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  1. The pastry turned out ok according to the recipe but when I added the eggs/cream filling and baked it, well, the bottom reverted to being uncooked[:-))]  Conclusion? I'd use the baked pastry case when a cold filling is required but wouldn't re-heat with a liquid filling.

    Idun, apart from your mascarpone pastry, which pastry recipe do you recommend? My grandmother always used lard and hers was pastry to die for.

  2. That really is a pain, Sweets. Having to make the appointment, wait an eternity to see the medecin and all that when you aren't even ill!

    For my thyroid medocs, I have a three month prescription, call the surgery in month three and the medecin leaves a prescription for me to pick up when I'm passing.  I only see her once a year to get a prescription for the blood test.

  3. Best age? Between 45 and 55 when everything 'came together' except the financial security which flew out of the window. I've never disliked any particular age but widowhood made approaching my sixties a bad age but it would whether twenty or eighty. I pick up my pension next year and apart from the normal range of aches and pains, I plan on enjoying every day as if it were my last.
  4. I have just painted all my shutters with Farrow and Ball paint.  It is more expensive than normal french or english paint but it is more environmentally friendly.  The additional bonus is that it is like painting with cream, doesn't smell and dries very quickly.    Too early to tell whether it's going to last ten years. They have fabulous colours, too if you feel like a little 'folie'.
  5. [quote user="pachapapa"][quote user="idun"]

    PP d'A was not a journalist I liked, ever. At first I found he mumbled and I needed 'clear' speech. Often used to wonder 'who he knew' or 'what he had on someone' to keep his job. Obviously  in the end that was not the case, if ever it was.


    Yes! agreed, not my cup of tea either, but then I hate LF & CC as well and AC used to give me apoplexy on France 2. On personal grounds glad that the "venemous dwarf" zicked her; I dont listen to Europe 1[:D].  However I would always reiterate on ethical grounds my disapproval of the interference in matters relating to the Mass Media disseminatory function, by the current occupier of Chez Mme Pompadour



    LF Laurence Ferrari

    CC Claire Chazal

    AC Arlette Chabot

  6. [quote user="idun"]

    We still  have a son at home  and he like his Dad is basically clueless as to what women want. I don't think that most men really know, as I talk to my son's friends too. The thing is if they are not told or put on the right path then they won't. And women will complain about them not knowing or understanding, but a little  friendly gentle communication would sort that out.


    I agree entirely, Idun.  My son has been raised in a household of females and has certainly been put on the right path by his sisters to whom he listens (more than me - question of generation). When he was at Bristol Uni for his Erasmus year he wanted to break up with his girlfriend left behind in France so he bought himself an Easyjet ticket, flew in to Bordeaux broke the news and flew back to the UK, all on his measly grant and because his sisters told him that was what we expected of him. 

  7. Well Carla Bruni said that men don't leave their wives, their wives just don't know how to keep their husbands[Www]

    I know one couple whose husbands infidelity made their marriage much stronger and they now have a relationship which I quite envy. And as for women not developing with their husbands, I read that it's women over sixty who are now asking for a divorce because their husbands haven't developed at their pace. Marriage requires a lot of work on both sides and the hardest part of all is to address ones own responsibility when cracks appear. 

  8. [quote user="Loiseau"]

    I think you will only know if you make both versions, and compare them, Gemonimo!

    Mine is ready for bottling tonight...  [:)]



    Good idea Loiseau. Can't imagine why I didn't think of it before[:D] I'm off to pick my flowers this morning and will get started this afternoon.


  9. Thanks for posting that, Loiseau.  I intend making some but so far haven't been able to find any citric acid - the pharmacist looked at me as if I wanted something to make a 'bombe artisanale' when I asked for it but I'm not giving up.  Wonder what it would be like with a bit of bubbly or white wine.   Sort of kir a l'anglaise!
  10. Idun, you are so right.  It doesn't have to be a question of layering on heaps of make up, it's just a question of making an effort to be presentable as long as possible.  All too soon we will be too old to care what we look like and in any case, our children like to see us looking good/healthy/presentable as it means we've still got a grip! I take care of my 98year old aunt who is very 'coquette' and still won't be seen in public withoug her lipstick which she can still apply in a moving car without a mirror and without getting it up her nose! [:D]
  11. [quote user="Weedon"]

    I've got the chutney to go with your paté.

    I've read your book Geronimo and can't wait to see if you still possess the skills to move like the wind.

    See here.

    I'll do you a swop. If you can teach me to ride bareback I'll show you how to play the guitar.


    Weedon, I'm flattered to think that you thought I might be responsible for such an opus, but no, my modest literary efforts were the result of my pilgrimage with Sweets  to St. Jacques http://doulezon.over-blog.com/article-l-de-jennifer-sur-la-route-de-saint-jacques-de-compostellee-journal-58271428.html. If you read it you will probably only be the 2nd person to do so, Doulezon being rather an insignificant little village. As for the guitar lessons.... a voir[:D]

    Crossy, the five kilos of pâté are in 350g pots!  


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