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  1. What wonderful news!  I just wish I lived near you and could help out with the driving but I'm thinking of you both nonetheless.  Jen
  2. Please send Coops my best wishes and a 'bisous' from the Gironde for a speedy recovery.  Jen
  3. [quote user="Jo"]Growing old is compulsory, growing up is not[;-)] [/quote] Oh goody! That means I can continue to embarras my (grown up) offspring[:-))]
  4. I just can help myself when it comes to plants for the garden.  Jen
  5. Thanks Christine Animal  and Chris for your help.  I know it is going to be a bit difficult (even very) but I really want to have a go.  Perhaps I was hoping that all I had to do was to turn the soil a bit and artistically throw the seeds then wait for the compliments!!! If it ever works I'll post a piccy next year.
  6. I have seen so many pretty wild flower fields in the last couple of years and would like to plant one for next year.  Does anyone have any experience of planting one - is it better to plant in the autumn or spring, where to buy the seeds etc.  I don't want to get it wrong as the field will be a backdrop to the area where my daughter will be getting married.  Jen
  7. If you don't want pictures to fade, I think they are supposed to be on a north facing wall.  They sound fabulous - can we see piccys?
  8. [quote user="Scooby"]You should definitely find someone who can do a méchoui.  We have been to two in the last twelve months (both fetes) and we are only half an hour from you.  If you have no luck with the butcher pm me and I'll find out who the ones we went to. [/quote] Around here the guys who do méchouis are already taking orders for next year!!!!!
  9. [quote user="sweet 17"]Don't forget, Steve, that all this is as nothing compared to the unpacking...............[/quote] Quite right Sweets.... Nectarine moved with her boxes last week and not a peep since!
  10. My faith in pool constructors has been restored.  After the original problem I had with my liner slipping and then developing celulite (the liner, not me - I already have it[:-))] I will shortly be the proud owner of a re-built pool and new liner!!!!! Yioupeee! It goes to prove that there are some decent guys out there.  So all of you with pool nightmares, take heart.
  11. Congratulations to you both and welcome baby Henry! Jen
  12. Sweet 17, if you move to Piégut-Pluviers, will you become Sweet 24?[:$]
  13. Good luck Nectarine!  Don't panic, it will all go swimmingly and don't forget, there is a bottle of crémant de  Bordeaux when you're ready.  Bonne Route!
  14.  You would effectively be putting your vines 'en fermage' which means the guy taking care of them has all the expenses (treatments, maintenance of the land etc), keeps the revenue from the grapes or finished product and you in return get a rent.  This site  http://jurisvin.fr is worth checking out and they have an english version.  A 'fermage' agreement is drawn up by a notaire who no doubt will be able to help you.  Hope this helps.
  15. First let me say, Britgirl, how very sorry I am about your loss.  I lost my OH six years ago and it is still painful.  Having said that, our insuurance situations are quite similar - Swiss company requiring written cause of death (it was an accident) and asking for declarations from the pompiers who came out along with the SAMU. In the end they accepted a written attestation from my GP clearly indicating that it was an accidental fall which resulted in his death.  It took a while but after six months they did release the money and I'm sure your situation will be resolved. 
  16. Perhaps without her faith she would not be so radiant, and perhaps somewhere along the line there willl be the 'contra coup'.  What a remarkable woman.
  17. [quote user="cassis"]Depends if there are bum marks on the towels. [/quote] or sheets....[+o(]
  18. Hi Tandem Pilot... Yes, you can bottle ratatouille and if you sterilize it in a pressure cooker, it will take about one hour to sterilize.  I haven't ever 'bottled' vegetables but do all my confits, pâtés and meats this way.  Not only do you always have something immediately available for unexpected guests but they also make great gifts. 
  19. I thought it was called a lunch box.........[:-))]
  20. For all you ladies who find the Tour de France just toooo boring, here's why cyclists wear black cycle shorts.... not red ones....     [URL=http://imageshack.us][IMG]http://img58.imageshack.us/img58/2348/att000011zc7.jpg[/IMG][/URL] [URL=http://g.imageshack.us/g.php?h=58&i=att000011zc7.jpg][IMG]http://img58.imageshack.us/img58/2348/att000011zc7.12f8bb925a.jpg[/IMG][/URL]         [URL=http://imageshack.us][IMG]http://img112.imageshack.us/img112/1133/att000021ga8.jpg[/IMG][/URL] [URL=http://g.imageshack.us/g.php?h=112&i=att000021ga8.jpg][IMG]http://img112.imageshack.us/img112/1133/att000021ga8.e456818c99.jpg[/IMG][/URL]
  21. Gemonimo


    I have a can of spray Robin starch bought from Leclerc in the rayon where they have treatments for stains, dyes etc. Can'r remember the price, though. And it smells delicious.
  22. [quote user="powerdesal"]GS, Whilst I don't totally disagree with your sentiments, I must admit to being somewhat trivial myself of late, particularly in respect of my comments about 'cement' when people mean 'concrete'. I guess its just one of those things that really get to me. No doubt there are other forum members who will consider my comments to be 'smart-assed' jibes. ( I claim that its stress related [:(] ) [/quote] As the concrete/cement 'trivia' was directed at me, don't worry Powerdesal, I'm not all bent out of shape - in fact I found it quite amusing. But as far as the OP is concerned I certainly hope he doesn't 'retire' as his posts are always interesting and frequently informative.
  23. [quote user="powerdesal"][quote user="Gemonimo"]Does anyone have an opinion about jonc de mer or jonc de montagne carpeting?  I need to cover a cement staircase and mezanine without spending bundles of money.  My sister tells me it always smells[+o(] and hurts the feet. I don't want tiles, can't afford nice wood and jonc de mer looks nice. [/quote] Do you mean a concrete staircase, cement is very powdery, in fact it IS a powder. [/quote] My DIY learning curve is a bit flat.  Yes, it's concrete and very ugly and I would like it to look better, hence the jonce de mer.
  24. St. Moret in a tub.  They even make it 'light' if you are being virtuous.
  25. [quote user="cooperlola"]I'd be a bit wary about putting it direct onto cement, but Iagree it has a nice natural look.  However having (some time in the dim and distant past) cleaned houses for a while, I can tell you it is an absolute bar steward to clean - especially if you have pets as the hair clings to it like nobody's business.[/quote] Thanks for the advice cooperlola, especially about the cleaning bit, although my dogs live outside.  But why shouldn't it be put directly on to cement?  Should it have an underfelt of sorts?  
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