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  1. Does anyone have an opinion about jonc de mer or jonc de montagne carpeting?  I need to cover a cement staircase and mezanine without spending bundles of money.  My sister tells me it always smells[+o(] and hurts the feet. I don't want tiles, can't afford nice wood and jonc de mer looks nice. 
  2. [quote user="cassis"][quote user="Gemonimo"] My late OH used to take the 'cuckoo spit' plant, analyse it and could tell me what sort of year it would bed, i.e. fruit, grain etc.  He was invariably right, just by looking at the stamen (?). [/quote] Cuckoo spit is that frothy spittle-like stuff  that froghoppers cover themselves in for protection. Do you mean "Cuckoo Pint" or "Lords and Ladies"?  I don't suppose you can remember what to look for?  Something to do with the spadix (the bit that sticks up in the middle) perhaps? [/quote] Yes Cassis, it's the Lord's and Ladies plant. I really don't remember what bit on the plant represented what, but I'll ask a few locals here and see if they can shed any light on it.  I suppose this plant - the Arum - is related to the Arum Lilly as when I first saw its leaves in my garden I thought I would have futures in Lillies. But no, it was just the cuckoo pint.  You really know your stuff, Cassis!
  3. [quote user="Nell"] You have really depressed me Jonzjob.... This year in our orchard we have NO apples, NO peaches, NO cherries and about 6 plums on 1 tree. This is our second year here and last year we had a great crop, especially peaches and apples. I can't understand it. Any ideas anyone ??? Anyone else with the same problem??? Cheers [/quote] I've been told by the locals that this is not a year for fruit - certainly my cherry tree was a disaster.  I have a few plumbs and a few apples but have been reduced to buying which brings tears to my eyes.  The viticulteurs are all holding their breath  right now.My late OH used to take the 'cuckoo spit' plant, analyse it and could tell me what sort of year it would bed, i.e. fruit, grain etc.  He was invariably right, just by looking at the stamen (?).
  4. Sweet dix sept, did you use the Bonne Maman rhubarb, and if so, did you use all 50g of sugar?  I only ask because I find all the Bonne Maman compotes very sweet.  Jen
  5. Chrish, I'd love to post a photo but in the ones I have taken, you can't actually see much.  Might be to do with the fact the liner is pale. Andrew, if it is a pH imbalance, is there nothing I can do.  And how imbalanced does it have to have been to produce this aspect?  I've been very careful about testing the water.  And is a 'controller' a thing, or a person?[:)] Thanks for your advice, the two of you
  6. Hi Chrish.... No, the colour of the liner has remained the same - it's an ecru colour.  The pool has an electrolyser (sp?) and the cellulite aspect is not all over, mostly in the corners and at water level.  Odd.
  7. Does anyone know what might cause the deformation of a pool liner so that it has the aspect of cellulite? Before I start making a fuss, I'd like to know that it's not my fault![:-))]
  8. [quote user="powerdesal"]What do you do?, put it on the table cloth and cut it there? [/quote] Oops! should have seen that one coming! 
  9. My OH used his couteau for all the above and for fixing his tractors[:)][:-))] He would clean it on a piece of bread after having eaten.  And on the subject of dinner etiquette, my MIL said it was very bad manners to cut salad on a plate.  Anyone heard of that?
  10. Be the person your dog thinks you are.  Origin unknown.  Well to me, anyway!
  11. I think we got our cream and brown cool box from the same shop!  Does yours have a lid that can be filled with water, frozen and then defrosts all over your sarnies?
  12. Hi Hazey, You certainly aren't alone with your thyroid condition - there are hundreds of us out there with it!  Mine was diagnosed in 2001 and medecin traitant said it was frequently the result of an emotional shock (my house had burned down) and she sent me straight off to see an endocrinologist who was just brilliant.  It takes quite a while to get the dosage under control and mine required a good year of three monthly visits and now I don't see the specialist at all, just the doc.  Don't give up!  You will get better but it might take some time but insist on seeing an endocrinologist - after all they are the specialists.  Even more so if you have an existing condition.  Jen.
  13. I remember catching crayfish with my OH years ago and if I remember correctly he used a  line with a chunk of liver on it.  HE pulled out the line and there were dozens of the little blighters hanging on for dear life.  He bought buckets home for supper but they escaped from the buckets and went walkabout in the back of the van.  I believe it is illegal to transport them live as they are such a pest so you'll have to cook them on the spot so get out your camping gaz!
  14. Not sure about a climbing rose, Mooky, but a climbing hydrangea will do very well.  On a west facing wall I have a beautiful Pierre de Ronsard but I don't know if it thrives towards the north.
  15. That's exactly it! Sort of bubbly and black and quite dégeulasse.  Thanks for your advice about forking - I'll get junior to do it while I'm in the uk[Www]
  16. Well, Pads I don't have a photo of it but it looks a lot like algae, you know the flat stuff.  I don't think it's doing any damage as after a while it dries up and disappears.  Real sci-fi stuff!
  17. I have just cut my grass and have found patches of blackish green slimy stuff.  Its not anywhere damp but seems to be quite widespread.  I'd ask my neighbour what it is but I fear he would tell me its edible[+o(] Does anyone know what it is and what to do to eliminate it?
  18. We had our first meeting to appoint the Maire, adjoint and members of the various commissions. I'm on a commission for the elderly (repas a domicile and aides ménageres), the social commission and the cemetery commission which is apparenly not a popular dossier. The newly appointed Maire then appointed me 'president' of the conseil and just as I was beginning to feel rather pleased with myself, she told me the post always goes to the oldest conseiller!!!!! Which is perhaps why I got the cemetery commission.....! No apéro afterwards, everyone was back to the vines.
  19. Hi James, you can usually find mincers (I assume you mean the granny sort - handle to turn, different discs with holes etc) on the shelves with all the 'conserve' equipment such as jars, sterilisers etc. in most large supermarkets. Think of all the pâté you can make!
  20. Thanks for the idea of photographing the offending steps but it might have to wait until I get over to the UK next week. It must have been very difficult for you when your father in law fell and I hope he has completely recovered. Caring for elderly relatives is not that easy when they are one hundred per cent fit; when they are ill, bed ridden or in pain the stress is magnified. For all those carers out there - bravo.
  21. I'm inclinded to agree with you Russethouse simply because in the space of an afternoon my mother has gone from being a healthy 88yr old (albeit with memory problems) living independently, she is now dependent, in pain no longer very mobile and requires care. I asked my sister if she would think differently if mother had slipped on a wet patch in T**cos and she said yes so she's not against the principle - just who they'd have to sue.
  22. Thanks for your interest and opinions. I don't know whether my sister will pursue this in any way and my mother certainly isn't in any state to do so. They are just very saddened that people actually behave like this. I don't think this situation is unique to an anglo saxon culture. When my house burnt to the ground during the night, by eight the following morning I was greeted by a group of 'experts' from different companies hovering around the ruins which were still warm and smoking, all offering to handle my claim.
  23. [quote user="Benjamin"]............or a tip off from a hospital employee.  [Www] [/quote] ...and they get a percetage? I'd like to think Cat is right and that it's in the public domaine via the local rag. Edit. I'm using Safari and the quotes and smileys don't sork. Sorry!
  24. A week ago my mother aged 88 took a tumble down some badly maintained steps in a public place and ended up in hospital with a broken elbow, multiple contusions and shock. No sooner was she back in her flat with brilliant care set up by the hospital than she received a telephone call from a very agressive person offering to take her case if she would like to sue the owner of the building where she had fallen. Luckily me daughter took the call and told them in no uncertain terms to take a walk. No sooner had they hung up than they called my sister (my mothers carer) and tried it on again. They were given the same response as my daughter. Is this agressive cold calling normal? Where did they get my mother and sisters phone numbers from? If it is becoming the norm, is this sort of practice legal? What upset my family most of all is that my mothers accident happened as she came out of a church hall, not some public building in bad repair and it would never cross their minds to sue the church. Jen
  25. I hadn't thought about the messagerie code so thanks Cat.
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