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  1. Hope it turns out ok Sweet 17. One of the reasons I like cooking this way - my MIL called it à l'étouffe - is because with the lid on the pan there is always a 'jus' and the meat is always juicy but you have to like garlic. I'd love to hear how it turns out!
  2. Cut the pintarde into six pieces (bone in); Brown along with a sliced onion and a handful of ceps ( out of season I use frozen ones); Put a tight fitting lid on the pan, lower the heat and cook until done shaking the pan from time to time; Make a generous "hachis" of garlic and parsley, sprinkle onto the pintarde; Replace the lid and leave in a warm place so that the flavours fuse. This is my MIL's recipe and works just as well with rabbit. Jen
  3. Is the yellow chimney breast plasterboard because if it is you might find those thin horizontal clay tiles underneath but powerdelal is right, if you paint between the beams white the room wont look so heavy. I have the impression that the chimney is misisng its original stone lintel... am I right?
  4. [quote user="Scooby"]For a section of the population that would be considered relatively affluent or, at least, motivated it's not a particularly good success rate.... [/quote] I suppose it depends what you consider success.
  5. Mine started at 14, 12 and 4. My little four year old is now a strapping 22yr old who has applied to become a french citizen. Growing up they only had french television and the only english they ever spoke was to me. The result is that their french is better than their english. Does that bother me? No. They are strong, independent, multicultural, multilingual and the tough times we went through in france helped to make them that way Everyone is different and everyones circumstances are different but I made a point of never looking back, never allowing the 'what ifs' to surface and interfere with playing with the hand we'd been dealt. But as many posters have mentioned, noone knows our children better than us, so if you think its going to work doe you, then go for it!
  6. Macky, if the level of a french university (faculté) is the same as a college of further education, does that mean that medical students at the fac de medicine are being taught at the equivalent of the local tech.....?
  7. As of this spring my daughter will be an 'educatrice specialisée' - post masters degree in modern applied languages. To the uninitiated an educatrice (or educateur) is a specialist social worker. She lives in the Doubs (Besançon).
  8. [quote user="Tony F Dordogne"]Perks, you get perks?[/quote] You mean we don't get to meet le petit Nicolas?
  9. Hi Nina... For all information about Bordeaux University, accommodation, grants etc, www.crous-bordeaux.fr (my links qren't working) will give you all the information you require.  Normally towards the end of the academic year the students will get this information. 'Boursiers' get priority for campus accomodation but whether she gets a studio on campus or elsewhere she should normally be entitled to an APL (aide personalisée au logement).  Bordeaux university has been renovating and building new accommodation recently - long overdue. Hope this helps.  Jen
  10. Thanks everyone for your advice.  As soon as I have decided on the model I'd like I will have to find a builder/roofer and with any luck I'll have them installed by the summer.  Thanks again.  Jen
  11. [quote user="Clair"][quote user="Gemonimo"]By the same token, I believe that if mum dad fall on hard times late in their lives, the children have an obligation to take care of them. [/quote] True, but that's another thread altogether!! [/quote] Oops... got carried away!
  12. By the same token, I believe that if mum dad fall on hard times late in their lives, the children have an obligation to take care of them. 
  13. Mackyfrance, the reason there is a high drop out rate from French universities is because everyone with the bac in his pocket has the right to a place.  Insofar as one can scrape through on 'ratrappage' or sail through with a 'mention' they all have the same right to a place.  The government hopes to introduce selection into universities but  is meeting with resistance. As far as my children are concerned, my older daughter left university and returned to england to join the army as a linguist (she has english/french/spanish/arabic). My second daughter did applied foreign languages (english/french/spanish) but after her masters degree has gone on to train as an educatrice specialisée. My son is currently at university reading maths/physics/chemistry.   This might look like a middle class success story but for the record, I am a single mother and had no financial help from my ex-husband and my children all had 100% grants.  They all worked their way through university stacking supermarket shelves or picking fruit. If they hadn't gone to university and gone the 'professional' route at least there are courses and apprenticeships available.  Jen
  14. Thank you HC and Robbie and the escape/safety  route is certainly close to my heart.  My house burned to the ground in three hours a few years ago and although we lost everything, at least we escaped.  My son was only thirteen at the time and when we rebuilt, he insisted that each window had some sort of escape mechanism - rope ladder or just a rope with knots.  Interestingly, we had fitted smoke alarms three weeks before the fire.............
  15. Just out of interest Runningdog, do you have house insurance?  At a guess, I think you are more likely to call upon your health insurance than your house insurance (fire, flood, etc).
  16. Thanks Clair for your tips.  In the absence of a Mr. Gemonimo I am going to have to find a menuisier or preferably three to get a range of quotes.  My velux will be rather high so seeing out of them is not important - they are for light more than anything. Thanks again.  Jen Your room looks lovely and bright - well done Mr. Clair!
  17. Could anyone possibly give any advice or opinion about velux windows. I need two - one for a bedroom (20M²) and one for the en suite bathroom (8M²). Is a rotation model better than a projection model?  Alu, PVC, wood and who would install them, a maçon or a menuisier? And can they be cleaned easily without having to climb on the roof..........?  Thanks in advance.  Jen.
  18. Are you bringing HIM with you Twinkle[:)]!!!  Just an aside, Mirambeau isn't just next door to everyone and if any posters from far afield would like to party with us  I can offer a couple of beds for the Saturday  and Sunday night - I live about an hour away from Renaud.
  19. If you are going to lay gravel, I hope you have a base of hard core underneath otherwise you will be regravelling on a regular basis as it gets squashed into the soil. 
  20. Quite right about teeth and heart.  My younger daughter had a hole in the heart and every time she required dental work for wisdom teeth, braces etc, she was on antibiotics beforehand.
  21. Hello Gers Lover and welcome to the Forum.  http://chapaq.free.fr/ may point you in the right direction. Good luck.  Jen
  22. Hagar, my insurance wasn't invalid - I had just neglected to post the vignette on the front of the car. I would be interested to know what age the gendarme was (+/-) who stopped Mooky. The gendarme who stopped me was 'of a certain age' and had nothing to prove except humamnity as I am 'of a certain age' also.  Perhaps I had just become a bit too complacent but the episode certainly made me think and my papers are now in order (until my next senior moment..........)[Www]
  23. Snap!  I was stopped on Monday (first time in 25yrs here) and had THREE infractions: (1) insurance out of date; (2) plaque d'immatric. a bit bent so it wouldn't be picked up by the radars; (3) carte grise 'unavailable'.(lost under the groceries, sons dirty laundry and general car debris).A figure of €190 was tossed into the conversation and when I shreiked M**DE[:-))] he lay his hand on my arm and told me not to worry, but not to drive through town until I was 'en regle'. Now that was what I call a sympa gendarme............
  24. Does anyone remember Maïté from the Cuisine des Mousquetaires on French TV. I loved it and there are a few of her memorable moments on You Tube. Food the way grandmere cooked it. Mmmmmm!
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