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  1. 'The Turkish rulers were good at building Seraglios, though!'   Gluestick   Yes, and the offer of 80 virgins for killing the enemy (us) also sounds as if some had/have a huge interest in  carnal desires rather than spiritual ones! Tegwini
  2. Yes Dog Lots wrong with our society,   but much prefer our western 'decadence'  (even though some think I am stuffy/prudish)  to what is on offer there - and they seem to agree and many, many of them want to come here, even illegally.   Not many illegal western immigrants in their countries !  Stonings and amputations as punishment sounds somewhat grim to me.   At least we can moan about the state and its officials without ending up in trouble. Tegwini
  3. Spot on Gluestick A major source of annoyance/anger for most. And,  many fear for the future of Europe. Tegwini
  4. Not really TP "whilst European's were living in mud huts" quote Teapot.  Europeans were not all living in mud huts, in fact they were building the great gothic cathedrals and castles all over western Europe at that time, as well as starting the beginnings of freedom (Magna Carta, parliament, codification of laws),  arts,  learning- universities,  trade, commerce and exploration....  Some Muslim scholars were advanced in maths, medicine and astonomy at this time.  And some moved to western Europe to teach.  But since then ??? Tegwini  
  5. Thanks Cynthia  ?? and Coops2 I can cope with parts of this thread - including WB's bit,  BUT it degenerated, and could get worse.  I really do object to people showing such disrespect to females (especially!) Tegwini
  6. Yes, BUT apartheid no longer exists - they voted it out! Fat chance that Islamic men in 'unloved branches of Islam' will change  their  medieval and cruel attitudes and actions,  and come into the modern world - and some of them in the UK too.  Tegwini  
  7. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/south_asia/7848138. Yes - awful stuff, on today's BBC news :  the Taleban is destroying girls' schools as, for them,  Sharia Law forbids the education of girls. My theory that the Arab/Muslim world is so backward,  is because they often, or even usually, depending on which country is considered, refuse or are reluctant to use the skills, talent, education or even the intelligence of half the population - females. Tegwini
  8. Nothing new Bugsy They've been at it for ages, and I include BOTH houses of parliament - crookery in all its disguises-   from gold-plated pensions- and more secure than any others, to  inflated claims for allowances and so on ... Much worse under this useless socialist government.   They all have their snouts in the trough.  The UK (and Scottish MPs should stay in Scotland) parliament has far too many- the number could be reduced by at least half.    Most claim to work really hard in the interests of the country,  but find the time to run businesses, become directors of numerous companies and  quangos and yet somehow still feel the need for more money when they are very well paid- more than they deserve, or earn.   And this applies to both sides of the house.   The most frustrating aspect of all this,   is that ALL we can do is write on forums like this, or to the newspapers!   They certainly don't give a damn for the opinions of the taxpayers. Tegwini
  9. "Those lines are sexist and rude" . Frenchie   I'll second that !   In fact this entire thread is 'rude' vulgar and very down market!  Not what we should have IMO on this forum - doubtless lots  similar  elsewhere for those who get their thrills from such mucky stuff. Tegwini
  10. It will open in March I believe - anyone know anything more? Thanks Tegwini
  11. When I was a kid, not that long ago, and oop north,  it was the word for poo etc  Perhaps still is. Tegwini
  12. Cythia Your posts were deleted before my post- I think. Whatever    ... people on this forum, including myself , are annoyed to see endless blank posts. and if you disagree with others then argue the point. Most on this forum are easygoing - in fact quite nice, but all are allowed their opinion too - even if you disagree.   Most in the UK believe that JR  is overpaid, for starters,  and certainly displays no 'noblesse oblige' towards others - even his guests.  Andrew Sachs is a UK  'treasure' and he did not deserve it- even if his granddaughter's group is seriously downmarket- or even rubbish. For myself,   I object to his bad language, and the fact that the BBC is funded by an enforced tax that I pay- which means in a  very small way I contribute towards towards his millions.  I also object to the way the BBC is allowing bad language too - call me stuffy if you like! Don't let these deletions upset you- this is a helpful forum, quiet at present, but it does have some friendly people. Regards Tegwini   
  13. Well . Still a futile, pointless action - most of us are not claivoyant. Tegwini    
  14. Well   . At least you have said something this time! Tegwini
  15. Thanks Clair - In reality I'm a forum 'greenie'[:(] only just learned how to put a yellow thingy on the page, but hopefully learning more each time ![:D] Regards Tegwini edit - got that wrong then!!! Now rectified by a mod (use the smilies above the text box).
  16. Thanks all Well,  we bought a Toshiba 22 inch LCD/DVD combi. V555DB   £349.99 (could have spent a lot less for unknown brand) From Comet (parking easy) and we gave up on another shop - too busy.  We got little help from the spotty yoof, we just hope that the make and 'newness' of it means it will work over Europe.  The yoof said it would, but could produce no evidence and was very down on some makes, it really did seem that it was possible the 'Damager'/manager that morning had offered extra dosh for selling certain models !! Husband spent hours sorting it - not fully sorted as yet, but strangely we got extra channels - don't know why ! Could it be the HD  ? We still have the old aerial on the roof as well as the Sky dish, and you can use either as they are both wired into the TV room.   Perhaps Derek is correct ! Picture  better, sound a little too low on max - need speakers I believe. So far quite pleased - and nifty box, could use it in France when en vacances- with DVDs. (presumably it will be happy to travel ?) Thanks again gentlemen, very civilised and helpful part of the forum. Regards Tegwini
  17. Cat Yes you're correct, misread the French. But, some possibility of mental illness emerging - on one of the news bulletins this morning - can't remember which as I was 'zapping' around. Scooby,  Yes I know that mental illness and evil don't go together - that's why I said: "Clearly, someone must be very sick and evil to do such".   Lots of mental illness around in gentle,  kindly people, but sadly in this instance I think we will find out that this man is sick - and evil.   Tegwini
  18. Clair Well,  smack my hand!  Perhaps I did,   but this instance of posting seems very weird to say the least - and lots of the same on this thread.  I rather suspected you had deleted posts for less than this. Regards Tegwini
  19. I was quite surprised to see Capt Sullenberger and thought he looked very old for a pilot.   And he is at 58.   BUT clearly lots of talent, skills and experience there too. A friend's husband had to retire as a capt/pilot with Singapore Airlines and has struggled to get another pilot job - he now has,  but has to do courses etc because of his age. I rather think it's a shame that older people are usually considered too old for many jobs, even though the law has changed employers and even the state discriminate against older people.   And, the UK government wants us to work longer. In a plane I know I would prefer experience over youth !  (all things being equal) Tegwini  
  20. Christine The latest news is now saying that the killer was Belgium (not foreign) and has a history of mental illness. Clearly, someone must be very sick and evil to do such. Tegwini
  21. Gary I agree with you on the over-everything of celebs (payments, reporting ...) but would like to mention that at least someone with talent should have a mention. I can think of people like the violinist Yehudi Menuin,  the pianist Daniel Barenboim (wonderful on Mozart), Lawrence Olivier, Mother Teresa,  Paul Mc Cartney etc ...    Most of these earned less than Wossie's current  contract with the BBC in their entire lifetimes. Tegwini ps for the Mods - have you done anything about Mr/Mrs/Ms  .   ?     Clearly aims to annoy and is succeeding.
  22. I saw the report on France24 today - how far did this storm go to-  I am a bit concerned for our place in the Vienne ( 30minutes NE of Poitiers).  Anyone around this area ? Glad you're sorted ErnieY ! Regards Tegwini
  23. Cythia Happy to be stuffy,  and enjoy many funny programmes, but I, like  many,  object not only to Wossie's vulgarity, but also to the ridiculous amount they pay him. If you are in the Irish Repub. presumably you don't have to pay the licence tax. Tegwini
  24. "I think at least 5.1 million people would disagree with you on that!"   quote - Cynthia Shagpiece Popularity is no arbiter of what is good taste.  The BBC has a few other programmes that are extremely popular (supposedly) eg soaps which are demeaning, over-dramatised, and instead of raising the human spirit they degrade it. We put up with it unwillingly, we have no choice and have to pay the licence fee.   It's another form of indirect taxation imposed upon us by our political masters.   Those of you in France are lucky not having to fund the likes of Wossie. Tegwini
  25. Many thanks Martin We have been out cleaning gutters (surrounded by trees here) and I realised that the last time I looked we could not get Freeview here!  I hope I don't completely sound like a total twit on these matters.  Clearly Freeview is not much use here- Wilts/Hants border/New  Forest areas. Interesting that France is ahead of the UK in this, but that is not a surprise. We will be looking at them today and I am sure your advice will be very useful - in fact I shall be taking it with me. I will report back any news. Keep well & best wishes Tegwini ps sunshine here in Wilts - for a change!
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