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  1. "it was used in the playground, to the only child at that school who was English. By using this phrase it drew attention to her as being 'different'. "  Puzzled. But, as the ONLY English girl in the school she IS different! Reminds me of the 'Life if Brian' ... Tegwini
  2. "Absoflippinglutely RH, what a slimy horny hypocritical toad he is,  -adrian-chiles-chemistry-with-christine-bleakley. surely everybody must know poor old Carol is harmless by comparison, when will all this inconsequential PC nonsense rebound. Wasn't the comment about someones hair compared with a doll? Hopefully the old saying 'what goes around comes around and he'll get his.' never did like the 'dumb' one show anyway, neither is Jo Brand funny anymore "   Just John.   I'll second that-   Jo Brand is crude - and sexist,  too many off-colour 'jokes' that many would see as non-PC. Tegwini  
  3. "Why is is that white dolls are always made in the image of beautiful humans and black dolls are always hideous characatures???? "   Not so Cythia.  Lots of pretty black dolls - always have been. The golly was never really a 'doll'. Regards Tegwini
  4. Soon we'll have the thought police - Big Brother is Watching You- as in 1984. So many ways of supposedly being offensive.     Even thinking  'roast beef' is an insult.   This originated  during the 19th century when the British supposedly were better fed than the French- thus a compliment  ? We should always show consideration, but it's gone too far and is now costing the UK taxpayer over £600 million.  No doubt the BBC has such a dept. for the likes of Adrian Chiles to tell tales to.  More cost to the licence payer, and to what benefit ? Very little benefit. Tegwini    
  5. 'A restaurant in the village has branched out into "Pizzas et Snaking"...'  quote Clair Seen worse,   not long ago in Salisbury we had     Toni's Pizza's   ! Tegwini
  6. Golly soft toys are  greatly loved,  extremely popular, collectible and some very valuable.   They have been made for over a hundred years,  and were originally based on a circus character. They are Teddy's best friend.  In the UK they are made by Merrythought, Deans and a few smaller manufacters.  Steiff also make them, in their limited edition ranges, and call them 'gollywogs', most other manufacturers call them gollies.  Other German teddy manufacturers usually call them gollies. Such is their popularity that they are copied in the far east, exported from NZealand, Australia, USA and etc.  There are  many, many thousands around the UK in collections and toyboxes.  Decades ago my sister had an 'upside-down doll' - black doll at one end/white doll the other. She also had a golly.   Doubtless Carol Thatcher had one as a child. That might explain why she used the word, and I don't believe she meant to be offensive.   For me,   the entire debacle sounds like PC gone mad, and says lots about Adrian Chiles.  Sounds like something from a school playground! I find the constant use of obscene language and gratuitous violence much worse,   and often it is hard to find a programme that sticks to the BBC's original charter. Tegwini edit: correction- sister's toys...
  7. It seems that when people cannot defend the indefensible - Islam's shameful human rights record and its awful treatment of women some people turn to insults and mindless comments. Hence I am off...    I am reminded of walls and pearls !  Tegwini
  8. WB Suggest you read above post! Doubtless in your holy book!!
  9. Odile 'kaffir' is not a SA word- rather Arabic = unbeliever.  They use it about us. And I have never used it - reminded of it on this thread -  look back, you could perhaps remind who ever it was not to ... For the record I am British born- ALL my roots here, and I expect I shall have to cope with what the UK will become when you have retired to France/Switz Tegwini
  10. Sorry to stop the flow, but I have searched and searched to see what happened to Lord Ahmed in january and I can't find a thing- not a result or even a report that sentencing has been further postponed.    Puzzled.   There's a surprise then-  other Lords have gone to prison - for less. Tegwini
  11. Now a Muslim WB ???   Strange Christian name you have then. See other posts re  'race' and Islam. Kaffir word is actually arabic, and used in a few other posts, not by me   - suggest you also send an appropiate post to them too.  
  12. How about Muslims:  really trying to integrate; condemning attacks; learning English; marrying a local person;  trying to like us even if we are kaffirs  and ignoring the Koran on this and saying so .... etc It should come from them primarily- they are the incomers.   Others coming here - no problem, as they all did,  and more of the above. Did you read Powerdesal's posts  ?   - useful ! Tegwini    
  13. SOME  muslims.  The more integrated muslims we have, the more chances we have to prevent the others from extremism. We have the situation we have now - it can't be 'magiqued' away - so we must go forwards.  quote Odile If only ! 7/7 and subsequent attacks has 'concentrated' the minds of many. And not just London - even small cities like Exeter. My brother and some friends were in London that day- fortunately OK.    'There but for the grace of God ...  ' Tegwini ps forgot to mention that many EU citizens struggle to find jobs in France too, even with good French.
  14. "when she returned, despite 8 years experience at Senior level, she took ages finding a job. Despite a big was of cash in her pocket, she found it alsmost impossible to find a flat, or a bank loan.  She went with her sister and friends to a Club - all got in apart from her and sister. And of course nobody to complain to! Her sister did telesales, although she had a Law Degree- as she couldn't find a job. she was asked to call herself Claire Martin - as her name would 'put off customers'"  quote Odile.   One of my friends here is French, a teacher with a good degree also can't get a job in France.  And another few hundred thousand extra in the UK,   here as they couldn't find  jobs in France either. Tegwini  
  15. Odile The 'melting pot' seems to work, and most say that the UK system has failed - hence the bombings, attacks ... You can't force a person to give up their culture, but a person chosing to leave their own country and culture must surely realise that they should try to integrate.   They might not manage it completely, but at least their children should.   Muslims seem to import spouses almost every generation setting back any hope of integration. Apparently there's money in these imports. An interesting example of a Muslim unwilling to integrate is Lord Ahmed, who with so many privileges could not fully condemn the Muslim 7/7 attackers.( I expect you know about his accident, and how he should be prison - is one law for him , and ...?) After all we English are trying to integrate when in France, and so we should if we choose to live there. Regards Tegwini ps I don't approve of any LEA/state funded sectarian or religious schools- N Ireland certainly shows the folly of this!   Self-funded is of course a matter of choice.  I read of Muslim state/UK taxpayer funded schools breaking the rules and ignoring the Nat'l. Curr. for parrot learning of the Koran & listening to Imans who preach to impressionable kids their hatred of us.    
  16. "So Teg were you in the Bretheren? - I have known Plymouth Bretheren and was aware there were a more fundamentalist branch where I lived in UK. From your post it seems not but these people have strong ideals and they must have rubbed off to a point on you".  quote Dog Not the Plymouth Brethren - the Exclusive Brethren, they fell out with the PBs a century or so ago. And split from another Brethren group too a few decades ago.   More severe than the PBs I think.  They do have strong views and it's hard not to respect their work ethic,  honesty and spiritual values. Little rubbed off on me, zero of their doctrines,  other than they were a pleasure to teach, and that's rare in the UK.    I am now in a top grammar school (part-time) and although it has the cream of the crop I do miss the Brethren kids. And have some respect for them as a church/cult ... I was not  IN the Brethren- my post made clear that they disapprove of tertiary education so have to employ outsiders,  (worldlies)  graduate teachers to comply with UK law. I only mention this as fundamentalist Christians were mentioned -   I found then to be quite charming, and of no risk whatsoever to the UK. Tegwini
  17. ...who believe and behave very differently depending on the 'faction' they belong too (like Christians - I know many Christians who do not believe in the resurrection and others who are extreme creationists). quote Odile Odile- I was a subject head in a severe Christian sect (Exclusive Brethren) senior school.   And,  I am a bit of a ''not sure' regarding religion.  Very fundamental beliefs (google them!) almost a bit weird really, none of the teachers are members as they (the Brethren) disapprove of tertiary education. BUT, although they seriously disliked the  amoral,  irreligious, chaotic society they lived in,  and did not integrate, they do not  break the law.   Obviously they have flaws, and it is easy to pick holes in some of their ideas, but although being different, and largely outside of mainstream society they would no more attempt to kill, destroy or weaken our society than fly to  the moon!!! I enjoyed teaching them:  gentle,  very hard working,  polite,  some really clever kids, and always respectful unlike many Muslim boys with female teachers.  If this is an extreme  fundamentalist Christian sect,   it is much preferred by me to some of the extreme Islamic ones and unlike the latter presents no dangers to our society. Regards Tegwini  
  18. ["But Tegwini- do you thin it is better to behave like the French, were 'secularity' requires those who want to integrate to become more French than the French and lose all their identity and culture" - quote Odile   No Odile - I'm for the melting pot idea - as in the USA.  Their Muslims are more integrated, and  have not got involved in attacks on their homeland, as in the UK.      Clearly the British way (multiculturalism) does not work.   And  it seems to me that there is more integration in France too.  I can't imagine that 2 or more generations of Muslims living for decades in France do not manage to speak the French language, as does happen in the UK with English. Regards Tegwini
  19. Quite right  T_P But not if we add on the extra million and a half plus, and then some more for the ones our useless government cannot count as they're in the UK illegally. Tegwini
  20. Dog wrote: Racism is defined as 'Any incident which is perceived to be racist by the victim or any other person'.   --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I doubt that.  It would mean almost anything could be racist - the law is not that much of an a*s! And, since when is Islam a race ?  Hindus manage to integrate. Our friend Chandar is quick to point out he is Hindu not Muslim because he looks to some people, similar.  He and his family have completely integrated. For those with little knowledge of what it would be like to live in a society which is controlled using fear and violence - as in many Moslem states,  try BBC2  NOW- The world at war, with the rise of the N*azis, book burning, totalitarism at its worse.  But some Moslem states NOW are similar.  Tegwini edit- can't believe, that by mistake I managed to use the quote facility- but not correctly!          
  21. Thank you TandemPilot for posting that link.   "If they had just put a little more into it and managed another 157 they could have doubled in number!" quote Dog   Yes, fastest increase,  I suspect,  of any part of the population ever. The comments under are also an interesting reflection of the concern of many UK citizens. Tegwini
  22. "What about the white ghettos - habited by pushers, junkies, pimps and prostitutes - and the Friday and Saturday nights with louts   pi ssed out of their heads and the loutish girls flashing their boobs and backsides at any passing bloke.  Funnily I don't recall seeing many Pakistanis in this group".  quote Scooby   Well, most of us disagree with this behaviour ! What do you suggest ?   Stoning ?  lashing ?  beheading ?   Fortunately our societies or governments  in  the west would never do this, and prefer to rule without punishments  such as those.  And young people like this do grow out of it - usually. Tegwini ps stoning - a horrible death- very sad report. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-455400/The-girl-stoned-death-falling-love.html
  23. "My daughter's close friend from school, also Pakistani, achieved similar results and is training to be a doctor" quote Odile.      Well the Glascow airport attack was done by a couple of Muslims, one a UK trained doctor!  And a near neighbour teaches in a school in Southampton, admittedly a rough one, with at least half the pupils being from the Indian sub-continent.  Behaviour is apparently awful, and GSCE results at the bottom of the league in the area and county.  Obviously we can't really generalise, but Pakistanis are also near the top of the league as benefit claimants/unemployed or  on income support.  Before someone claims that poverty breeds terrorists note that both the 7/7 bombings and the Glascow attack were planned and carried out by mainly UK Muslim citizens from middle class backgrounds with good jobs. Sadly they are taught to dislike us, even hate us, and their religion allows this, and even allows the killing of the non-believer- in the 21st century.  Christianity has many flaws,  but would certainly never preach such, and in fact is one of the first to help when an Islamic country has a disaster - natural or otherwise.  Tegwini
  24. 10/10 for getting  won't, can't and don't  correct ! Clever boy. Tegwini
  25. Another example of our political masters pandering to 'minorities'  ?  To kill someone when you are using your mobile, it's usual to get a prison sentence. This happened Dec 2007.  It would be interesting to hear what would happen with a similar accident, and  say an English man or women causing it - what would be their fate in one of the middle eastern countries - say KSA, Oman,  UAR or even in Africa -  Egypt, Sudan, etc  ? Tegwini  
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