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  1. But will 'they' remember to stop his extra pay as a minister now he has resigned ? And will his electors vote him in the next election - in his case they probably will - sadly.... What a crook !
  2. Merci bien Clair I shall have to have a go as there seems to be no alternative other than to re-tile, but I quite like them - lovely cream colour - very marble in appearance & nothing wrong with them. Quite apart from the hassle & waste of re-tiling 'used to recommend and sell ...'    goodness me what haven't you done! Regards Tegwini
  3. Thanks Clair - only just noticed your reply. Did you sell Hagesan in France? and have you any feedback to say that it works? It does sound as if this is an easier solution to my problem! Regards Tegwini
  4. I am looking for someone with experience, knowledge and the equipment to treat my salon floor, about 40 sq metres, 30 mins NE of Poitiers. I have discussed this with a UK company, which does not travel so far for work, and they say that we need to 'sand' it down with a machine then seal it. The tiles are in perfect condition (about 9 " square) the grout is discoloured, but the main problem is that the glaze/gloss is dull where there was foot traffic, and thus the floor needs after cleaning to be sealed with some kind of gloss. IS THERE ANYONE OUT THERE WHO HAS EXPERIENCE OF THIS - OR CAN ADVISE ME ? OR CAN DO THIS WORK ? Many thanks
  5. I thought that laurier was laurel in English.  Clearly not the oleander! My laurel hedge is enormous and copes with VERY cold winters - I want to shorten it as it is now  about 20 ft tall along the roadside - shorter in the garden because of the slope.   Anyone interested in cutting it ?  
  6. We have hundreds of pine tongue & groove  6ft & 8 ft strips & some shorter - we want to get rid of them asap.  They are from our grenier & and  most are in reasonable condition.   Any reasonable offer accepted.  We are NE (30 mins) of Poitiers and we will be in France  from 6th June for 8 days. They must be collected then. Pse  .pm me if this is of any interest.
  7. We had some leylandii   'cousins'   (lawsonii)  chopped down and the roots ground down by a hugh machine.  They were taller than the house (double storey) and quite close to it too. The tree man (qualified insured etc) also cut up the wood into slices, and ground down the smaller branches, greenery etc for compost & mulch.   We paid nothing like 150 euros per tree, even in Wiltshire, and presumably this was not an under-counter transaction as we got all the paperwork and paid via a cheque.   It's a while back now, but I don't think the whole thing cost more than £400 for 10 trees.
  8. There had been some discussion on the forum about differences in costs between booking directly with LD and the various agents also taking bookings for LD.    I have always been convinced that it has to be cheaper to book direct.  Others on this forum disagree. But today I made a booking and initally was on  'A ferry to' site which on google has a very similar domain name.  So as I am always curious I checked both. But, the differences are :  (for identical tickets)   during June:  (cut & pasted) The cost of your booking  174.00 GBP   =   LD - direct booking           The total price of your tickets will be 222.56 GBP  = A ferry to A ferry to    seems almost as if it is LD as the sites are so similar, and some might think that they are on LD's site, after a similar domain name, format, layout etc.  BUT THE PRICES CLEARLY ARE NOT  !      Quite a saving I think. tegwini
  9. And, engineering - or qualifying as an engineer has little status in the UK. And I mean here someone with an engineering degree. Both my brothers did engineering degrees (one civil, one electrical/electronic)  Since pay for graduate engineers is so poor, less than for example most in the finance industry, they ended up in the US with much better jobs.   One was really very clever and was involved in the 'digitising' of mobile phones. Sad really.
  10. Wooly-  I quite agree, but lots of this originates with our useless socialist government. Recently we have bought some bog standard things :    car trailer, filing cabinet (low tech) and shopped around a bit, bought new, and neither made in the UK.  Does this make sense ?  (both from France- no shame there is being an artisan). Sadly this useless government wants so many to go on to university to get a useless degree followed by a 'Mac' job.   Is this to massage employment figures ?  And, still, even now,  a shortage of artisans/tradesmen.  And soon all kids at school to 18!   
  11. Just off the ferry (Caen -S'ton)  bus loads of kids - Pommies the noisiest, French kids more civisilied - a bit.   But, some adults so loud too. Need to organise the dates better next time.
  12. A scary scenario ...  and I too could see this coming and said so quite some time ago. But, I would have thought that the burgeoning population  - 70 million predicted by 2020  on our already  massively overcrowded islands, and will presumably  need homes, will cause rising property prices- eventually.   NuLab also made clear that the UK needed this population increase.   A new city -  every year ,   larger than the size of Southampton ! For those of us old enough to remember this is the second time Labour has messed up and needed the IMF.   Tax and spend is the mantra for them,  as they have no idea of basic economics.  Nor of much else either. Tegwini    
  13. Also  sorry to hear of your diagnosis  LB. I only wrote about cervical cancer where even the gov'ment now accepts that a promiscuous lifestyle often leads to this awful disease.  The programme to vaccinate young girls  against  Human papillomavirus (HPV)  is controversial to some people, but it might reduce the incidence of cervical cancer. But, lifestyle changes are also needed, as promiscuity causes other STDs too. 
  14. http://www.ehealthmd.com/library/cervicalcancer/CC_causes Although I have no strong feelings either way on Jade Goody, and have never watched BB  I checked out the causes of cervical cancer to confirm what I already knew. Difficult not to have heard of Jade Goody, and her lifestyle.    The following is from the above website - obviously there are exceptions,  But - A woman has a higher-than-average risk of developing cervical cancer if she: Has had multiple sexual partners Began having sexual relations before the age of 18 Has a partner who has had sexual contact with a woman with cervical cancer OTHER FACTORS - tobacco use,  bad diet, contact with the Human papillomavirus -  a greater risk  of contact with this virus is via multiple sexual partners. So it is possible to reduce the risks.  
  15. If the Mods wish to censure me then so be it, it will be a first in my posting history. I can live with that. edit:  The way this forum is becoming overly PC, if the mods wish to ban me I can live with that also. Steve Fujeirah Emirate, U.A.E + 50 (in France) Steve You would be missed massively  by most of us - even the Mods I am sure  would agree and not open 'the door' for you! Regards Tegwini  
  16. Odile - lots of nit-picking, moans and gripes from you this week  - on this topic and elsewhere- And yet you ignore my post : "What would have happened to his lovely  'hamster' " quote Odile Do you mean Richard Hammond ?   They call him 'Hamster' since he is small/vertically challenged - this is NOT PC and is quite unkind to him- shame on you ! Clearly you  are PC when it suits you!    Or is it OK to mock short people  ?
  17. "In my view because the BBC is now run by a bunch of people who get a thrill out of stirring things up Fresh out of university many of them... learned everthing except good manners it appears .No doubt some yougster is in charge of deciding what is newsworthy these days" .Frederick Absolutely spot on ! Tegwini 
  18. "What would have happened to his lovely  'hamster' " quote Odile Do you mean Richard Hammond ?   They call him 'Hamster' since he is small/vertically challenged - this is NOT PC and is quite unkind to him- shame on you ! Tegwini  
  19. Thanks Russethouse for bringing some balance to a topic that's gone wonky! Some members seem to have had a bad week - the snow ? cabin fever ?  Oh, and may I use the word 'wonky' ? Does it have any 'inappropriate' meaning that I have not heard of ? Cabin fever is easy to sort - I personally shovel snow- c’est necessaire enlever a la pelle!    I don't mind if someone wants to correct this, no accents, sorry,   But this is a topic that's off topic, and I've had enough of it ,  and the rest,   and will not bother to look at it again! Regards Tegwini
  20. Odile Why can't I express an opinion that something annoys !  And, is that the only comment you can make on my post - a criticism - as a teacher you too should know better. Tegwini
  21. Sorry Tegwini I did misread what you had written yesterday.  quote Kizzy No problem Kizzy Kids can be cruel, I have taught teens for decades, now semi-retired so I have seen nearly everything. Your daughter will improve her French and start to help you I assume.  Children do pick on the odd child, it's a difficult thing to cope with, but from experience (my daughter was bullied at that age) it might help to try to ignore them, unless they become worse.  Inviting some around for 'tea' might help to isolate the little b****** !  Hopefully the bullying then might become 'history' Getting back to this thread I see that the BBC might have to say sorry to Carol T.     I have no strong feelings about CT (her lisp annoys), but object to stuff actually BROADCAST that is offensive, and it's not easy to find programmes after 9pm with the odd f word or violence.  I am not fond of the BBC and its wastefulness, and especially after the J Woss affair,   since unlike many on this thread  I pay the licence fee. Regards Tegwini
  22. Hi Furry/Cynthia "If it makes Tegwini happy (and others of her tv licence paying ilk) to refer to other human beings by innapropriate names, then why spoil their fun. You can't teach a sow to peel an orange"   QUOTE FK Re-read my posts - and of others who agree with me , I spoke ONLY about the soft toy, and gave some history and info.    Show me where I wrote and used 'inappropriate names'. Clearly for some people comments by others are not allowed, and they can be rude too.   News to me that sows cannot peel oranges -  sounds inappropriate  directed at me  !   On this thread somewhat hypocritical ?  Tegwini    
  23. Crumbs Cynthia You haven't perhaps been anywhere near Blarney? Tegwini
  24. "Regardless of it being a doll or not, are you saying it's a true representation of a black person? Well if that's the case, why would they be offended then!"   Cynthia. No idea Cynthia, the original Golly was based on a circus character.  I can think of many  'white' dolls - eg cabbage patch dolls- do they represent white people.? Barbie, Bratz ...  Kids love/loved them, likewise with the gollies. Regards Tegwini  
  25. "You have chosen to emphasise words ( and re arrange them), I was just trying to point out how the use of words can hurt people". Puzzled. "it was used in the playground, to the only child at that school who was English. By using this phrase it drew attention to her  as being 'different'. "   MY QUOTE it was used in the playground, to the only child at that school who was English. By using this phrase it drew attention to her as being 'different'. YOUR POST   Check again Puzzled - cut & pasted hence verbatim.  I would NEVER mis-quote/re-arrange someone's words!  I consider myself too professional for that !  Sadly children can be cruel, and some French kids and their parents resent the English 'invasion'. Fact. Tegwini  
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