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  1. In the Bordelais, the vine clippings are 'sarments de vigne' and the leg of the vine is a 'pied de vigne'.  No self respecting viticulteur cooks on anything else. The only problem with the sarments is that they burn out very quickly, but as they are usually used for an entrecote, five minutes is all they need!
  2. I'm so sorry to hear of your problems, Margaret.  You say you are not one to ask for help even from your children and I can understand that entirely but your children will feel terrible knowing their mother is carrying such a weight and that you couldn't reach out to them in order for them to reach out to you. It's in moments like this that the support of a loving family is essential. The good weather will soon be here and you will feel so much better with the sun on your back as you work in your garden.  xx Jen
  3. Thanks everyone for your input.  It never crossed my mind that I might be eligible for any pension or allowance from my ex-husband insofar as he disappeared off the radar for twenty years, but even a mini-pension might make up for no child support for three children for twenty years.  Thanks again.
  4. Does anyone know whether, as is the case in France, a divorced wife is entitled to a British widow's pension?
  5. And if we ask you extra nicely, Wooly, you might just carry our bags[Www] We have all this year to do our research and plan the trip but it would be just wonderful to have the odd person from the Forum to join us for a while (as long as they bring a halfway decent Bordeaux and a better than average saucisson with them) because it will be enriching for everyone. And Sweets, I dug around in my boxes of maps and found a great book of walks around St. Jean Pied de Port - walks of different levels of difficulty and length.  I'll see if I can get a copy of it for you.
  6. Anyone interested could always join up for part of the pilgrimage - two or three days or a week, whatever, n'est ce pas, Sweets?  In the meantime, I'm going to start some serious training[:-))]
  7. And a lot to read here   www.preventcancer.com (sorry, link not working)
  8. Courage, Odile, it will all work out ok and Pudding will be mewing in french before you know what's what.  Are you near Besançon?  My daughter lives between Besançon and Pontarlier and it is fabulous country, but mon Dieu is it cold!  Jen
  9. I quite agree with you john and in addition, although she was regarded as stupid, she was in fact only uneducated and far from stupid.  In addition, I always had the impression that these days when, scratch the surface of many a 'celebrity' you'll find someone completely different underneath, Jade at least was 'real'.   And if, in addition, she has saved one life because of her ilness, then her time on earth has been worthwhile.
  10. Odile, my garden is under control quite simply because I nearly killed myself last year with the heavy duty stuff.  This year is is not too bad but all in order to have a glorious garden for my daughters wedding blessing this summer.   My little 'folie' is to perhaps plant a jachere around the little group of trees where the ceremony will be held. Sweets, bags I hold the compass[Www] And I have PM'd you.
  11. Hi Sweets,  Garden is now under control and I've emailed you.  Jen
  12. Sweets, did you know that the pelerinage to St. Jacques doesn't have to be done all in one go (to be validated)?  A friend did it in two goes over two years after a renal transplant. If there are three women, we'll definitely need the donkey if only to carry our toileteries[Www] I'll email or pm you when my garden is under control....
  13. Hey... the donkey can carry our stuff!  But yes, I'll PM or email you real soon as it certainly would be a tremendous adventure!
  14. [quote user="sweet 17"]Jen, how's about us get together to do it next year (plenty of time to plan it, etc)? Wouldn't that be just great???????????????????? [/quote] Absolutely Sweets, what a great idea! I've got lots of books about the routes and dream my way through them in the winter.  My kids think I'm nuts because, failing a human companion, I had thought of taking a donkey[:-))]
  15. BTW, tell your sis, if she ever fancies a long distance walking holiday, such as the Compostela Way, I'll be ready and waiting! Well, Sweets, I may not be Pierre's sister (I'm sure he'd make a wonderful brother[:)]) but the St. Jacques de Compostela pelerinage is something I would just love to do.  Jen
  16. I shouldl have mentioned, Sweets, that the fare (I think) is for the 60+ age group which for the moment, excludes you!
  17. I know that SNCF are hugely subsidised, but looking for a reasonable fare from Lille to Bordeaux in April, there was a prems fare on offer for €22.... depart at 18.00 arriving at 23.00.  They also offer the same route first class for €40.  Add in to the equation the £23.50 eurostar fare and I can get from London to Bordeaux for two times nothing and half the hassle of flying. 
  18. My scary thing is to look at my bank statement on line[:-))]
  19. [quote user="sweet 17"][quote user="Gemonimo"]Love your blog Wooly and have to say that before I saw your photo, I thought you must have resembled poor old Georges! [/quote] Jen, do you think that's really his photo?  Just wondering........................[geek]   [/quote] Yes, Sweet, but when was the photo taken[:)] Just kidding, Wooly, just kidding!
  20. Mothering Sunday is a particularly British celebration, written in the church calendar.  Mothers Day in France (Fete des Meres) normally is the last Sunday in May unless Pentecote falls that day in which case it is carried forward to the first Sunday of June which is the case this year so French Mothers Day is the 7th June.  I have a daughter in the UK and another in France so I get to celebrate it twice!
  21. Love your blog Wooly and have to say that before I saw your photo, I thought you must have resembled poor old Georges!
  22. [quote user="krusty"]odd results , a few ladies I know have had trouble finding him , but men seem to find him quickly [8-)] [/quote] Well I'm a 'myopic' 'presbyte' female of a certain age and  I found him in seconds so your generalisation Krusty doesn't hold water[Www]
  23. Congratulations Granny  Jacqui Too .... I'm sooooooo jealous!
  24. Well, S17 actually my avatar is my front door which I prefer looking at than my smiling or unsmiling face!  I'll have to wait until my son and heir comes home with his dirty laundry this week and get him to fix it.
  25. Hola Sweet 17!  You are quite right about the thin smile - it's not generous, but then I feel the same about Segolene. They just don't seem real.. I guess there is no logic in why a certain face appeals to us more than another, other than perhaps as you say, a bad experience with a similar physionomy (sp). While I'm here, can anyone tell me how to get my avatar to appear?  I've pressed all the appropriate buttons but all I get is a blank square.  I know I'm a cyber virgin, but quand meme, I can't be that dumb........ quoi que....[Www]
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