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  1. Our house in France has 'failed' its fosse test. As far as I know we have to make changes/ new tank - whatever ...  The timing for this seems to be a bit vague.  But, we would much prefer to stay with the septic tank, even if we have to spend a few grand.   If you are to get connected to the mains sewerage there will be an regular bill I assume. Here in Wiltshire we pay at least  £600 pa for sewerage alone (our water consumption bill is from a different company), and as we are now metered it is based on consumption, and we are careful with water, and are usually only 2 people.     I expect it might be cheaper in France, but prices are increasing there too. Our estate agent when we bought almost 4 years ago was very pushy  and wanting us to sign                                                                            asap - don't ! Tegwini
  2. [quote user="DerekJ"]The bit I  struggle with is why the tax payer becomes responsible for any payout under the Criminal Injuries Compensation scheme. These things seem to be viewed as being paid for out of the public purse without any concern that it is the tax payer who is actually paying. [/quote] Spot on Derek.  All part of our litigation culture.   Why can't he parents of the violent child be held  responsible ?  although I heard that the child was taken into care - no doubt a temporary measure.  Tegwin
  3. [quote user="Bugbear"] Where are the American snipers when you need them.[/quote] Or Israeli commandos who rescued nearly all of the captive, mostly Israeli citizens from Entebbe,  and one of the commandos dying too. Can't help but admire this level of courage and determination - and concern for their citizens. The UK government cares little for its citizens these days- it would have to have commissions, enquiries etc before such a mission.  And then do nothing. Tegwini http://news.bbc.co.uk/onthisday/hi/dates/stories/july/4/newsid_2786000/2786967.stm
  4. tegwini


    I can remember the little horrors in Africa - they swarm - often late in the day, flying quite some distance &  find a partner and 'tail' one another for a while then start thinking of breeding & tunneling. Their tunnels can be long  -  metres in our case, and they ate the wooden (dry, and so was the ground) skirtings. We discovered they were there as we could hear them chomping.  We had slate floors and solid concrete under the slate, as well as brick etc walls, so not much for them to eat.  But they made the skirtings paper thin! They were got rid of via pumping gas under the house into their tunnels and this did permanently work.  This was in the mid 1960s, so perhaps the technology has changed ? So they are a risk in the garden, and difficult to get rid of by just burning the wood. Good luck with them, but get an expert in!
  5. [quote user="redkite"][quote user="tegwini"][quote user="redkite"]Tegwini, read my post. That's not what I said. I said they had 'an attachment'. The same way as the US has 'an attachment' to the UK, and New York has 'an attachment' to the Irish.[/quote] Yes you originally said they had an 'attachement' (sic) but they didn't have even that, and since many of them were not even from Holland they did not, and the decades, and centuries went by and any relationship - or whatever vanished. Tegwini [/quote] I'm no historian Tegwini and certainly have little interest in a people that adopted and promoted racial superiority and slavery but, I did read somewhere of Dutch proposals to mediate between Britain and the Boers and that was what, a nudge over 100 years ago which would suggest....?[/quote] Suggests little to me, and drifting off again. Your latter comments also irrelevant - and expected too. Shall we quote:   "He who is without sin among you..." Tegwini
  6. [quote user="redkite"]Tegwini, read my post. That's not what I said. I said they had 'an attachment'. The same way as the US has 'an attachment' to the UK, and New York has 'an attachment' to the Irish.[/quote] Yes you originally said they had an 'attachement' (sic) but they didn't have even that, and since many of them were not even from Holland they did not, and the decades, and centuries went by and any relationship - or whatever vanished. Tegwini
  7.  And the Dutch word for farmer is? quote Red Kite Not really relevant  to this thread. and  since this thread is about 'Home' and you tried to claim that the Boers looked to Holland as home- and they did not - home for them was their land, their farms and their families. Since they were unlikely ever to be able to return to Europe - and the various countries they came from, they were obliged to put their loyalty and love for the country or  region they were living in and not Holland (or France, or Germany).   Tegwini
  8. [quote user="redkite"].  By the way, my dictionary defines Boer as a decendant of any of the Dutch or Heguenot colonists who settled in SA. Now, I wonder where such names as The Orange Free State, Bloemfonten, Kiersdorp and Vereeniging Kopanong came from? Hmm. [/quote] A dictionary is NOT the place to understand hundreds of years of history. The most famous Boer president was Kruger, a German name perhaps ?  and  other names such as du Plessis, du Toit, Joubert, de Villiers, Cronje, Blignaut,  Malherbe and the famous Malan or  de Klerk are Huguenot  names.  They came from France not Holland. Strange so many are not Dutch names - I wonder why not?  Even in the language, which I can speak, there are some 'French' sounding words, and although Afrikaans seems similar to Dutch - the Dutch would disagree. Plenty of place names in SA that are not Dutch - quite a few are English - how about Port Elizabeth, Grahamstown, George,                        KingWilliamstown etc.  Place names  in England some are also a bit strange, some originating with the Angles, Saxons and Vikings. It's really complicated. And to get back on thread  the Boers had little loyalty - or interest in Holland after about the 1780s. Tegwini
  9. " That's just how it is - a bit like the Boers of South Africa with their attachement to Holland"    quote Red Kite. Anyone who knows anything about SA would know that the Boers had only loyalty to SA - Holland was centuries away (1652), and many were proud of their French Huguenot or German blood,  but their love was for SA.  Smuts, Botha et al were generals and in the Brit. war cabinet in WW1 and  WW2 fighting against Germany. Today of all days with the massacre at Fort Hood in the USA,  it's clear that birth is not always a precursor to loyalty for many. Tegwini
  10. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-1225364/Can-daily-dose-chocolate-wrinkles-away.html Sounds a good idea to me! Tegwini edit:apologies for the junk 'bits' here! junk "bits" banished by moderator [:)]
  11. Firstly this  thread had not been 'hi-jacked' by me. And I am not sure you could   "tease me for my spelling, logic, sentence construction " .  With my occupation, education, training & etc. I doubt that I 'sin' in this way very often.   I do however admit to errors - as a result of being a very busy person.  Although,  if this is your forte you could have plenty of opportunity on this forum or others.  A couple of years back that was an debate  between me and someone else where I was attempting to help correct grammar, spelling & etc. in a thread that someone started (not me) on how annoyed they were to see such poor English on CF Forum.  That's long before you joined the forum so you don't know the background to this. And, I am not especially sensitive, and don't mind rebuttals etc  BUT, some of your replies are not debates, but are personal comments eg  someone  - 'has issues'   ' is angry and cold' and  'your pretty little head'  and etc.   No debate either in your patronising and superior comment regarding 'guidelines' either.   Some sincerity from you would be most welcome. Tegwini
  12. Hi B Sad  to go thro' life so patronising and rude. Sad too to be always right- and everyone always wrong - and not allowed their own opinion. Tegwini
  13. Sad  perhaps,  but the families of these people and children know that getting into the UK (or most other countries) is not easy, and that the way they are doing it is illegal. Sad also,  that they have paid sometimes thousands of pounds to the people traffickers (or borrowed money) when they could better use this money back home. Sad that parents can send young children elsewhere with the hope they might be better off - this is rarely so,   as many well-known cases have shown where such children are ill-treated or even murdered.   The UK 'care' system for children can barely cope with the UK children it is responsible for. Sad too, that they think they can will be made welcome or easily find homes or schools. Sad especially for the UK tax-payer to have to fully fund those who do make it to the UK. Tegwini  
  14. Hi Dog Many thanks for the help. I have perhaps 2000 slides, so a print service would be too expensive - it's as much as a £ here to put them onto a CD - onto a print it can't be much less I imagine. I only want to send them to someone in a compact or cheap(ish) format. What I have seen so far does not convince me that it will be easy - or the quality good - I am almost tempted to give up - and move the huge box into storage into the french house where it will be forgotten- but that is not the 'Dunkirk' spirit is it ? Tegwini
  15. Thanks Jay & Teapot Perhaps that was a salesman showing off ?  He was in reality a spotty yoof.  Perhaps knowing almost nothing about this I believed him at the time - but I didn't buy anything, so not yet fully taken in.   Husband says I need 'an idiot-proof''  machine and sadly I have to agree with that. A flat bed scanner does seem more versatile - and easier to use.  And the quality might be better - perhaps ? But, I did think that I wanted to get reasonable quality pictures - but plan to use whatever I buy only for my own slides, so it would be silly to spend lots on it. And,   I have the slides,  so the copies on a cd are for someone else who was special to me decades ago,  but isn't now!                                   Or perhaps to  reminisce ? Regards Tegwini
  16. Many thanks all  for taking the time to help me. I have now looked at and spoken to someone in a computer shop in town(Salisbury) and seen an HP scanjet HPG3110 scanner which is a flat bed scanner with an indented place in the lid to slide in the slides.  This seems to match some of your responses that a flat bed scanner is better than a dedicated slide scanner. I also discovered that a CD/DVD could perhaps only hold as many as 14 slide images scanned at 9400 dpi - Whatever that means!!   But it means I think, I might need a portable hard drive, and this project is getting not only complicated, but expensive. I did plan to send most of the images to a friend on CD - now plan B it seems. OH has suggested that I use Facebook with its huge system and they could download from that - anybody ever used it in this way ?  At present I am not on Facebook. Thanks once again Regards Tegwini                    
  17. Since there are so so many techies here - and kindly too, some advice would be much appreciated. Slightly off topic on this forum, but I have been trying to research which scanner to buy to put (ancient) but top quality slides (35 mm) onto my computer.   What information I have been able to find is too technical for me, and I am concerned that the quality will not be great, and that it might be difficult to do.  I have tracked down a Veho  VFS-004 5MP 35mm Negative & Slide Scanner and much cheaper on Amazon than Ebay or anywhere else so far. Is there anyone who has some experience or knowledge of this ? Many thanks in advance Regards Tegwini
  18. Hi Hoddy The nativity - or the 'happy holiday' trees can't be vandalised - or even touched -  as the display is more than 20 ft off the ground and to my knowledge never vandalised - then or now. Tegwini edit - tried to put a pic here - but could not!
  19. Thanks and spot on Chessie & Nectarine Some of us are living in the UK and are not immigrants to anywhere - including France.  This forum may concern France, but some of us have second or holiday homes in France, and are living in the UK and are concerned with the changes taking place in the UK - and taking place rapidly too. And,  PC attitudes are alive even in the leafy shires.  Salisbury for example, until about 15 years ago always had a nativity on the Guildhall portico at Christmas time. But, nowadays we have a tree, and NO Christian Christmas symbols,  and a 'happy holidays' district/county council celebration.  To  avoid upsetting non-Christians one assumes.   And this in a city with a history of Christianity stretching back well over 1200 years. I too shall seek out a parapet - or an air raid shelter! Tegwini
  20. Finally the English always get there backs up when the egged on by being beaten with a big stick. I have always found that leading them with a carrot gets much better results. Quote Quillan Getting backs up - yes! By telling someone on this forum that something I wrote was badly written!!!                                                                       again a suggestion, originally meant in a kind and helpful way Practice or look up on the internet,  the difference between 'there' and 'their',  and many other errors too. Tegwini
  21. Buelligan Your cynicism and sarcastic comments are uncalled for!   How very silly of me to assume in my pretty little head a constructive or other than a sarcastic comment.  I shall not bother to respond any more - clearly you are so very superior to many on this forum, and your barbed comments say lots about you. So what would you do ? Tegwini
  22. "If you feel like this, surely, the best thing you can do is to set an example and give those benefits and considerations to others?  No? quote Buelligan Hi Buelligan This seems a bit obtuse - setting an example ?  giving benefits and consideration... ?   How can I 'give' benefits to others - I am not part of the political class - just a humble female somewhat grateful for the crumbs from the master's table. What, like many others, I object to,  is that hard-won rights may be lost in years to come, even in the UK,  if the % of the population changes and changes into one that sees females as second-class, not citizens, but second class people! Tegwini
  23. Hi Buelligan These values are not really universal - in many countries females are discriminated against in most of my list.The west mostly has these values, but many countries elsewhere don't.  'All'  was used to emphasise that many countries exclude females often from many of these rights.  It's hardly a right if for example girls cannot go to school,  or if a religion imposes its ideology on others - and uses violence against females for transgressing, for example, a dress code.  Obviously all citizens/reisidents qualify - but like many, I think that the UK is full and can't cope with the 70 + million predicted for 2030. Remember France is twice the size with a similar number of people - that's the appeal of France for me, and presumably you ? Rights  or values ?   I shall give that some thought - at present I think that values or ethics perhaps ultimately became what today is considered a 'right', but started as for example as a natural law- eg the 10 Commandments.  'Rights' today are often misused. I suppose as a female I am concerned - when my Mother was born UK women couldn't vote, and I worked for 7 years paid less than a man with the same qualifications and experience-  as a teacher with published pay scales for men and women.  I suspect that my grandchildren/granddaughters will have fewer rights than we have now. I don't at all like the BNP, but I am tired of all the changes here, and the speed of the changes, the PC mania, the waste, that we the public, the tax payers are powerless and ignored,  the rubbish politicial class that rules us ... and  so many more, but it's bedtime ! Tegwini
  24. [quote user="buelligan"]How are those "Values and Culture" guidelines shaping up Teggers..?[:D][/quote] Something now done - but I had to have some dinner - as I was I burnt the fish! Regards Tegwini
  25. [quote user="buelligan"]I think it would be useful if you would define the Values and Culture of the "English", tegwini.[/quote] Not an easy one since we are all so different. But most of us share these values:  free speech (incl.in print) equal rights- incl. for females fair and equal justice for all, with the right to justice for all education for all- equally, for both sexes police and military controlled by an elected gov'ment a democratically elected government, elected freely and fairly all allowed to vote (incl.  females) a government without corruption the right to worship freely - or not, with no repression for non-believers or those who chose to leave their faith education for all - incl females,       and many more...  These values are not all  available in many countries.  Such values come from our history and many have been around for centuries. As for culture, well speaking English, an interest in our country's history and what is happening in our country now. As for music, literature and what is usually considered to be culture, well that varies and changes so much.   But at least an ability to speak and understand English. I'm sure the French feel the same about all of this - it's not unique to the English !! Tegwini  
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