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  1. [quote user="cooperlola"][quote user="idun"]

    So what choice for republicans, Trump or Palin OR both? Really really frightening.

    [/quote]And then the prospect that either of these morons could become what some Americans patronisingly refer to as "the leader of the free world" is scarier still.[/quote]

    Well, rather than a moron, they could chose a Mormon... Mitt Romney, ex Governor of Massachusetts with a passel of children.  A bit too robotic for my taste.

  2. [quote user="cooperlola"]

    No such thing.

    My books are only a problem for whoever inherits them.  I will never throw or give away a book I value (and that's about 5000 or so do date.)  A lot live in boxes and are catalogued on the pc so I know which ones are where. I always have a few hundred ready to hand on shelves in the sitting room, by my desk and in the bedroom.  I've got a Kindle now but that's for the new stuff - it won't replace my collection (many of which were inherited from people I cared for - when I open them, I think of their previous owner.)  If this is a problem, then it has never seemed like one to me.  I refuse to live a clutter-free life - that is just not me.  I have never understood why shedding stuff is considered to be such a virtue.


    My feeling entirely, Coops.

  3. [quote user="idun"]I cannot imagine getting into bed under a  sheet dampened by choice. I know it should work, but the thought of it is very displeasing to me.[/quote]

    I quite agree Idun, the thought of it is quite displeasing but I can guarantee that the results when the night time temperatues are in in the 20's are well worth a moments displeasure!

  4. [quote user="woolybanana"]

    Where did 'milk bottle wrapped in a wet towel' come from?


    I don't know where it came from Wooly, but when I was a Girl Guide many years ago[Www] when we went camping, to keep milk (or anything in a bottle come to that) cool, we wrapped it in a wet towel and as it evaporated the milk kept cool.  I keep wine cool this way when I don't have access to a fridge. It works on hot summer nights, too, with the damp sheet.

  5. As everyone else, I keep my shutters shut but at night to guarantee a cool nights sleep I use a damp cotton sheet over me. Room heat, body heat (sorry Wooly) and a little air and I can guarantee a good night. It's the milk bottle wrapped in a wet towel principal.  I should mention that it's best to be in rude health, though[:)]
  6. I have made comfortable beds for my dogs in 'real' dog baskets, bean bags, large cartons, you name it, I've tried it but the only bed my two (briard and Tibetan spaniel) like is a heap of plastic and old bed sheets and bits of carpet.  I should mention that they sleep in the garage, not in my bedroom[Www]
  7. [quote user="Rose"] my guinea pigs will be anyone who comes back for a cup of tea tomorrow afternoon after lunch [:D]


    Well this guinea pig thinks your carrot cake is SUBLIME!


  8. Well, Catwoman, I certainly hope you know where he is.  When my ex-husband left it took me twelve years to get a divorce as he chose to 'disappear'.  And as for the separation de biens, well, that was only taken care of after he died, eight years after the divorce[:-))]

    On a purely practical level, get yourself a lawyer you feel comfortable with and if your french is not up to legalese, an english speaking lawyer.  In any case, I truly wish you well.  It's a miserable moment for you.

  9. [quote user="Fureys"]Hi! Heard on the birdwatchers' grapevine that 70 000 (seventy thousand) cranes have been counted resting at a lake called Sotonero in Northern Spain. This was a few days ago, but you lucky people in the SW should be in for some spectacular views over the next few weeks, weather permitting. Fureys[/quote]

    I think they were ALL overhead here in the Gironde at 5.00p. yesterday![:-))]

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