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  1. You take your last result with you to the local Laboratory who will make a morning appointment.  They take a full blood test in France, not the finger prick in the UK, and the results will be available after 3.30 pm the same day.  Cost is E10.20.

    The result will be given in duplicate one for you and one for your doctor.  Just telephone your surgery in UK with result and they will advise the dosage of Warfarin.

    Ask for an INR test.  Our Lab actually put the dosage but we contacted our surgery.

  2. Yes, I am a retiree, but I have a residence secondaire, pay all taxes, outgoings etc.  Plus have spent substantial amount on doing up a very badly neglected property, previously French owned.  Friends come and visit and spend money.

    Maybe if the French did not make it so difficult for other nationalities to gain employment, unlike UK, then the younger element would be able to make their home here. 

    As far as paying our way is concerned, as holidaymakers we pay for any medical costs, the reimbursement is minimal from Newcastle, whilst other nationalities get all medical treatment in UK totally free, having been contributed to for years by all the retirees to France.

    We who love France are c ertainly not out here for what we can get - we contribute in many ways.

  3. Great news for everyone in the Loire area - Eastern Airlines are starting a service Southampton-Angers from 15 November.  Fares seem very reasonable - £99 return, running Tues, Thurs and Suns.

    Flybe have stopped for the winter.  Let us hope Eastern have enough customers to make it worthwhile. 

  4. I use mine to help me find the door etc iun the dark!  Mine are bog standard from HB in the UK and have been in use for at least 4 years without any battery change.

    My neighbours say they make the house look occupied when we are away!

    Last summer bought a lamp which changes colour on its stem which has caused much interest from the English and French, unfortunately had sold out (woolies) when I popped back, maybe next year.


  5. Most of us buy it because it is cheapest and we get the crosswords and puzzles!  It doesn't necessarily indicate our intellect!

    I resent paying over the odds for only part of the  Saturday Telegraph and Sunday Times which is all we get.

  6. I have always understood that you are allowed to stay in France for a total of 183 days in any one year.  No fixed periods but a total of 183.

    After that you are I understand deemed to become resident.


  7. Hi Pickles

    Thank you so much for such a detailed reply - very helpful. 


  8. I have become totally confused over the capital gains on residence secondaires.

    I appreciate that there would be capital gains tax payable both in UK and in France based on the dual taxation agreement, but what is the actual percentage of the gain that the French would take and is there still a length of ownership allowance?

    I realise that the new President could well bring in new taxation laws but would be interested to know up to date position.

    I know in UK capital gains does depend on your taxable income level, going up to 40%

    Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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