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  1. Hi Tenniswitch, Thanks for your reply. We have been out and narrowed down the search to the Livradois-Forez which seems to tick all our boxes! Apart from some of the towns the whole Auvergne region is gorgeous though, spoilt for choice!
  2. Hi Lavorgere, we have had a recce visit and fallen in love with the Livradois-Forez rear Ambert. We are expecting to come out again in a couple of weeks and put in an offer on a place that ticks all the boxes. Thanks!
  3. Thank you Wizzer! The more we're hearing the more we know we're making the right decision in moving to the Auvergne. But where to settle, this is the question! A few trips to narrow down the area are needed. But peace & quiet and a rural outlook are all that are needed (along with some snow.....)
  4. Thank you Lavorgere for this info! It's incredible, my husband is coming out to Ambert in 3 weeks time to view some properties. It sounds like the Auvergne is paradise, just what we're looking for!
  5. My husband and I have decided to move to the Auvergne next Spring. We are outdoor rural people and don't mind the rain (but this year's miserable English summer was going TOO far!) and we are looking for warm summers and guaranteed snow in winter. We are drawn towards the Livradois-Forez, eastern Cantal and maybe Haute Loire so far - could anyone advise if those areas would suit us weather-wise? Many thanks!
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