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  1. And how about  Sarah Paretsky's V.I. Warshawski novels?  I have read and re-read all of her books and find her style of writing enjoyable.  At the moment I'm re-reading Sue Grafton's C for Corpse... easy (and quick) reading.  I took it to the doctors surgery yesterday afternoon and had got halfway through before I was called and almost gave my place in the queue to someone else I was so engrossed.  As for Patricia Cornwell, well I totally agree that she has dropped of in quality.

  2. For my daughter's 30th birthday I wanted to send thirty roses.  The price mentioned on the website was £1/rose making the bill £30.00 (well, you are only thirty once in your life).  However, the said birthday fell on Mothers Day and the price of the roses rose to £3/rose[:-))] Well, she had just come back from a tour of duty in Irak so £90 seemed to be money well spent.  But only once!!

  3. [quote user="Cendrillon"]Would he like the Acquarium at La Rochelle. If it's fine weather then how about the Ile de Ré and a bike ride over there.

    You beat me to it, Cendrillon.  The Aquarium is absolutely fabulous - I took my son there when he was sixteen and he loved it. Enjoy your time with your son Frenchie... precious moments.

  4. Whenever I use my washing machine which is installed in the buanderie next to the kitchen, I get the most amazing gurgle gurgle gloop noises coming through the sink outlet in the kitchen.  Is this an air lock and if so, how can I clear it?  The outlets for the washing machine join up with the outlets for the sink and dishwasher which doesn't gurgle or gloop when in use. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  5. [quote user="woolybanana"]

    Now here is another conundrum - the lady expects me to give up my dogs. This I will not do, not for anyone, noone, not even for the Great Goat God Bobo. They are far too precious!

    So, another lady bites the dust!


    Perhaps, Wooly, it's because they sleep IN your bed with you[Www]

  6. [quote user="idun"] I'd better not post what happened to me in my late 20's when I moved to France, as it would probably be deleted, but I did make sure that the incident did not reoccur. I wasn't actually assaulted incidentally, but it was bad never the less and certainly sexual. .[/quote]

    I sympathise Idun.  The same thing happened to me when I arrived in France twenty years ago and I wasn't in the first flush of youth.  It wasn't a gros degeulasse, either but a well respected doctor. 

  7. Idun I quite agree about Dorothée, I thought her programmes for children were absolutely débile.  Chantal Goya was a different variety of entertainer - she allowed children to grow up and retain their innocene for just a bit longer and was absolutely adored by children.  She did mention last night that at her current 'spectactles', it's young people of thirty something who come and bring their children.
  8. Thanks for mentioning it pachapapa.  I'll probably watch, not for SuBo but more for Chantal Goya.  My children grew up with her 'spectacles' and I always get a lump in my throat when I hear her singing 'Voulez vous danser grandmere'.  I went off her though when she said she didn't actually like children.
  9. [quote user="Anton Redman II"]Once you take the car to Airport any savings on flights are swallowed by parking. .[/quote]


    My daughter and husband found a good deal at Stanstead.  They had a night in a hotel together with parking for their car for £40 for the weekend (Friday to Monday) allowing them to take a red-eye flight to Bergerac and enjoy three days of Magret, Confit and my company...................[Www]

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