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  1. Can anyone help us please?  We love France and really enjoyed our time living in Charente Maritime BUT we were bitten mercilessly by mozzies.  This made our lives such hell we sold up and back back to the UK but we hate it here. We have a theory that maybe we were bitten so much because we lived in a hamlet set amongst vines.  Does anyone know if mozzies love vines?  Is that what the problem was?  We've been to the Midi 3 times (where they also have vines) and never been bitten. Please help.  We can't afford a house in the Midi and desperately want a little place in France again. Chezaban  
  2. Help!!  Unfortunately I am now back in the UK for a couple of years and I am desperately trying to find one of those nice french style metal gazebo things to put in my back garden for the summer. You know the sort - you can fit rolls of split bamboo or such like over them for shade. Leroy Merlin and Jardiland sell them (amongst others) but does anyone know who sells them in the UK please??? Of course I could pop over and buy one I suppose...... Chezaban
  3. My husband and I are hoping to offer house sitting in France while owners go away and are not sure how to advertise this service. Any ides for the best place to have an advert seen? Chezaban
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