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  1. Richard I'm sorry to hear about your split, it must be very difficult for you.  I'm afraid I can't help on the work front but can only offer lots of encouragement and hope that things work out well for you.  There are people better placed than me on the Forum to give advice about help with language and employment so keep posting as I'm sure you'll be well advised.
  2. Absolutely Baypond and PeterG, tough love is essential.  My three grew up with a single parent so helping out financially wasn't an issue but they did return to the fac with a boot full of noodles[+o(] every weekend and they all worked chez Leclerc for two months every summer in order to pay for any 'luxe' as they were boursiers.
  3. I quite agree with Plod - I really don't see much difference between UK and French supermarkets other than the quality/range of products.  What did impress me last time I was in Tesco outside Cambridge (after I had recovered from hyperventilating due to the crowds!) was that they employ older women and handicaped people.  Bravo. 
  4. You're absolutely right Peter, I believe we all want our children to make a life of their own but when the last one goes, unless there are grandchildren bringing up the rear, the hands on mothering has come to an end and we are left with an awful 'vide'. I guess it's a question of coming to terms with the passage of time and embracing the future knowing they will come home again.
  5. All your comforting words have made me feel so much better.  In fact, I'm beginning to see the good side of an empty nest - apart from the dirty laundry, toothpaste tubes and foot massages! No more 8.00am confrontations of WHERE WERE YOU LAST NIGHT! And that's my son addressing me[:-))]  Seriously, though, I know they will all be back and I look forward to that moment .
  6. Your post is very comforting, RH, thank you.  I guess it's early days yet, but the dagger through the heart[:-))] was that I didn't get an sms or a phone call to say he'd arrived and all was well - I onbly found out on Facebook!!!!  But that's boys for you.
  7. After thirty three years, five months and 24 days I am finally an Empty Nester and it's truly AWFUL.  My last 'chick' finally flew the nest to go to Bristol University with the Erasmus scheme and all of a sudden there are only the three of us at home - me, myself and I.  I do have lots of projects lined up, not the least is my walk with Sweet 17 to St. Jacques, but does one 'get over it' and perhaps even rejoice in their departure? Or is it because we all came to France together a zillion years ago and now they have returned to their origins leaving me here?  Any advice (even a little sympathy[Www]) will be taken on board. 
  8. And of course you won't be able to do the ironing[Www]
  9. How right you are Norman.  It is a lot easier for women to undergo regular checks for breast and uterine cancer simply because they are used to doctors examining them from an early age - contraception, pregnancy, menopause, etc.  For men it is not the same. It is only recently that men have become aware that taking care of their bodies is as important as taking care of their car!  In addition, the nature of the examination is a bit scary for most of them.  My BIL has bladder cancer and absolutely dreads the three month check up not because it is painful, more because it's an invasion of his 'intimité'.  Encouraged by the women in their lives, perhaps more men will have regular check ups.
  10. Thanks for the ino Anton.  If the winter looks as if it will be looooong and cooold, I might weaken - after all, £100 is not too exhorbitant.
  11. Thanks for the info Krusty.  I'd love to watch as I ADORE Floyd, but unfortunately with TNT I can only get Sky, CNN and BBC World.  I have been reading his autobiography in the Daily Wail and am finding him very amusing.
  12. [quote user="NormanH"]I bet jon has had a record year  [6] [/quote] Now, now, Norman
  13. C'est vrai, Sweets, but first I've got to get my short, fat, hairy little legs [:-))] into  walking mode. Sooooo, I'm off to Font Romeu in the Pyrennees to walk a little this week. If I'm not back on line by next Sunday, send out the 'secours'!
  14. Autumn has arrived when I have to turn on the heating in the car to go to work at 8.00a.m.[:(]
  15. Gemonimo


    [quote user="hakunamatata"]When we humans sweat we lose salt, dogs do not sweat as we know but do they need any extra salt intake in very hot weather?[/quote] My dogs won't drink water from their bowl - they only drink water from my salt water pool but the salt has already turned into chlorine.  They don't seem to suffer any side effects.
  16. [quote user="andyps"]Elmlea isn't real cream, even in England![/quote] Daft question, andyps, but if it's not real cream, what is it?[+o(]
  17. I'm just making a tarte tatin with little cherry tomatoes.  Hope it tastes as good as it smells.
  18. [quote user="woolybanana"]Mark you, I did once meet the dreaded BB![/quote] Are we going to hear the gory details[:-))]
  19. [quote user="Iceni"][quote user="Gemonimo"] Pierre, what if I want a silver car with go faster red stripes, a dice attached to the retroviseur and a soft, furry steering wheel? [/quote] singular = die plural = dice A. Pedant [/quote] Ok, I'll have a bunch of them.  And preferably smelling of full ashtrays[+o(]
  20. [quote user="sweet 17"]But, Jo, hang on a minute.  I really thought that all she wanted was to drive a car exactly like mine![/quote] Not quite, you don't have the dog with the nodding head perched at the back[:-))] But Jo is right, we've got taste!
  21. Polly, a pocket feminist is a someone who believes in feminism but only when it suits her[Www]  And there was I owning up to being one.  My feminist cred has just gone down the tubes......  Pierre, what if I want a silver car with go faster red stripes, a dice attached to the retroviseur and a soft, furry steering wheel?
  22. [quote user="sweet 17"]Ouch, Jen, the expression "hanging from the chandelier" would never be the same again, don't you think?[/quote] Well, SW17, it was only after I had pressed the 'post' key that it occurred to me that someone would pick up on the "hanging from the chandelier" expression, and my money was on Wooly[Www]
  23. [quote user="La Guerriere"]The pendant is the bit that hangs down. the rose can either be the decorative plaster bit OR the round plastic box in the middle[/quote] I only found out a while ago that a chandelier in french is for the exclusive use of candles and the lighting that hangs from the ceiling (with or without a rose) is a lustre.  We live and learn, huh.
  24. [quote user="sweet 17"] [quote user="Polly"]Hey, where are the mods on this? I wasn't aware that this was a male only forum. Does the OP assume only boys know about cars? Cheek! [/quote] No, she knows better than that, Polly.  She just wants them to think that, is all..........[:D] [/quote] Actually, it was rather a sexist question and I did rather surprise myself..... pocket feminist that I am[Www] But in general, the average woman's eyes glaze over when conversation gets around to cars.  Now shoes, that's a different story altogether.
  25. I guess it depends on how large the area is and how much you want to spend covering it.  How about a 'jardin jachere' like this...    I planted one as a back drop for my daughters wedding this year and it really looked sublime.  A local guy turned the soil, I picked out the stones and then scattered about €40 of seeds that I bought from the local agricultural co-op.  Prettier than looking at black plastic and at the end of the season, the soil is turned with the seeds and it comes up again next year! 
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