Jen
  8. What a neat idea! The Charente's not a million miles from here and if my car starts I'll join you..... Jen PS May I bring my 95yr old auntie?
  9. A friend brought me a bottle of  argan oil from Sainsburys, over four years ago.  You can get it in some moroccan epiceries and it is delicious - it tastes a bit like sesame oil but hideously expensive.  I think it has to be stored in the fridge.
  10. Hi Jamesdee... I had an Ikea kitchen installed in 2003 (bought at the Bdx branch) and the installation by their fitters was excellent.  The only problem I have had, and this may be because I have underfloor heating in my kitchen, is that on virtually all the doors, the moulded finish seems to be coming unstuck from the frame.  I have the Adel creme model.  It's not a huge problem, as I put a little appropriate glue into the gap and it seems to do the trick.  Jen
  11. Wonderful innocence Frenchie, loved it.  Here's one from my daughter then aged 8... Me: Would you like some rhubarb tart for pudding? Daughter: No thank you, I don't like reindeer. Me: What do you mean you don't like reindeer? Daughter: You know mummy... Rhubarb the red nose reindeer.....
  12. You could always have it emptied and use it to collect rainwater for watering your garden.
  13. Well Bugbear, I'm glad I'm not the only one................  As soon as I see +lmin on the meteo, it can be -5° outside but SUMMER IS ON IT'S WAY.  And while I'm here, A Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all!!!! Jen. Right, back to those mince pies.........
  14. If no one else is doing it, I'll strike a Mars pose à la Marianne Faithfull........ [Www]
  15. Don't worry about all the  critical posts Cathy. For a woman, living alone in France (with or without children) is a very isolating experience - perhaps the male posters criticising you haven't experienced this.   I'm not in the Medoc but near St. Emilion so I can't stop by to cheer you up but if you PM me, I'll be happy to give you my phone # if ever you feel like a chat.  Oh yes, I have cold feet, too! -6° like you and my central heating is on the blink............[:-))]
  16. My ex-husband gave me a dustpan and brush TWO YEARS IN A ROW!  You'd think he would have learned. My late partner gave me underwear but he was French[Www]
  17. One of my favourites too, Bugbear but at this time of the year tomatoes taste of nothing and possibly leave a carbon footprint. Personally, I'd have oysters AND foie gras with toasted pain d'épices and a petit Montbazillac....
  18. With such attention Mr. Favet, I'm not surprised you are celebrating your golden wedding anniversary. Mrs. Favet is a lucky lady!
  19. Thanks Twinkle and Bugbear - the answer to my problems but I fear there would be mutiny on the Genimo boat if the tree wasn't the real thing.
  20. Has anyone noticed that the kids are around to help decorate the tree but come the day it's 'undressed' they disappear into the woodwork? I dream of finding an artificial tree which can be put up like an umbrella, complete with dingly danglys and balls and angel on the top.......
  21. If I get it wrong Ernie, a quick look tells me straight away - I don't need to stare!!!!!! Jen
  22. hi baz. Water level has remained the same but the pool has't been winterised. Yet. But then I never have winterised it - just ran it for a couple of hours in the early am. Is this perhaps where I'm going wrong?
  23. I have always smoothed silicone by dipping my finger in acetone, aka nail polish remover and running it along the joint.
  24. thanks for your encouragement londoneye. I have been in touch with the installers but they keep putting off coming out to take a look see. My next step is a recorded delivery letter. I did get a second opinion from a reputable pool company and they seem to think it is a problem of 'mal façon' so it's hardly surprising the installers aren't coming out.... I fear the battle has just begun....!
  25. Oh Cathy, your story is just too sad and it is true, you never 'get over' the loss of a loved one especially not a child. You will carry the love you had for your little boy deep in your heart and he will always be with you. but then, you probably know this already.  I do hope you are able to share not only your pain with the rest of your family but the joy that Edward was a beautiful, loved child even though his life was so short. Jen.
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