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  1. I am just so sorry to hear about your loss, 5-e.  My thoughts are with you.
  2. [quote user="gardengirl "]  I'm going to take my breakfast back to my cosy bed, then read for a while. [/quote] This sounds like normal winter-time beahiour to me!
  3. Lovely photos, Clair.  Autumn is such a 'gentle' season with the sun low in the sky and woodsmoke in the air and of course, chestnuts!
  4. Gemonimo


    Anyone ever used ear 'candles'? They are apparently very effective.
  5. Well, AnOther, I have been told that if one's head is pointing towards the north, then a good nights sleep is guaranteed but I'm not convinced.  You are all so good, getting up and doing stuff.  I just stay in bed solving the problems of the universe[Www]
  6. Yes, Gardengirl, it's for next year. Sweet 17 has been doing lots of long walks so I'm trying to keep up the pace!  I had some US friends for the weekend (big walkers) so I was motivated but I must still build up stamina so my walks will increase to at least 20K per weekend[:-))] I've just finished Shirley Mclaine's book about her journey on the Camino to St. Jacques which was interesting.  Care to join us?
  7. Sign me up too... although last night I slept like a baby. Must have been the two long randonnees I took - 5K and 7K.
  8. Gemonimo


    Martin, yes the radio works for me every time - like Sweets I listen to BBC world....... and then I wake up!  I try to stay awake on a Sunday night until 12.30am to listen to Mark Tulley and Something Understood which is a fabulous programme, only to discover when I wake that I missed it by fifteen minutes and am then awake until heaven knows what hour.  The only advantage of all this is that I have come across some great night time World Service Programmes - Outlook and Charlie Gillettes World of Music to name but two. John Ross, I might just try soundsleeping.com - after all, I have nothing to lose.  Perhaps I should record the sound of a car motor combined with the voice of a whiney child repeating "are we nearly there yet?"[:D]
  9. Gemonimo


    [quote user="sweet 17"]Don't you DARE die, at least not until after the Compostelle![:'(][/quote] C'est promis...
  10. They are seriously creepy but would give me something to knit for while I'm waiting for a grandchild[Www]
  11. Gemonimo


    My mother took a low dose amitriptyline for migraines and had a terrible reaction.... And suicide?  Merde alors, I'm too young to die![:-))]!!!LOL
  12. [quote user="stu8"]I travelled by rail a couple of months ago (castres to toulouse) and booked by the ticket machine immediately before I travelled, there was an entry to make which gave a 25% discount for over 60's.It is then for the ticket inspector to ask for proof of age if he feels it necessary.[/quote] But if the inspector has to ask for proof of age, it's because one doesn't look it, n'est ce pas[Www]
  13. Gemonimo


    Well, it didn't work - the four hour grass cutting exercise - so it's back to the drawing board.  Patf I have heard of the benefits of melatonin but was given to believe that it comes from unknown animal sources and could be contaminated with godknowswhatall.  Reading is good to get one to sleep but doesn't solve the 3.00am wake up.  The biggest problem with crazy sleep patterns is that one can become totally de-regulated in the sleep department which is hopeless.  Tonight I'm going to try counting something or even doing my times tables in french[blink].  I hope you all had a good night. 
  14. Gemonimo


    Sweets, I think we should recruite Chancer rather than Wooly to carry our bags...... sounds a lot fitter to me! And tonight I am pretty certain of a good nights sleep (please God).  I have just cut the grass for the last time this year - four hours worth of hard labour and I am crevée.
  15. Gemonimo


    AnO, my definition of insomnia is multi-faceted.  Sometimes it means not getting to sleep until 3.00am in the morning... sometimes getting to sleep but waking at 3.00 and staying awake until 6.00 and then having difficulty waking up! Sweets, you didn't tell me we'd be sharing smelly auberge dorms with hundreds of snoring pilgrims[:-))] Just kidding!  Last night I had a reasonable night as I took everyones collective advice and exercised on my steppping machine (compostelle practice) a couple of hours before going to bed. Wooly, t'es vraiment drôle, mon pote.
  16. Gemonimo


    Perhaps the raking of the leaves, cutting the grass/weeds will take care of the 'exercise' angle, but a worry-free life?  In my dreams!!!
  17. Gemonimo


    Thanks, Norman for your advice.  Tempted though I have been, I only have one G&T at 6.00 so perhaps I'd better cut it out.  Your link SD in most comprehensive and I'll be working my way through it.  I did think playing the Labour Party conference on a loop might be a good idea..... bore myself to sleep. 
  18. Gemonimo


    Can anyone suggest  a remedy for insomnia which doesn't include chemicals.
  19. Gemonimo

    Swine flu

    My doctor has removed all magazines and childrens toys from her waiting room to avoid cross contamination.
  20. Just a word in support of probiotics - not the yoghurty ones, the (expensive) sachet ones.  After a two week sejour in hospital for a back complaint, I left with a cured back but a hospital acquired MRSA which manifested itself as permanent diahhrea.  Every test conceivable was done and the conclusion was some sort of food poisoning.  For nine months I was prescribed every remedy going from antibiotics to the usual kaolin and everything in between.  Nothing, but nothing came near alleviating the problem until one day I was reading about probiotics and thought them worth a try.  The effect was radical.  Within ta couple of days everything was back to normal.  According to my doctor (who hadn't actually thought of it before) all the 'good' bacteria had simply been flushed out of the system.  The treatment was for twenty one days, bombarding the gut with bacteria (not the pink little doses on yoghurts) and I have never looked back. 
  21. Pickles I'm not paying a subscription for Sky.  The box was installed by Pro&Cie who programmed it and left me to it.  I have re-jigged after a power failure, but wouldn't have a clue as to how to re-programme one of the 'chaines' not the whole lot.  And Tim, I don't even know whether Sky is coming from north, south, east or west let alone 19 or 28!! Life was so much simpler when I only picked up TF1 and 1,2 and 3.
  22. Pickles, in English I'm only receiving Sky News, BBC World and CNN.   The rest is just the regular french channels, plus, of course, the usual German porn[:-))]  I'll take your advice and re-scan if I'm not getting anything after the 30th.  Thanks.
  23. I have a french digibox and receive Sky without any problems.  However, the last couple of weeks I have had a message scrawled across the screen telling me to reprogramme before the 1st October in order to continue receiving Sky. I don't have any sort of card. All too confusing for my little bird brain. Perhaps if I ignore it long enough, it will go away, or should I actually do something?
  24. [quote user="Mel"]Gemonimo - does that not happen in France? To be fair to the other UK supermarkets, they all employ older people and those folk with handicaps. And I agree, it is great to see this.[/quote] Mel, some french supermarkets employ 'older' women, i.e. 40+ and then I suspect they have come up through the ranks.  I have never seen post retirement people working at a supermarket in france and certainly never chez Leclerc. I have equally never seen a french cash desk designed for and occupied by an employee in a wheelchair.
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