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    Antigen test

    I read that the 2-day test (UK) is cheaper if you go in to have it done (somewhere?) when you arrive in UK rather than have the test sent to a UK address and, presumably, post it back.  Are they sent back by normal post or are there drop-boxes available everywhere? Is there a list of these centres in towns where you can go in and get it done? Presumably, you have previously reserved and paid for it on your Passenger locator form.
  2. My OH had it done prior to a cataract op. He said it was extremely uncomfortable. His eyes were watering for along time after. He had been used to 'basic' treatment in the services for many years but was surprised just how uncomfortable this procedure was. It seems to vary from people he has spoken to so maybe it does depend on the infirmiere.
  3. Thank you so much Pomme. Yes, I had read the detail and couldn't understand it as we don't have a PERP savings plan, or any of the others quoted.
  4. That is amazing! We have exactly the same figure. I have absolutely no idea what it is, so no idea as to whether or how to correct. I wrote to the Impots and they wrote back saying it was for information purposes only and we do not need to correct. However, they didn't explain what it was for. I read the notes but couldn't see how or why such a figure applied to our simple declaration.
  5. HiOH is 80!  First we have heard of requesting a medical on age grounds and we didn't have to supply one.  It took 10 days from uploading to receipt.  We sent a copy of his passport which was accepted.
  6. Forgot to mention, his new licence is now valid until 2036.
  7. OH's licence had an expiry date of June 2021 so we decided to apply in advance, just in case there were delays, having read of previous problems with ANTS. We filled in the form at home, downloaded the present licence, passport and justificatif of domicile (less than 6 months old). The photographer (ANTS approved) took the photo then OH had to sign on a pad flat on the counter, with the stylo attached, all connected to the shop computer. We were given the number which we then downloaded into the form at home with the above documents. That 'numerised' photo cost 10 euros. We also ordered extra photos for our new CDS in case we need them which were 8 euros.
  8. Thank you for clarifying that, Norman. As we are happy residents of  France, we would rather our Govt pensions were taxed in France but we have no choice in the matter.
  9. Thanks from me, too. We have a very similar set of circumstances to Slowfox so I was very interested in the postings.
  10. Just a follow-up for information- my OH renewed his French driving licence online and it was received today 10 days after the application. We went to a photographer  and had the Ants approved photo and signature done (thanks Sue for that info) and just filled in the form online with the number and the photo and signature magically appeared. His licence had only been issued previously for 5 years because of the towing category which we didn't want to renew anyway. All very quick and efficient.
  11. yes,I have also been trying the sante.fr site which is down, not unexpected, for my OH.  I thought they might allow the spouse (same household) to be done the same time if under 75 as has happened with our family in UK but, from what I have read, even if he can get done, I won't be eligible until end Feb/beginning of March. Amazing that the UK seem to be streets ahead with the programme.
  12. Hi AnOThank you so much for that, you made my OH's day.  He is so good and a self-taught 'natural' at all the things you mention but also really struggles with the language, despite taking many courses and really trying.  I, on the other hand, just love learning French but, in his words "cannot cope with anything that has more than one working part". I guess, as you say, we all have our strengths (and weaknesses).  Fortunately, I was able to correspond with the Tax Office to sort out a problem which would have been more difficult if I didn't speak French but, even so, I do find it stressful sorting out 'the tax' every year and our affairs are very basic, so I do sympathise with Cf. Am glad Spain is working out for you - have followed your posts in the past.
  13. Gosh, you both have really whetted my appetite now. My French prof had said some time ago that you had to move when you were physically able. It is difficult to make the decision when you can cope NOW. Your place sounds absolutely ideal, Lehaut. It makes sense to make the decision and move while you have the physical (and mental) ability. We had bought our senior train tickets in January and managed one trip to 'try it out' before the lockdown. My idea was that when we were unable to drive places, we could get about if near a train station, so that is a given. Mint, I am measuring the size of town by one not too far from us which has about 3000 population, or somewhere on the outskirts of a bigger place so that we are not in the 'city' but are able to get to necessary old-age facilities. It is hard to know 'when' to make the decision because we are fit at the moment and OH absolutely adores his workshops. However, you have to think what would happen if one of us was left on his/her own and you don't have the 'partner back-up'. It would be hard to cope in a rural area on your own and especially with no support structure in France. We do have to get help in during the growing season. We love lots of areas of France so just don't know where to start looking, except that we would like to be a bit further south. I would certainly be interested in any area pointers. As you say, Lehaut, we would miss the space and land but I know from looking after elderly relatives that after the age of 75, every year seems to have the effect of 3 years with general ageing and medical problems.
  14. We are also thinking of a similar move from here in Normandy to a bit further south, before we get too much older.  A smaller place without 2 acres of garden.  Would be interested in suggestions of little towns others have investigated. We would probably stay south west or central area. We love the space around us as we are away from noisy neighbours/dogs, etc. but think the size of plot will get the better of us in a couple of years.
  15. yes, of course, it comes under urology - I must have had a senior moment - thanks for that. It sounds as if the centres are probably all much of a muchness and we are happy with the treatment at the moment. I thought there might be one or two which offered more hi-tech treatment (not sure what), should it ever become necessary. Thanks.
  16. I have searched the Ameli-Direct list (sticky) of speciality centres but cannot find anywhere which specifically mentions the above. My OH is presently receiving a second dose of radiotherapy (5 years after the first) but I thought I would see if there was a more specialised centre/hospital/specialist just in case we need to pursue more advanced treatment which is not available at our present hospital. Would be grateful if anyone can point me in the right direction. Tks
  17. Laurier


    We had a frelon nest in the chimney of our old cottage.I phoned a pest company - they said they would deal with the frelons but not take the nest away. I queried this as I thought they returned each year to their previous abode.I don't know why they wouldn't remove the nest. A builder friend of ours just said to light a fire - at that time it was about 35C outside. We did that, but the frelons just descended into the lounge. My OH and I were frantically spraying and swatting A LOT of frelons. We were both stung but thankfully are not allergic. In the end, we asked the village handyman to help. He went up a ladder from the outside and sprayed with one of those cans you mention, into the cracks of the bricks, then sprinted back down the ladder. It did the trick because we didn't have a problem any more. As far as we know the nest is probably still in the chimney or has disintegrated. The frelons hadn't been giving us a great problem except for 2 or 3 every day in the lounge so we thought it better to deal with it before it worsened.
  18. Tks FM - hadn't spotted your reply before.
  19. Thanks very much Pomme. I'll check them out.
  20. Pomme Can you tell me where the notes are explained please. I'm trying to fathom the Avis and want to go through the Notes (superscript numbers) which are on the different lines.Maybe then I will understand it better. Thanks
  21. I have to say this has seriously worried me if my OH goes before me. I had thought I could just leave the house to my previous marriage step-children and that 40% of something would be better than nothing. I didn't realise they would have to pay off the 60% quickly or incur interest. As the step-children are on different continents and we have no near family, I had worried about who would sort it all out here. If you appoint someone to sort it out (I had thought my sister-in-law in UK who does speak some French), then I would like to leave her something for her trouble but it seems that would also incur 60%. I had also wondered about a Notaire sorting it out but decided that would be hugely expensive. It is difficult trying to work out how to do it so I am interested how others in the same situation are going about it.
  22. My EHIC card due to expire mid Feb. Phoned this morning to renew it.  New card arriving in 15 days.
  23. Thanks for that, Norman. I didn't know that. We have no problems normally with generics.  However, the oncologist was adamant that my OH should have the prescribed medicine (4 years on it now) and she confirmed that it was more effective than the generic, so I will ask her about justifying it in future, in line with the new regs. Thanks - appreciate the explanation.
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