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  1. [quote user="sweet 17"]Tegs, you don't want to be in France plein temps though, do you? For me life in the UK and in France cannot be properly compared because I was working in the UK and now I am retired.  So, don't really know how retirement in the UK would have panned out.    [:P][/quote] Well I think so -  perhaps  , maybe ... Problem is, toyboy husband is still working and doesn't want to retire as yet.   I do, but can't get my own way here - drat!  Also we have a Wilts/UK house to sell first.  French house is more or less ready and waiting for us.   But, I do fancy retirement in France and lots of travelling.  Sounds as if you enjoy your retirement there? Regards Tegwini
  2. [quote user="AnOther"]7x5 meters trailer, do you really mean that, who do you contact for the 'convoi exceptionel' police escort ! [/quote] Sorry Ernie    Feet of course.   Time I used metric for everything! Regards Tegwini
  3. Poor Steve! At least you have some sunshine! Here in Wilts non-stop rain for weeks,  flooding oop north.  I've had enough of winter already. Regards Tegwini
  4. And cheap can also mean disgusting ... A recent programme on TV said it all-  supposedly 'cheap' meat and ready made products for the many who never cook.    YUK!  BBC - BBC Three Programmes - Britain's Really Disgusting Food Available on BBC iplayer. Tegwini
  5. [quote user="Frederick"]"Maybe Lidl in France is different than the UK? It's mainly families on benefits that shop at UK Lidl stores...or Asians stocking up on cheap stuff to sell at their corner shop! It's certainly not somewhere you'd want to linger for any length of time! " to quote Scooby . The Ferndown Dorset branch is near Golf Links Drive and you need the odd million or two to buy a house there ..Which explains why the local Lidl car park is full of Jags Range Rovers and the like and the owners grey haired they may be are identified in the store by their jewelry .[/quote] We have shopped here too. As someone said people don't usually have that much loyalty to a specific supermarket.   And, Lidl sales have increased - much of what  they sell is OK, some excellent.  Some similar in quality to Tesco, Sainsburys etc and a lot cheaper. When shopping you do need to pack your brain cells! Tegwini
  6. You're lucky Sweets - some of us are still here! Poor Dr Kelly, and also the hundreds of brave soldiers killed - as well as the many seriously maimed, because of the arrogance of our useless politicians. Tegwini
  7. http://www.noob.us/humor/lost-in-translation-seriously/ I know this was filmed a while back, but it does show the risks of translating via Babelfish (English-French-German-English) and an amusing video too. Tegwini
  8. We have taken a few bits from Ikea to our holiday home in France -but only things for the kitchen. We did once hire a van to transport a kitchen and some spare furniture from the UK.  A solid oak kitchen was cheaper here and I prefered the style.   But,  never again as the van was so uncomfortable to get there (4 hrs from Le Havre/Caen) and then for the usual shopping, visits etc.  And it was expensive- both to hire and put on the ferry.  We have found it cheaper to have bought a trailer (7x5 feet) 2 years ago,  which we use when needed.   It has now more than paid for itself with transporting stuff to France, and was also useful for the French renovations and garden when we are there for taking stuff to the déchetterie.   Recently we transported  nearly 80  sq metres of UK (thick and soft woolen carpet)  plus furniture on 2 trips - major savings here. And now we have more options - I would recommend Ebay UK for really well-priced furniture  -  if you buy carefully. I recently bought an Ercol-type settee and arm chair for £7.50!   In solid wood, ash - very good condition, and I am presently recovering the loose cushions as the original fabric is not to my taste.  This is just an 'extra', for the bedroom's sitting room,  but we have a lot of space to fill so I have become an Ebay fan! Tegwini
  9. [quote user="Richard"][quote user="tegwini"][quote user="Richard"]Yeah, but I am yet to see a Jew with blue eyes! ;)[/quote] Loads of them Richard! In fact since so many left eastern Europe/Russia/Germany during the 19 and 20th centuries and many went to SA (and elsewhere) I was surrounded by them, and many were good friends, at my 'alma mater' in Johannesburg. Many had been in eastern and central Europe for hundreds of years.  Many were blond and  blue eyed  and many with German or eastern Euopean names. Darker Jews came from North Africa etc. Tegwini [/quote] Ah, but i have not actually met any. ;) I'm clutching at straws now lol. I made a stupid comment without thinking too much about it and am trying to get out of it with some sense of pride left. I think I've failed.[/quote] Not really Richard You just need to get out more Tegwini
  10. [quote user="Richard"]Yeah, but I am yet to see a Jew with blue eyes! ;)[/quote] Loads of them Richard! In fact since so many left eastern Europe/Russia/Germany during the 19 and 20th centuries and many went to SA (and elsewhere) I was surrounded by them, and many were good friends, at my 'alma mater' in Johannesburg. Many had been in eastern and central Europe for hundreds of years.  Many were blond and  blue eyed  and many with German or eastern Euopean names. Darker Jews came from North Africa etc. Tegwini
  11. AND,    CRB clearances guarantee nothing. The Soham murders are an example here. The two girls knew Martine Carr as a primary school classroom assistant- her boyfriend could have worked anywhere, but worked at a nearby comprehensive school.  Sadly the girls trusted Huntly because of his relationship with Carr, and not because he was a school caretaker. Looks like everyone should have a CRB clearance?  Anyone who knows someone with a connection with anything to do with anything that children are involved in.  That could mean millions of people!  And, lots of money in this for someone! Tegwini
  12. The most disgusting vegetables I have ever come across were at Flunch in Chatellerault where we had a quick meal combined with shopping at Auchan.  On the recommendation of a neighbour.  Never again!    Stewed and  seriously overcooked broccoli - horrible ! Tegwini
  13. Hi  pachapapa Many thanks for the cadastre link! I have read these posts as we will also have to re-do the fosse.  I checked out the link and found my cadastre, but some things I don't understand : for example what are the red blobs for - some plots on my area have them some don't. I have tried to work out what they mean, but can't find anything. Any ideas ? Many thanks Tegwini
  14. Hello Babbles So far I have managed to get a price per sq m - 60 euros for sanding and sealing (+ tax and travel costs) - was yours anywhere near this ? Thanks Tegwini
  15. [quote user="plod"]You don't write Daily Mail editorials do you by any chance?[/quote] No, my latest paid for publication was in the TES. BUT, I do wonder why there is an obsession with some posters that if they object to your opinion it has to be a Daily Mail way of thinking. In fact,  my views are average in my profession.   And, the DM  is one of the largest selling daily newspapers in the  UK.     But not read by me - neither do I work for them! I can only assume that you approve of the UK government spending billions on weekly pocket money for teenagers as a bribe to keep them at school or college ?  And this is a government that cannot provide equipment to keep its soldiers alive,  and at present has the largest deficit since records began. Tegwini
  16. The UK government has taken away from parents, teachers et al the right to discipline children.  This government  now dishes out pocket money weekly (EMA) to 16-18 year olds. Parents  can't even stop pocket money for transgressions - in fact,   many can't compete with the amounts dished out by the state to kids.  As much as £30 pw + bonuses for actually turning up at school/college! And, I know many waste this money.  Funded by hard-working taxpayers - or part of GBroon's debts package he will be leaving us with! Tegwini
  17. Many thanks Craig Since this is the next project I will be exploring every avenue! And yes, the tiles are Italian - we have a spare box in the sou sol. Some on the floor are still beautiful (they were under a carpet) after perhaps 35 years or more, so it's worth making some effort to make the entire floor (nearly 50 sq m) gorgeous again. I shall be 'on the case' again on our next visit and also from here on the internet. Regards Tegwini
  18. My apologies for this seriously delayed response - I had no idea that there were further replies, and during the summer I was very pre-occupied with my work in the UK, and the work we (and the artisans) were doing on our house in France.  But, as we have now completed a large 3rd/top floor (ceiling-floor guttted, and large new bedrooms, bathroom & dressing room) and this was a major preoccupation too.   Thus  I searched for Clair's recommendations as the salon is now next. Rookery - Many thanks for your interest - I did research this and found a couple of specialist local (London & S'ton)  firms, neither willing to travel to France. One offered to hire a machine out at a huge rate, but it would be a DIY job. And the gloss is the most important part.  Trouble is,  the cost would be so OTT for a UK company to travel to France and do the work.  Out of proportion to the job and the results I think. But I realise that terrazzo is porous, dislikes strong cleaners,etc  Almost tempting to tile over it!  If you know of someone who could do it in France please let me know. Clair-  We will have another go at cleaning the tiles as I have a polisher/scrubber and plan to use the stuff you suggested. Regards Tegwini
  19. Then there was a woman eating an apple that the police caught.  I have vague memories that they may have used a helicopter here - pehaps Plod can confirm - or otherwise. To the UK  motorist it is difficult to understand why there are penalties for some  'trangressions' and not for others.  Tegwini
  20. Not much logic really in prosecuting for holding a mobile phone and talking,  since smoking and talking to a passenger ( or to yourself) seems to be OK. I have never smoked, but  am convinced that smoking can also be hazardous,  and would prefer the distraction of dropping my phone to that of dropping a cigarette on my car's carpets. Is this yet another hidden tax ? Tegwini
  21. [quote user="josa"].......Taser 'em!!    Don't you jus love US law enforcement[/quote] In the UK the Police, and many others are scared of our yoof! tEGWINI
  22. [quote user="Théière"]Tegwini, J Archer may have gone to prison but spent his time writing more novels so profited from his stay, IMO the money should have been taken from him/his publisher and given to better causes.[/quote] Yes I agree - if only!  Many prisoners profit from being in jail - eg 'compensation' for a trip, or claims for damages for whatever they can think of. Come to think of it, the IRA terrorists were treated leniently - some are now claiming expenses as MPs, and probably no more honestly than the rest. Tegwini
  23. Hi Sue Our house is most unlikely to get onto any mains drainage system. I will however be checking this out on my next visit to France. Tegwini
  24. Crooks such and Jeremy Thorpe and Jeffrey Archer at least went to prison. The current lot, many  of whom have been very devious and have pocketed perhaps nearly a £million of our money are still sitting around in Westminister and pontificating on what others have done, or how reform should take place. Trouble is, there's not a lot we can do- many will be back next year with their snouts once again in the trough. Tegwini
  25. [quote user="AnOther"] What pig ignorance but a typical display of the arrogance we have come to expect from the present bunch of mendacious disreputable clowns who feel themselves above the law. [/quote] Good grief Ernie ! You really don't like them do you ?  Much like nearly everyone around here!   Sadly, oop north they may still get a few seats, hopefully not enough. Regards Tegwini
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